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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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maloosak Tue 21-Dec-04 17:45:29


I have a DS now nearly 6 months old. I have been living in the Finchley area for the past 6 months and would really like to get to meet some parents in this area or nearby. If you have a baby similar in age to mine, I would really be interested in meeting up. Thanks.

Skmoo Mon 03-Jan-05 23:03:57

Hi, I live in Woodside Park and have a DS who is 4 months. Where abouts in Finchley r u?

maloosak Sun 09-Jan-05 17:29:05

Hi skmoo
We live near Finchley Central. Have you met anyone in your area through this website ? I have tried joining the NCT, but someone told me not to bother as it is difficult to break into established groups. What do you think ?
I would be grateful for any advice as I am finding it really hard to meet friendly people.

littlema Sun 09-Jan-05 19:48:58

Hi Skmoo and Maloosak, I live near you in Golders Green. Would be up for meeting for a coffee Have found it quite hard to meet people on here and posted a couple of times with no response. But keep perservering...the NCT put me in touch with a group of mums that meet every week and I've found this invaluable.
How about meeting next week (17th)? My DS is nearly 10 months BTW. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Skmoo Fri 14-Jan-05 13:13:13

Hi Guys,
Sorry its taken a while to reply but I started back at work on Monday (for the record so did my DH and my DS started nursery) so as you can imagine it has been hectic city. Would love to meet up for a coffe can only do evenings and weekends now?
maloosak - there is a mum and baby group at Torrington Health Clinic on a Tuesday, I think it starts at 10.30 thats a good way to meet people in the area.
We went to the London Xmas Party in December which was good but it was a bit overbearing as there were a lot of mums and dads that all seemed to know each other but it was still good.
Let me know about coffee.

karaj Mon 17-Jan-05 09:01:03

Hi - I live in the Finchley area too and have a 7-month old DS. Would anyone like to meet up for coffee in Brent Cross or one of the coffee shops in Finchley Central or anywhere else ? I am open to any other suggestions for meeting up. Please CAT me if you would like to exchange phone numbers, etc.

littlema Mon 17-Jan-05 10:30:12

Hi , I'm up for meeting for coffee in Brent X. Don't know if you can make tomorrow, or wednesday? If not how about next week? Skmoo,how is it being back at work? I find my weekends and evenings are really busy, but maybe if we plan a date we can try and meet up.Looking forward to it

karaj Thu 20-Jan-05 08:54:42

Hi Littlema - I tried to CAT you, but your e-mails are blocked. How about meeting next Monday or Thursday at Brent Cross ? If you would like to meet me, please CAT me. That way I can give you my telephone number through e-mail rather than leaving it here where there is less privacy. I have tried the NCT, but unfortunately they weren't very helpful in putting me in touch with people. But I haven't given up yet

littlema Sun 23-Jan-05 15:49:49

Hi Karaj, sorry don't know how to unblock my email! Would love to meet maybe tomorrow? We are going to topsy turvy world in Brent X,here shall we meet you there at around 12.00? Let me know if you can make it, will try and cat you as well.BTW will have a small silver chicco puschair and pink scarf on!

littlema Sun 23-Jan-05 15:52:50

Hi , You should be able to cat me now.. tried to CAT you but you have your emails blocked! We'll get there in the end

Kayleigh Sun 23-Jan-05 16:41:21

Ladies, if any one fancies a child free night out on Thursday we are having an evening meet-up near Bricket Wood. I will be driving from Barnet and have room in my car so don't let directions put you off. Would be great to meet you.

Check out the Watford evening meet-up thread for Jan 27th. X

karaj Mon 24-Jan-05 10:19:25

littlema - sorry couldn't meet today. I have just sent you a CAT and also unblocked my e-mails from mumsnet. So please CAT or just reply to my e-mail when you receive it.

littlema Tue 25-Jan-05 15:13:50

Hi Kayleigh, Thanks for the invite, don't think I'll be able to make thursday night. Have fun Also if anyone wants to join us, me and karaj are meeting at the Golders Green starbucks at 1pm this friday.

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