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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone fancy a meet up in Staines/Sunbury area?

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Cherryblossom Mon 10-Jan-05 11:39:49

Hi everyone! I am a newbie to this site and am already finding it rather addictive. I am 33 and mum of 3 (10, 6 & 8 months). Thought it might be nice to put faces to a few of the names. Any one fancy meeting up?

Uwila Mon 10-Jan-05 21:24:51

Hiya Cherryblossom,
Where are you? I live in Sunbury with DH, DD (21 months), D? (due at the end of May), and our nanny. I'm 35.

Do you work? Or are you looking for a weekday meet-up?

janeybops Mon 10-Jan-05 21:27:59

Hi CB and Uwila,
I live in Hounslow and am 37 with a 3 year old and 14 month old

pinkdiamond Mon 10-Jan-05 21:28:10

Message withdrawn

janeybops Mon 10-Jan-05 21:34:14

PD the more the merrier!

pinkdiamond Mon 10-Jan-05 21:36:22

Message withdrawn

Cherryblossom Tue 11-Jan-05 08:58:38

Hi again girls, PD - no need to worry about your age, as already mentioned the more the merrier, I don't work so can do weekday meet up between 9.30 and 2.30. After that i'm on the lovely school run!

Is everbody else working? If so we could do an evening meet up without the babes?

Let me know what you think and name some poss venues. xx

mum2twins Tue 11-Jan-05 09:28:11

hello, me too I live in Esher. Have twins ds & dd aged 3.5.

Uwila Tue 11-Jan-05 13:10:19

Of course you are welcome! I promise not to make any cracks about your dummy so long as you leave my walker alone.

I can do evening without dd or weekend day with her. Doesn't really matter. We could do something like a soft play centre on a weekend. Or maybe a grown ups night in Kingston. Dinner and/or movie (a girlie movie of course)?

What do the rest of you think? Is Kingston too far from Woking? Are you old enough to drive? Just kidding!!

Cherryblossom Tue 11-Jan-05 18:52:14

What about an evening meet up for a meal/drink then. At least we can all chat over that and won't be running all over the place after the liitle-uns? Some nice places are Prezzo or Thames court in Shepperton, Ask in Weybridge or there are a few places in Staines if thats more in middle?

Ameriscot2005 Tue 11-Jan-05 18:55:28

I live in Staines and am up for a meet up.

charleypops Tue 11-Jan-05 18:56:42

there's a new Prezzo in Weybridge!

Uwila Tue 11-Jan-05 20:44:58

No drinks for me . But dinner sounds good. Weybridge is fine. I don't know this restaurant. But, I'm happy to try anything (except maybe McDonalds).

Uwila Wed 12-Jan-05 13:51:34

Where did everyone go? Shall we do this? What date is good? I'm pretty busy this week and next, but the one after would work okay for me. Mu dh works away all week so I always have a free pass out during the week. But, he THINKS he owns me on Friday and Saturday night... so it's a bit more of a hassle to get away then. But, if everyone else prefers weekend, he'll get over it.

charleypops Wed 12-Jan-05 18:05:00

Hi, I'm keeping and eye on this! I'd be into meeting up if you were coming to Weybridge because at the moment I hate driving anywhere (epecially in the dark) and I don't want to look as if I'm attempting to persuade people into coming to Weybridge just because of me when it's not even my thread

Ameriscot2005 Wed 12-Jan-05 19:06:14

If anyone does decide to meet up in Staines, gimme a shout. There are lots of great places to eat and drink there - new places popping up all the time.

Nandos is pretty good and good value.

Cherryblossom Thu 13-Jan-05 11:12:08

Ok what about weds 26th Jan at Prezzo in Weybridge if there's a new one there? Where abouts is it?

Uwila Thu 13-Jan-05 14:44:10

26th works for me. How about 7:00? Ameriscot, can you come. I think you are American (as am I). It would be lovely to meet you.

Can someone tell me where Prezzo is?

Cherryblossom Thu 13-Jan-05 17:29:53

7.00 is fine for me. I don't know where it is either but am going to weybridge tomorrow so i'll have a look.

Ameriscot2005 Thu 13-Jan-05 18:05:40

Have a great time, everyone. I'll hang on for something in Staines

charleypops Thu 13-Jan-05 18:09:04

Weybridge Prezzo's in Church Street which is a continuation of High Street, it used to be Zinfandel a few months ago, and before that Popadums. Before that it was a long-established art equipment shop. It's not far from the car park, and just down from the Primary Care Trust. Nice staff, all seem to be French (or been to sexy french accent classes. Female unfortunately...). It's also near Curchods and an antique shop is on the bendy corner on the other side the the side road it's on.

I'm not good at describing where things are so if you're confused, you're probably not alone...

charleypops Thu 13-Jan-05 18:10:07

that should be "of the side road it's on"

Cherryblossom Fri 14-Jan-05 12:41:32

ok i know where it is now. How many of us are going to go then?

Uwila Fri 14-Jan-05 13:07:31

I'm in... pending confirmation from my nanny that she can babysit. But, she always says yes so it sould be okay.

Ameriscot2005 Sat 05-Feb-05 13:08:16

Did this happen? How did it go?

When can we start planning the next one (in Staines )?

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