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All you Liverpool Belles.......................whit week its a date??

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stoppinattwo Sun 04-May-08 07:14:45

29th of May.....My house. Hopefully the weather will be fine.....tis just a play and eat type us a chance to get together n chat. (instead of typing!!!)

Your all welcome

andyrobo237 Sun 04-May-08 15:47:29

So who is going to bring the Bingo set then!!!!!!

((AR ducks for cover....}}

JustJaamy Sun 04-May-08 17:08:07

AR - you stole my line! THought perhaps we could have a PROPER game of bingo with all the calls (clickety-click, two fat ducks, etc) and balls for MD who was so disappointed at the real bingo!

[jaamy joins AR in ducking bunker]

biglips Sun 04-May-08 19:52:45

hee hee!! sounds ya had fun grin

im feeling abit better today as was feeling sooooooo drained with this cold and a sore butt.! but still feel drained but not as bad.

i went to see the physiotherapist and it works out that it not sciatica (thanks god!!) but a very stiff pelvic joint on my bottom (meaning my pg hormones had made my ligaments and bones loose to grow this baby but one side is loose and other is very stiff)!! she had given me some exercises to do and gotta go back next Saturday to do some firm exercises with her not looking forward to that but if i do these exercises 3 times a shouldnt be as bad as i think!.

S@2...yes we will be there grin...addy again please!!.

MyDingaling Sun 04-May-08 19:59:07

Have checked and I will be away so don't be playing bingo without me!

Nemoandthefishes Sun 04-May-08 20:53:26

of course we will be there..
thanks all for last night and sorry to have left spent a rather joyful hour in the bathroomhmm so it seems I am allergic to alcohol so shall always be designated driver..grinThanks for the lift stoppin and jaamy it was a well organised evening!! Just next time we shall remember NOT to do the bingo hall..

QueenyEisGotTheBall Mon 05-May-08 21:25:18

hi ladiesgrin
sounds like you all had a ball in bingosmile sorry i couldnt make it and i will definitely come to SA2s whit meetupgrin im meant to be in work but i will rearrange it to a sick daygrin wink
hope you are all okgrin
xx ei xx

biglips Tue 06-May-08 10:31:38

Had a great day yesterday at the Knowsley Safari Park (1st time for DD). It is ssssoooo much better now and DD loves the monkies esp when they were on our car! grin (We are gonna get the member pass so it will saves mega bucks).

Soon we got home...i couldnt wake poor DD up as she was out cold @ was too much of excitment as we also had Dp's sister here overnight so that was another excitement grin

Nemoandthefishes Tue 06-May-08 15:37:51

hi all
BLS sounds like a great day

EI yes sickie away..yayy!!

Well been busy here again, dd1 currently sporting a bruised cheek due to the swing clobbering her in the face..she also has a discoloured front tooth from when she fell over last week so trying to find a dentist who will see her and nobody is taking on patientsangry had this problem when I tried registering them all last year and the one we found has now closed!!!
also been to alder hey as dd1s umbilical hernia op has been booked in for november which is good in one way but obviously not looking forward to her being in and under GA especially with the asthma!!
Loads going on but at the same time nothing..

hope browny is feeling ok and MD hope you are ahem less swollengrin

biglips Wed 07-May-08 15:45:57

blardy ell!! anyone is melting in this weather????? ive worn my short skirt all day...feels fab and DD is playing outside in her water pit

Nemoandthefishes Thu 08-May-08 15:58:08

ohh have won tickets to drayton manorgrin Has anyone ever been? Will have to find somewhere to stay but should make for a nice weekend break as DS has been asking to go to thomas land!!!

Hope everyone is ok.

browny Thu 08-May-08 17:29:29

Nemo Congratulations, when are you planning on going, we've never been there but it sounds fantastic!

I thought the sickness had passed but oh no, back it came again today, it goes as soon as I eat something though smile. Quite a few mums have been making comments on my bump (which is already a proper little bump) and when they find out I'm 14 weeks almost, they look suprised... I just say, "oh well, what do you expect, this is number 5!", usually shuts them up!grin.

Hope everyone else is o.k. smile.

Nemoandthefishes Thu 08-May-08 20:44:36

browny bless least people can tell your pg when I have been people dont ask for fear of being

MyDingaling Thu 08-May-08 20:47:53

Congratulations on your win Nemo, it's a pity you didn't bring some of that luck to the Bingo on Saturday!
I am feeling better but I have now got to the stage were I am waddling rather than walking!
I haven't seen you for ages Browny, I bet your bump looks really cute!

MyDingaling Fri 09-May-08 20:41:28

Thought I'd put this on here in case people hadnt seen it on the last thread.
I am having a party for dd's 3rd birthday on 17th May.

Ei - forgot to mention, it is fancy dress!

stoppinattwo Sat 10-May-08 19:08:12

Awww am gonna be away that weekend sorry sad

Well we have been bbqing all day......grin

And i think our thursday whit could be a bbq if the weather holds out....are we all game??

biglips Sat 10-May-08 19:50:31

md - yes we will be me ya addy x

Nemoandthefishes Sun 11-May-08 19:28:15

MD is it still fancy dress??? Lets hope we dont have a thunder storm like there was this afternoonshock we were nearly flooded thanks to a blocked drain

MyDingaling Sun 11-May-08 19:39:25

Yes still fancy dress (and wellies!)

I hope weather is ok, I really can't fit everybody in the house!

We are going to put the gazebo up so it will keep the children dry if it rains, or it will provide shade if it's sunny.

JustJaamy Sun 11-May-08 20:42:35

NNNNoooooooo we can't have rain next weekend. Twill spoil all the planning for my DM's surprise birthday weekend. Sorry (again) that we can't make it to DD's party, MD.

Did it really thunder storm it here this pm? shock We were in Chesterfield this morning for birthday party and stopped at some friends in Glossop this afternoon on way back. Have been sunning ourselves all afternoon in their garden. Thought the plants looked a bit well-watered when we got home!

andyrobo237 Sun 11-May-08 20:48:01

We spent ages potting up our cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn and lettuce seedlings into separate pots (while DS was asleep - dont need his sort of help!) and watered them - left them out and went to a party - came back and they were nearly drowned (and my washing that I had left out!!)

Nemo - you lucky thing - I hope you have a fab time at Drayton Manor.

MaDingaling - I was reminded of you today when I bumped into a friend who is a teacher and having a baby in Sept - she finishes work at the start of the summer hols - your finishing date must be getting closer now!

Hello to everyone else! I hope it is not too sunny tomorrow as I am in abbay yoga, then meeting ec work mate for lunch!! (Cookie - SA2)

stoppinattwo Mon 12-May-08 08:04:32

OOOOH am i meeeting for lunch blush!!!

Im in manchester....did i say I would be somewhere?blush.............

oh cookie will just have to do!!!! sorry sad

andyrobo237 Mon 12-May-08 11:44:01

pub outside in the sun - cold drink - great! Sorry SA2 you have to go to work!!!!!!

biglips Mon 12-May-08 12:17:26

LOL!!!!! Andyrobo grin grin

stoppinattwo Mon 12-May-08 12:25:31

<<sulks>> sad

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