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allyco is lonely - where are north east mums??

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Allyco Sat 01-Jan-05 12:14:10

You may remember me posting on the "due in October" thread and later being very poorly (as well as growing the baby I was growing a tumour too). Baby arrived prematurely but luckily well, and I've had surgery and radiotherapy for the tumour which is now GONE yee hah.

So now I want to get back into the swing and need to talk to people, so am waiting with bated breath....

winterwarmmummer Sat 01-Jan-05 12:16:28

Well done you - sounds as if you have really had a tough one. I am so glad that your babe was well and that you are now too. Welcome back.

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 12:25:41

Good to hear you and baby are doing well. Where abouts in the North East are you?

tillykins Sat 01-Jan-05 12:33:53

Welcome back Allyco, I'm very glad you are better and your baby is well
What brand did you get?

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 12:51:21

Good to hear you're ok now Allyco and baby arrived safely

I'm in Darlington btw.

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 12:57:14

I just moved away from Darlington in October! Lived there all my life till then! Miss it....surprisingly!

Allyco Sat 01-Jan-05 12:58:05

am in Low Fell, and the baby was a(nother) girl.
Doesn't feel like New Year does it, I think because of the terrible news from Asia.

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 12:59:41

Awww seashells you could've come round for a cuppa!

you're right allyco, it doesn't feel the same at all.

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 13:00:05

It's overshadowed the celebrations hasn't it. Feel a little guilty celebrating.

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 13:01:42

Whereabouts in Darlo are you J? I've lived all over but originally from Harrowgate hill.

Peckarollover Sat 01-Jan-05 13:07:23

Im in Northeast - Wideopen just near airport. Lolliepops is from here too. Spook is in Gosforth and Popsy quite near you I think.

Sorry to hear about the tumour that must have been terrifying but really glad its gone!

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 13:12:04

I'm in whinfield, originally from Branksome. My mate's from harrogate hill and I know a few people from there.

popsycal Sat 01-Jan-05 13:59:38

wow - i was thinking of you the other day but couldnt remember your nickname!!
glad all iw well!

jofeb04 Sat 01-Jan-05 17:44:29

Good to hear your all well! Just to let ya know i'm not from Darlington, but all my relatives live up there! Im up there about 3x a year, if i'm lucky.

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 19:21:10

You're from cardiff aren't you jofeb04? I was there recently for the first time visiting Sallystrawberry. I loved the Welsh museum of life

geogteach Sat 01-Jan-05 21:03:19

Allyco come back and join us in October! We'd love to hear from you again even though your little girl is somewhat older!

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 21:09:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 21:10:02

Yes you did, I knew someone was to blame for my spare tyre

miranda2 Sat 01-Jan-05 21:15:28

Hiya, I'm in Heaton. Plus a friend of mine has just moved to Gateshead - relatively near Low fell I think, near the Shipley art gallery? She's pg and I'm sure would like to meet nice people!

jofeb04 Sat 01-Jan-05 21:17:24

lmao, i love welsh cakes!!
Yea, im from cardiff origionally, living in the valleys now!! But all my relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandfather etc live up ur way lol

jofeb04 Sat 01-Jan-05 21:18:05

Oh yea, i was born in south shields, but as adopted, moved down here when i was very very very young!!!!!

juniperdewdrop Sat 01-Jan-05 21:21:36

well you'll have to come up when sally does and we can show her the night life!

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 21:23:11

I've got relatives and friends up in Darlington and Whitley Bay and Newcastle so up there very often.

jofeb04 Sat 01-Jan-05 21:40:54

I'd love to come up lmao

Allyco Sun 02-Jan-05 11:46:32

oh dear have been up all night with poorly children and littlest dd puking too as well as horrible cold. What fun.

Geogteach - I bet you and everyone else on the October thread have had babes - what did you all get??

Popsycal and Peckarollover good to hear from you again.

Does anyone know how long you can keep expressed milk in fridge as boo hoo am getting ready to go back to work. Also, can you express some and put in fridge and then add some more to it later or do you have to put it in fresh bottle? You wouldn't think I had had four kids but I've never used bottles before so don't know.

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