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Nailsea & surrounding areas

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2Posh2Push Thu 06-Jan-05 19:29:08

Hi, I have 2 DD's - 4 & 1, married and live in Nailsea and would love to meet up with other mums who fancy a chat,giggle,moan and share lifes ups and downs with the kids! I am on extended maternity leave and not sure when/if I am returning so have been making the most of my time off - meeting friends for tea/coffee & choc/biccy/cake fests with the kids and would love to meet likeminded m8's in my area. Take Care xxx

mrsflowerpot Thu 06-Jan-05 19:54:58

Hi, I'm the wrong side of Bristol for you, but if you have a look in the Meet-Ups topic there are a couple of Bristol threads going on currently, few people your side of the city I think.

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