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Corby area

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KatyLiz Sat 29-Mar-08 10:27:44

Hi, is there anyone from the Corby area of Northants? I saw a Northants topic but everyone was from Wellingborough, so I was wondering if there was anyone closer?

shelleylou Sat 29-Mar-08 18:03:56

I was on that thread, im in kettering though

KatyLiz Sun 30-Mar-08 12:36:24

hi, I assumed everyone was from wellingborough as I scanned through it quick and saw talk of what roads people live on etc. Whereabouts are you? I only really know the town and the leisure park. How old are your kids? I've got Lucy who'll be 4 in June and Oscar who is 20 months.

shelleylou Sun 30-Mar-08 13:06:24

im near a pub called the warren. Josh is 17 montsh nearly

KatyLiz Sun 30-Mar-08 15:53:51

somewhere I know lol! that's the hungry horse pub isn't it? We only moved here in November, so we're always trying to find places that are child friendly.

shelleylou Sun 30-Mar-08 19:17:01

Yes it is. It used to have a little soft play area inside not sure if it does still. Some of the pubs in town will let kids in but only if you are having a meal. Where did you move from?

KatyLiz Sun 30-Mar-08 20:38:32

we moved from Wales, we were so glad to leave, they all hated us for being english! I'm from Bedfordshire originally though. Have you always lived around here? I always seem to be at Cheeky Monkees as there's not much else to do with the kids. Have you been to Kids Kingdom or Telford Lodge pub? I've got to give both a try at some point, but I never get round to it as I have to get the bus everywhere!

shelleylou Sun 30-Mar-08 20:53:17

I lived in corby till i was 16 moved to kettering and then went to lichfield to be with ds's dad then came back. I've heard that kids kingdom is overpriced for what it is. As for telford lodge i went there with my ex's daughter and there didnt seam to be much there but i didnt really have a look at it tbh. Im going to go to one of them sometime give us something different to do and i can form a proper opinio for myself. I take ds swimming but surpose its not so easy with two. I know what you mean about having to get the bus everywhere.Its not so bad with the kids ages as they dont cost on the buses hehe

3andnomore Sun 30-Mar-08 21:10:09

I am in CorbyI have 3 boys, one is almost 12y old, and the other 2 boys are 5 and 3.

shelleylou Sun 30-Mar-08 21:26:04

I was told there was a few in corby but werent sure as when i posted the meet up for northants it was a few from weelingborough and 1 form near northampton that replied

KatyLiz Mon 31-Mar-08 08:30:25

Hi 3andnomore it's nice to see another Corby mum! shelleylou I've always wanted to take the kids swimming but I can't take both, plus I haven't been in a swimming costume in nearly 3 years. Oscar's a nightmare, he screams his head off on buses and the drivers turn round and give me dirty looks, lol! but I've got to brave it at some point or I'll never go anywhere.

shelleylou Mon 31-Mar-08 11:09:07

thats the good thing bout corby havin\g th little pool. I just ignore antone who does that on a bus. Babies cry so they need to get over it lol

KatyLiz Mon 31-Mar-08 11:36:54

lol, you're right. I should be used to comments and looks now. I get them everywhere I go, the terriblt 2's have come early with Oscar! We should arrange a meet up and try somewhere new with the kids.

samiestresure Mon 31-Mar-08 12:21:24

hi ladies i live in between kettering n corby and am interested in meeting up wiv local mums i missed the meet in wellinboro as my interenet went down but up and running now whoopie

shelleylou Mon 31-Mar-08 12:30:40

ye, i think mny day trip today will be the doctors yay how much fun.

samiestresure Mon 31-Mar-08 13:04:25

oh by the waykids kingdom is ok not to overprised if u dont buy food n drink there! but its definately aimed at kids about 3+ sorry i know its an old topic but used to go there wiv my ex's daughter.

shelleylou Mon 31-Mar-08 13:36:05

Thanks samie my ds is a bit younger than that but is very able(nice way of sayin PITA lol} will have to go and have a look when hes better.

KatyLiz Mon 31-Mar-08 16:10:23

what's wrong with him shelley? Your ds sounds a lot like Oscar then hehe, he gets everywhere. where shall we try and meet up?

shelleylou Mon 31-Mar-08 17:25:02

Hes had diarhea since sat today hes started being sick and hes refusing to eat more importantly he wont drink. Doctors worried he'll become dehydrated got to try and get ds to have 3 bottles before 10.30 tomorrow if not we've got to go bck docs in the afternoon.
Josh is usually into everything all hes doing at the mo is lying or crawling a little wont walk and isnt sturdy on his feet as hes ill. I think a soft play place would be good but i wont meet up untill josh is better and 48 hours after hes last been sick etc. Would hate to think hes passed it on to Oscar, Lucy or any other child due to me.

KatyLiz Mon 31-Mar-08 18:18:45

Oh poor thing , that sounds nasty. It's always so worrying when they're ill, hope he takes those bottles tomorrow. We'll sort something out when he's better then.Samie, I always end up spending a fortune when I go soft play, are the fruit shoots and cakes on display where the kids can see them at Kids Kingdom? They are at Cheeky Monkees, so the kids hassle me constantly!!

shelleylou Mon 31-Mar-08 18:49:09

Ive managed to get a bit down him but hes thrown up all over the kitchen floor seeing that was so scary was like the scene in the exorcist. Ye i'll let you know when hes better and we'll sort something out.

KatyLiz Tue 01-Apr-08 17:39:53

how is he today? hope he's ok.

shelleylou Tue 01-Apr-08 19:47:16

Hes a lot better thanks took hiom back to the doctrs as i couldnt get him to have the amount of fluid doctor wanted, hes not worried about dehydration now. Ds has even managed to eat a bit and wants fluids now and hes keeping it down. Still got the runs at the moment. Thanmks for asking.
How are oscar and lucy

Janni Tue 01-Apr-08 19:51:13

Just saying hello! I was born in Kettering in 1965 and lived in Corby till 1977. I have such happy memories of being a child there - so much freedom. We were always out and about on our own from the age of about four! I remember going for bike rides to the boating lake, going swimming etc. Still have one friend there but haven't been back for a few years.

KatyLiz Tue 01-Apr-08 20:39:38

I'm glad he's feeling a bit better. My two are fine, they spent the whole day arguing and fighting as usual,lol! Oscar was yelling at all the kids in playgroup, he can be such a monster!

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