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Shelly, Hayes, are you out there??

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flakecake Thu 23-Dec-04 11:45:31

Hi ya! Thanks for the text. I thought I'd said something wrong! Couldn't figure what though.
I am a bit low- Just broke up with boyfriend and my mum is away for Christmas, so a little lonely. Should be having 2 mates to stay, so hopefully i will feel better when they arrive.

shelly121 Fri 24-Dec-04 09:28:27

hi aretha, you ok? sending big hugs xxxx your friends staying for xmas day tomorrow?
god hasnt xmas come around quick, cant beleive its tomorrow, got so much to do!
corys first one and cara to, what pressies you got her? didnt realy know what to get cory, hes only 4 months, we got a graco swing and new playgym, didnt know what els! as for my other two, went a bit over the top (no wonder were now skint)

gotta go and make puds for tommorow!

if you wanna chat, boyfriend probs, anything im here ok,
shell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

flakecake Fri 24-Dec-04 15:44:33

Hello Shelly,
Update- we are now back together, thank God! It is hard to believe he forgave what I said, but we talked, I grovelled a little, and I have a feeling he was missing me and my hugs. At least now I realise how much he means to me, and to be a little more carefull about what I say, not just anthing that enters my head.
What did I buy Cara? Honestly, nothing as my bugdet is very tight. She was given a couple of gifts from play group so I thought as she is so young that will do.
not much else to write about. talk soon

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