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Anyone in South Bucks/High Wycombe area?!

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chelseamorning Thu 01-May-08 16:04:22


I live in Penn, near High Wycombe, with my partner and 18 month old DS. Anyone in the area?!

jeanjeannie Fri 02-May-08 22:09:11

HELLO Chelseamorning - I've just seen your post and you're really close to me. I live in High Wycombe with my partner and our 17 month old DD - I sometimes take her to a singing group in Penn! I have another little one on way...eek! but still trying to get out and about as much as possible. We tend to go to Beaconsfield - or even as far afield as Maindenhead - and Odds Farm is a big hit with DD at the moment.

Nice to see someone close...give me a shout if you fancy a chat smile

chelseamorning Tue 13-May-08 21:54:10

Hey Jeanjeannie

Another one! Wey hey!

Hope you're feeling okay with this hot weather. Congrats on another one on the way.

Singing group in Penn??? First I've heard of it. Would be good to have the details as my DS loves music and can already turn on the amplifier and CD player.

Would love to chat.

Califrau Tue 13-May-08 21:55:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chelseamorning Tue 13-May-08 22:06:38

That's a massive leap, Califrau! What attracted you to the West Coast? I lived in Connecticut for a while which was interesting.

Califrau Tue 13-May-08 22:12:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chelseamorning Tue 13-May-08 22:17:37

Ahhh! Hope the natives are friendly.

jeanjeannie Wed 14-May-08 22:09:21

OOoo - just re-found this thread!

Hi Chelseamorning! Nice to hear from you. Loving this weather but it doesn't like me as I'm sooo large and waddling now...and getting crabby because of the heat. Two weeks on Friday until c-section ...ah, the glory of Wycombe hospital hmmCan't believe it's 18 months since I was last there, it's just flown by.

The singing group (trying to think of the name) is almost opposite a church. Suddenly wondered if i'd got confused with Penn street but I think I've only ever been to a pub there! I'll get my thinking cap on and get the details...not been for a while.

Where do you and DS tend to get out to? He sounds like a budding little DJ...start booking him out for kiddie parties! We've been going to the rye- feeding the ducks and going to the park there as it's easy for me to cope with and dd is obsessive about swings! We've also been to the farm - but I think that's more for me than's so I can go all goey when I see the baby goats and lambs - how sad?

Give me a shout - let me know if you've found any exciting things to do in South Bucks most exciting town..?!

Califrau Wycombe or California...?? MMmmm let me think....Nope - West Coast wins...I want to come and play!! My partner is a geek...but of the carpentry kind...his 'mothership' would be Canada...all that wood (and beavers) he often mutters about Vancouver...while I think of all that blinkin rain sad

chelseamorning Thu 15-May-08 12:38:09

Hey JJ

Not liking the hot weather but loved the low 20s with a breeze we had recently. It's supposed to be warm and sunny over the weekend but we're near York where it'll be a lot cooler and cloudier!

We usually go to the Rye too to feed the ducks and so that my DS can play on the car/jeep in the playground - his favourite thing! There's plenty of space for him to run around and check out the older boys playing football etc!

Other than that, we go to Jungle Mania in Bourne End, Bounce & Rhyme in Wycombe or other venues, toddler groups etc. Want to try and find a good music group as he's just obsessed with drumming and turning on the hi-fi.

Better go. DS has woken up from his nap early and isn't a happy bunny!

jeanjeannie Thu 15-May-08 13:27:53

Chelsea....I bet I recognise you!
We're often at Bounce & Rhyme in Wycombe...or Beaconsfield. If you've ever seen a little girl with dishevelled red hair in a weird mohican style at the old Wycombe library - then that's us!

DD can't yet she has slightly bendy feet but we're getting there. She's also VERY lazy...we've seen her walk beautifully...then, when she's spotted you've seen her do it she sinks down and waddles off on her knees!

Am looking forward to the new library opening - apparently a whole floor dedicated to the kiddies smile It opens the day I'm due out of hospital - but hoping recovery of c-section won't be so long this time...and can get back to going out. Have bought the double Phil & Teds buggy - so little one can snooze while DD sits up top and plays drivers...that should keep her happy!

MIL has DD today smile but I know the frustration of the early waking from afternoon nap....makes them very grumpy...and robs you of your rest time.

We've got a babysitter for tomorrow night - DP and I are planning a trip to the new'll be our last night out for some time I imagine sad

Off to soak in the bath and do nothing....because I can!!

chelseamorning Thu 15-May-08 21:03:48

Hey JJ

Hope you enjoyed your soak! envy grin

Sorry your DD is having problems with her feet. Must be a problem for you with your bump too. Will she walk holding your hand or do you have to carry her? Is she having physio or is it something she'll 'grow out of'?

You'll have to give me the name of your DD's hairdresser... wink

We've not been to Wycombe B&R for a while. Friday was always a good day for us but then they moved it to Thursday. We just dip in and out whenever we have a spare Monday.

Forgot to say that we also go to Water Babies on Wednesday mornings at the Handy Cross pool. We tried three terms of proper baby swimming classes but DS just used to cry when I 'dunked' him. Decided to give it a rest as didn't want to put the poor thing of swimming for life. Now we just have fun and splash around once a week.

A whole library floor for kiddies? Fab! DS has inherited my love of books so that'll keep him busy for a while during our shopping trips to Wycombe.

Hope you have a fab night out!

jeanjeannie Fri 16-May-08 15:56:40

Hi Chelsea,

Day off was lovely thanks! I really enjoyed doing nothing....but it went too quickly. Night out though was cancelled sad no curry for me but out with DP tonight - will sample delights of Wagamama smile

I've found the singing thing we went to in Penn. It's Funky Monkey at the Trintiy church hall. link - doesn't say much but, if you've not tried it then it could be nice - being so close.

We'd not been to B&R for sometime either -do the Mondays...occasionally. But have been going to the environment centre too - on the Rye. It's very casual - but handy - nothing much happens - kids entertain themselves but you get tea, biscuits and chats! But clashes with B&R...grr.

DD apparently will grow out of walking probs but has physio and special shoes. But she's also lazy and it's getting so hard to keep picking her up. Had a futile attempt at the park this morning....sooo jealous of all the other little ones running about envy

She love swimming though - we used to do a bit of water babies - but bump got hard to handle in changing rooms! MIL takes her for me now...can't wait to get back to it. I love watching them all in the pool - bless.

Well, have a good weekend have you got anything planned? - hope sun pops out. JJ

chelseamorning Tue 20-May-08 12:13:51

Hey JJ

Did you manage to get to Wagamama?

Thanks for the link to Funky Monkeys. Now I know why we haven't been going. The session clashes with the Parent and Toddler Group in the village which I try to go to every week. However, we've just been to the session at Amersham which as fun. DS a little apprehensive due to the large volume of people - 30-40 adults plus their kiddies!!! We'll keep going though as I want him to get used to more noisier environments.

Speaking of 'environments', what's the environment centre on the Rye? Never heard of it. Is it the large building near the car park? Sounds interesting so I might take a look when I pop into Wycombe later this week. DS usually just wants to feed the ducks, walk across the Rye and then spend most of his time on the 'car' in the playground.

Sorry your DD isn't able to enjoy the park. It'll come. Perhaps she'll be encouraged to work harder at it if she sees 'big girls' running around?

We went away at the weekend to visit my DP's parents (got home late last night). A lot of effort and lots of toing and froing but the duty has been done. wink

Are you having your CS this coming Friday?

jeanjeannie Mon 26-May-08 20:33:02

Hi ChelseaM

Gosh - I lost this disappeared off my threads...and being of preggie brains I couldn't find it again!!

So pleased you found Funky Monkeys - gosh there were a lot of people there. But, like you say - it'll get him used to lots of people.

Yes, the environment centre is the building next to the car park and backing onto the open air swimming pool. Definately worth popping into and on a Monday morning - there's tea and other mums & kids too.

CS d-day is this Friday....will be so relieved as I'm HUGE smile. Feeling a bit nervous but bag is all packed and DPs mum is looking after DD so all I've got to do is 'turn up'! Be interesting to see what DD makes of the baby...eek. She'll probably not be as impressed with it as she is with our catgrin Her first word was the cat's name....'Bob'!

It's always tiring doing the relatives visits...well done you for completing your 'duty'! Not too bad for us as DPs parents are in Maidenhead - but mine are in Nottingham and it seems to be an adventure just getting the car packed and onto the M1..!

If I don't speak with you before...then i shall check back after the event and let you know what 'flavour' little one we've had! All that remains is for us to see if any of the names we've chosen actually suit the little one when it arrives ..grin

Hope you're enjoying this glorious bank holiday weather hmm x

chelseamorning Thu 29-May-08 13:48:02

All the best tomorrow, JJ. I'm sure all will be well. Just try and remain calm and serene...


jeanjeannie Tue 03-Jun-08 15:42:28

Hi chelseamorning...all went well and Verity was born at 9.02am last Friday weighing in at 6lbs 9oz.

Wycombe general were superb and I got loads of help with breastfeeding after the c-sec - which was a nice surprise. I thought being an 'older mum' the recovery would be slower...but things are so much better than i thought.

Poor DP is now temporary full-time Dad to little Iris and attempting to amuse her. Today they went to the opening of the new library but don't want him to do too much of a good job....or i'll never keep up!

Hope you are good

chelseamorning Thu 05-Jun-08 12:06:19

That's fantastic news, JJ. Many congratulations to you both! What a lovely name too. smile

Wycombe staff were great with me when I was finally transferred (I came this close to having my homebirth). They're lovely there. Just a shame about the facilities. Glad you're recovering swiftly. So long as you see an improvement each day then that's pretty good. 'Older' mum? So am I. Anything 'they' can do, I can do better, la la-la, la la-la, la la la laaaa... grin

How much time does your DP have off? I'm sure Iris is enjoying his undivided attention which leaves you some breathing space.

We're all okay this end, thanks. About to go on holiday for some bucket and spade action in Dorset for a week. Looking forward to spending some quality time with DP and DS. Lots to do beforehand but I'm trying to stay chilled about it.

Take care, JJ, and enjoy!


jeanjeannie Thu 05-Jun-08 19:45:09

Hi ChelseaM.......many thanks for the congrats.'re an 'older mum' too...hahah...we rock! Yes, I'm 42 but hopefully look a tad younger than that....although after having another little one so soon after dd1 i'm sure the aging process will kick in pretty darn sharpish grin Thing is DP is 7 years younger than me....and he's going grey! I've yet to go down that road so it all adds up to making me feel better!

DP is self-employed and has held off work for a month...which is fabulous. He's stock piling up the work for afterwards though - so we won't starve!! Iris is LOVING having him around....she is such a daddy's girl.

Oh Dorset - how FAB. A nice bit of sea and sand...what more could a little chap ask for?! I do hope the weather is good for you.

Well you all have a lovely time...and give me a shout when you get back. We should arrange to meet in the near future as we are just around the corner.

Have fun - remember, if you forget to pack something you can always buy it later!

chelseamorning Wed 18-Jun-08 23:07:51

Hey JJ

How are things? How is little Verity? smile Hope you've managed to slip into a nice routine with the two of them. Brave woman. I'm gonna stick with my gorgeous DS, thank you very much. wink

We had such a lovely time in Dorset, thanks. Shame I've had to come back really - and to such a huge pile of washing and ironing!! sad The weather was just great - lots of sun and a bit of cloud towards the end of the week.

I'm 41 (the wrong side, ha!) but am told I look much younger which is really nice. DP is greying a lot too. I don't feel my age at all. However I shudder at the thought that the menopause could be just around the corner! shock

Would love to meet up. Suggest some dates etc and we'll be there.

Take care


jeanjeannie Thu 26-Jun-08 10:41:43

Hi Chelseamorning....I'm back!

Gosh - I'd totally underestimated how much hard work two under two is. A good day is when I get to have a shower!

Great to hear you had a FAB time...lots of sun is good news smile bet your DS loved it. Oh, but the pile of washing is such a come down!

Ahhh you're 41...we're the new 20s! I thought the menopause was on the way - Dr even said so...but it appears, some 2 DC later, that it wasn't...OOoops!

Verity is great thanks...but so different from sister Iris. She just wants to feed and be held...ALL the time! She's quite a screamer hence there is NO routine sad But Iris has started walking which is great news and a relief.

Would Love to meet up too. I'm back driving in two means I have to have a 6 week break...Grrr. So if you're up for something around the 2nd week of July then I'll have the car. We could do the park...or a soft play thing. Be nice to be out if the weather is good. Have you been to Odds Farm? We've got a year's pass - so are up there all the time....just fab for mooching about and good play areas too. Could go there.

Anyway - I can hear hungry screams! Hope you're getting some of this sun - albeit sporadic. Hopefully see you soon.

Catsfoot Fri 27-Jun-08 09:20:29


I live in wycombe with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. I am looking for groups that start at sensible times - i.e. not when my little one decides to sleep which is usually around 9.30am to 10.30 am and 1pm to 3pm.

Also I am looking for a "nice" baby pool to take my toddler to, I don't fancy wycombe leisure centre.


jeanjeannie Fri 27-Jun-08 14:00:06

Hi Catsfoot - you sound like you've got your hands full!

We're always complaining that the times of groups are wrong! We've just come back from Bounce and Rhyme..a popular free group at the new library - starts at 11 till 11.30. There is the environment centre on the Rye from 11 on a monday. It's free, informal and things to stick and glue for older ones!

My friends are always looking for more groups but we've not found much. We troop over to Hopscotch soft play in Piddington or Jungle Mania in Bourne End. High Wycombe isn't the most active with groups. Quite a few singing things but they seem very £££ for what they are!

I quite like the baby pool at least it's warm unlike most! Marlow doesn't have one but I think Princess Risborough does. I know Maidenhead is very popular - it's more fun than Wycombe but always cold when I've been sad MIL takes DD1 and she seems to love it though.

HTH a bit x

chelseamorning Wed 02-Jul-08 13:07:37

Hey JJ

Just a quickie as I'm up to my eyes at the moment.

Not sure which week you're talking about - the week of 14 July? That would be good for us. Let me know what day and time would suit you all and we'll try and fit around it. Looking forward to it!


chelseamorning Wed 02-Jul-08 13:13:01

Hi Catsfoot

Why not Wycombe Leisure Centre? I'd agree with Jeanjeannie's comment about Wycombe pool. It's not bad and it is much much warmer in the baby pool than most. The 'Water Babies' sessions are on Tuesday pm and Wednesday am (11.15am start so should be handy for you?). My DS and I have had lots of fun there as you sing songs and generally just have a splash around. Give it a go!

Will get back to you another time about other possible activities.

jeanjeannie Wed 02-Jul-08 14:11:02

Hi ChelseaM

Yep - week starting 14th July...I'll be driving then smile

Well - a Tues, or Friday is generally good for us. MIL often has Iris on a Weds or Thurs.

Shall we see what the weather is like...maybe pootle over to the rye - do the park & ducks. Or Odds Farm if you fancy.

Hope you're all good - not too manic! I'll leave you 'up to your eyes in it!'

See you soon - look forward to it too

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