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BRIGHTON PISS UP.......................... can we please

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2shoes Tue 13-May-08 09:08:10

arrange another one.
it takes us so long to arrange I thought we could start early

queen2shoes Sat 24-May-08 18:20:42

never been so was most likely being a coward willing to give it a go though. not sure about squd though

Tortington Sat 24-May-08 18:28:20

me either - i won't eat squid - never tried it and it goes against everything i tel my kids- but nopey nop nope NO! love the meatballs and the taters tho yum

queen2shoes Sat 24-May-08 18:31:52

that sounds nice

MABS Sat 24-May-08 18:35:41

i lurve the squid ...

noddyholder Sat 24-May-08 19:55:42

me too mabs i think i was a mermaid in a previous life smile

MABS Sat 24-May-08 20:44:18

you do have a look nodders... (fashion show was great last nt btw, you would have loved it) xxx

noddyholder Sat 24-May-08 21:55:53

mabs will give you donation when i see you have hardly been out this last week as my eye is so bad I am glad you made it with everything you have going on.How is C?Hope you get good news soon.You deserve it xx

MABS Sun 25-May-08 10:50:25

so sorry you having rough time Nods, pls don't worry re a donation m'dear. It was lovely to see DHW and Pollyanna there on Fri eve - with the new babe! gorgeous.

Ds op is now 1 July and may have some results for dd at end of week.

So are we doing La Tasca 21 June then ? who can make it?

emskaboo Sun 25-May-08 11:14:51

Can a newbie crash in and come too please?

MABS Sun 25-May-08 12:13:22

lovely emskaboo, you free that date?

emskaboo Sun 25-May-08 18:40:36

I am, thank you smile

ShinyPinkShoes Sun 25-May-08 18:44:44

I can do the 21st

I am writing this one in pencil though as have copious crossings out in diary grin

MABS Sun 25-May-08 18:50:15

think this date will work for most Shiny! everything crossed

queen2shoes Sun 25-May-08 19:12:34

good for me(I have emailed vindaloo with change of date)

MABS Sun 25-May-08 19:57:13


Mamazon Mon 26-May-08 00:57:06

found the thread.

I am wanting to say yes as thinsg seem to have settled a ,little here.

but wont be able to give definate yes until aftr the next court date which is the 6th.

there are lots of people i have yet to meet too so looking forward to it if i can make it.

Tortington Mon 26-May-08 01:10:10


MABS Mon 26-May-08 09:38:13

hope things go ok Mamazon

ladytophamhatt Mon 26-May-08 09:40:35

Just posting to get this on my 'thread I'm on' otherwise I'll forget!!

I'll let you knwo when DH is home from work later.

Mamazon Mon 26-May-08 12:44:28

Thanks MABS
hope thinsg for you settle down soon too, sounds like your going through a bit of a nightmare yourself.

MABS Mon 26-May-08 17:09:39

thanks Mamazon, it aint great but we'll get there!

ladytophamhatt Mon 26-May-08 20:16:15

he's working so hopefully I'll see you next time.

I hate being at the mercy of DH's shifts, its startingto really piss me off.

furrycat Mon 26-May-08 20:54:43

Nice to meet you all last time - sorry can't make this one but hope to make the next!

MABS Tue 27-May-08 12:38:19

i know what you mean LadyT, i lived that for 20 yrs. Same Furrycat

brightongirldownunder Wed 28-May-08 04:55:15

Just want to say that I miss Brighton so much and wish I could join you all! Sydneys fun, but there ain't nothing likea Brightonian piss up! Have one on me girls!

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