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Midlands & Yorkshire (and anyone else) meet up - Spring 2005

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cranberryjampot Mon 06-Dec-04 22:04:18

Just a little idea, I would be up for it (obviously).... anyone else?

I'll look at a map and try and work out a convenient location for us all, obviously any ideas would be welcome. For ease it may be good if anyone is willing to put another MNer up for the night they could mention it in their post

ChrisseyMas Mon 06-Dec-04 22:07:07

reporting for duty miss

yes i,m willing to share with anyone else that,ll put up with me lol

FeastofStevenmom Mon 06-Dec-04 22:09:11

Hi, I'd be interested. No spare room unfortunately.

ChrisseyMas Mon 06-Dec-04 22:12:55

no worries

i,m willing to go halfs ona hotel room

cranberryjampot Mon 06-Dec-04 22:16:45

Feast of Steven - where do you live?

FeastofStevenmom Mon 06-Dec-04 22:18:47

Liverpool! so is that sort of halfway between midlands and yorkshire????

Cinderellascarrieg Mon 06-Dec-04 22:41:03

I'd be up for this - have a spare room but no transport!

jamiesam Mon 06-Dec-04 22:44:01

ooh, yes please. Have transport and spare 'dining room'. I'm in Sheffield - half way?

saintlysecur Mon 06-Dec-04 23:28:55

would be up for this!

Am not half way and do not have a dining room, but do have 6 spare seats i the car so could run a group from York/Leeds

GingerBells Tue 07-Dec-04 00:01:46

Would half way be Nottingham (ish)??

jamiesam Tue 07-Dec-04 00:13:32

Do you have a very large house Ginger? Or some great (cheap) hotels nearby?

Yorkiegirl Tue 07-Dec-04 08:33:15

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 07-Dec-04 08:51:37

I'll be up for a meet

santaclary Tue 07-Dec-04 09:04:56

ooh excellent, i'm in derby. what do we mean, a child-free evening or a kids-friendly day?
i had to miss both the west mids and yorkshire christmas meals - i was halfway between the two but was doing something else that night
I can come up with some nice places to eat here/good children's stuff to do.
no spare room alas (3 kids in 3-bed house)

GeorginaAdventCalendar Tue 07-Dec-04 09:19:03


tiptopoftheChristmastree Tue 07-Dec-04 10:00:32

In answer to the question of large (cheap) hotels, try It is possible to rent a hostel at some times of the year. That way a group has the run of the whole place - living rooms, self catering kitchen, dining rooms, bedrooms, grounds, etc. Hth.

Petesmum Tue 07-Dec-04 10:18:17

Sounds like fun - please count me in! Think I'm a bit too far south to be of much help on the accomdation front (Burton on Trent) But I'd be up for a room share in a hotel / B&B. Happy to offer a lift to where ever half way ends up being though.

WigWamBam Tue 07-Dec-04 10:54:54

Ooh, I'd be interested - but I have no transport, so might have to smile nicely and bat my eyelids and see if someone could give me a lift.

sparklynorthernstar Tue 07-Dec-04 10:56:54

I'm in Yorkshire and I'd be up for this.

tiptopoftheChristmastree Tue 07-Dec-04 11:08:51

I should have said that yha stands for youth hostel association. Oops!

Frizbe Tue 07-Dec-04 11:41:22

I'm up for this, in Ripley, so anywhere suits really!

WigWamBam Tue 07-Dec-04 11:46:05

Ooops - forgot to say I'm in Sutton Coldfield

sparklynorthernstar Tue 07-Dec-04 11:48:16

Frizbe I'm in Harrogate so you're not too far from me. Ripley is beautiful.

NomDePlumPudding Tue 07-Dec-04 12:41:33

Count me in ! I'm in Worcester, so prob one of those furthest south

santaclary Tue 07-Dec-04 13:08:47

frizbe is that ripley in derbyshire?

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