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tjgx Wed 12-Jan-05 14:04:19

Hi all im 4months pregnant and going through a really bad time!! looking to make some new friends that i could meet up with 4 tea coffee n a good ol natter!!i no islington have a meet up...but the father 2b lives in the part where they meet...he want nothing to do with me or this baby n ive been through so much because of him..that meeting there isnt good 4me!!......ive no support from any1..i lost my dad a few months bk...n mum now lives out of ive no1 i can really talk2...or call or meet when things r bad...if im onest ive locked myself away the last few months...the father 2b family lives dwnstairs from me (mum) things here r not so good...just want 2 get out n about..n meet some nice new email is thanx tj x

Uwila Wed 12-Jan-05 14:52:23

Oh this is a very sad post. I'm afraid I don't live anywhere near you. I'm out in Sunbury. But, have you joined a ante natal thread by month. 4 months? So you are due in.... July? You might find another single mum to be on there? Of you might try the 'lone parents' section and post there.

I am pregnant with no. 2, due 29 May. If you want any advice from someone whose already been through the first one, then I'd be more than happy to share it. Lots of second time mums on here would be happy to advise on things like what you do and don't need to buy for baby.

Sorry the father is such a jerk! Are you going to ask him for child support? (if you don't mind me asking). Feel free to come back on here and rant. There will definitely be people to listen.

moondog Wed 12-Jan-05 14:57:10

Sorry to hear that things are tough for you.
Afraid I'mn nowhere near Islington (although I lived there when I was a student)but I know you'll find MN a great help for all sorts of things-support, advice and a laugh!

Gem1355 Wed 12-Jan-05 15:51:27

Hi, i'm sorry i'm no where near islington but i have the same problem with my baby's dad, i'm due april. he said at first he doesn't want ne thing to do with me or the baby, but now he is condratidicting himself saying he wants to be a dad more than anything. if you ever want to chat e-mail me on

PinkArjuna Thu 13-Jan-05 20:57:12

As Uwila said are you on ante natal clubs? I am pregnant and alone though not in islington sorry It can be lonely. Though I am sure having a guy stroking my belly would piss me off anyway Be nice to not want it though *thoughtful* Hope you find a meet up to go to
take care

ladym Sat 15-Jan-05 19:58:48

Hello, sorry to hear things are to good at the moment! im in north london Whetstone, i use to live in stoke newington so no islington quite well, im always up for a chat or meet up, i drive so could meet up for a chat! my email is get in touch x

Zinger Sun 16-Jan-05 13:47:30

tjgx, have a look at this new thread.

Zinger Sun 16-Jan-05 13:50:41

Oh - just found your message for me on the multicultural families thread! I'm afraid I'm a bit out of commission for a few weeks but will definitely be getting involved in meet-ups again soon - hopefully you can sort something out with Kate79 and the rest, and I'll see you asap. Maybe see you at the mixed-race meetup too?

Good luck to you

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