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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Bristol meet

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PinkArjuna Mon 10-Jan-05 22:16:20

ZoeB and Bunni,
I thought it more sensible to start up a different thread. I am free on Thursdays, Tuesdays, Fridays and the weekend. I can't make Thursday 20th as I have a gas inspection. Otherwise I am free to go whenever. I think this is the best place to start if we all put down our free days. Hopefully we'll be able to meet a couple of weeks

Hope to see you soon!

ZoeB Mon 10-Jan-05 22:32:02

Cheers Pink - this place has gone abit crazy what with all the talk of stalkers Thursdays is good for me Tues 25th and thurs 27 are free. cool I will send you my details via MN just to be safe ?

Bunni Mon 10-Jan-05 23:38:02

yeah I was thinking that too if we confirm the times and places via email or something then it will be more 'private'

ZoeB Tue 11-Jan-05 10:06:51

Pink & Bunni tried to contct you via MN unable to . Mail me

Bunni Tue 11-Jan-05 16:27:02

Zoeb it says that you have chosen NOT to receive messages from here????? you might have to look at your member profile or something????? it said that my email has been sent to MN to be forwarded to you or something???

ZoeB Tue 11-Jan-05 18:07:58

thanks bunny it may have been a prob my end as I couldnt send u one either. Looking forawrd to meeting u both x

ZoeB Tue 11-Jan-05 18:08:24

thanks bunny it may have been a prob my end as I couldnt send u one either. Looking forawrd to meeting u both x

ZoeB Tue 11-Jan-05 18:09:10

Slip of finger Bunni not y

Bunni Tue 11-Jan-05 22:38:59

let me know when you get my addy then

PinkArjuna Thu 13-Jan-05 21:00:41

The 27th is great for me. I tried to private message you both but it says you aren't accepting it. Hope to hear from you soon.

ZoeB Fri 14-Jan-05 14:16:59

Hi Pink.. dont know why emails arent excepting will have alook at mine later when dd &ds are in bed. 27th great !! really looking forward to it !

Bunni Sat 15-Jan-05 00:06:18

Yes i think the 27th Jan might be fine for me too....yay!!!! but would like to confirm away from the board about the rest if thats ok with you two?

Bunni Sat 15-Jan-05 00:07:40

Can you only contact others thru you being an actual paid member? because you do pay on here dont you????? or am i getting confused with something else????

PinkArjuna Sat 15-Jan-05 19:28:13

I don't think you have to pay, I changed my settings and recieved a mail the other day. Hope you are ok - I won't leave a mail addy on the boards if you go to your member profile you should be able to sort it out. 27th is good for me be the day after I get my scan and find out if it is a girl or boy!

Bunni Sun 16-Jan-05 09:17:47

does someone want to try and contact me then? see if it works?

PinkArjuna Sun 16-Jan-05 19:30:19

I tried Bunny - but the settings haven't been changed. I changed mine the other day by going into contact another talker - when it said I couldn't I changed the settings from there. Hope you work it out

Bunni Mon 17-Jan-05 08:03:52

right then thanx for that will try again. where has Zoeb gone then? She hasn't been in for a couple days????

Podmog Mon 17-Jan-05 09:15:40

Message withdrawn

Bunni Mon 17-Jan-05 23:41:41

where abouts are you from then PODMOG? and kids?

Podmog Tue 18-Jan-05 20:12:37

Message withdrawn

PinkArjuna Tue 18-Jan-05 20:37:03

Can't do mornings sorry. I have college all day wednesday and don't get back till late night as I have to travel from Cardiff - I do an evening course as well as Day on Wednesday - The baby wakes up without fail at 3 am and the only Time I seem to sleep is between 7am and 10.30am and I just don't want to be getting up that early as I have Yoga Later on Thursday too. I have a really early morning the day before as I have to be in southmead for my scan - I wouldn't be able to do a morning that week. Sorry its just I'm turned upside down with the pregnancy - migraines, constipation etc... It has me drained to the core I just don't sleep anymore. College has piled on the work too.

Bunni Thu 20-Jan-05 00:19:25

ZOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE just wondered if you were joining us on the meet? Hope you are ok?

Bunni Fri 21-Jan-05 17:43:58


PinkArjuna Fri 21-Jan-05 18:52:59

It'll be 1pm Next thursday then? No sign of Zoe? Podmog - thats too late for you though isn't it? Perhaps we can meet another day. Thursday is good for me though at 1pm. Waiting to hear from Zoe

Bunni Sun 23-Jan-05 10:39:41


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