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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any mums in the Kingston SW London area interested?

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mummylove Sat 04-Dec-04 23:37:43

Email me for info on somethings new and exciting for the new year for you and baby/toddlers.

SmokedSamN Sun 05-Dec-04 00:15:32

mummylove, can you put any more info on mumsnet first?


mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 11:42:57


Uwila Mon 06-Dec-04 12:27:22

I live in Sunbury, and woul definitely be interested in finding more people with babies/toddlers in and around Kingston. I have a dd (age 20 months) and a d? due at the end of May. But, I worl full time, so we can only do weekends.

What did you have in mind? Informal meet up? Organised toddler group?

survivour Mon 06-Dec-04 13:06:46

Yes please... but more info first.... I'm in Ashford/middlesex.

mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 20:36:37

Hello Uwila

My dd is almost 21 months and I have great friends with toddlers. Have to say we mostly meet in the week but we do weekends now and then. Have you been to Horton farm with the Playbarn - great place, so much fun.

mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 20:39:48


I am just trying to see how many mothers in my local area fancy something fresh and fun for the new year. I am starting up my own music sessions for babies and toddlers but different to the groups around right now.

I have just secured a lovely venue and will be starting early February.

If you are interested then email me and I will send you more details.

mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 20:49:44


Uwila Mon 06-Dec-04 21:44:20

Yes, we know the horton farm. Until last summer we lived in Epsom, and dd went to a childminder who lives right next to the farm. I've only been once, but dd went a lot in her first year.

Wonder if there is something similar in middlesex?

mummylove Tue 07-Dec-04 21:28:29


dancer77 Tue 07-Dec-04 21:45:27

I know horton farm. I'm quite close to kingston so would be interested in meeting up

Uwila Wed 08-Dec-04 16:37:22

WHat age kids have we got so far? My dd is 20 months, and no.2 is due at the end of may.

mummylove Wed 08-Dec-04 20:29:59


Are you both interested in trying out my new music sessions? That is why I started this thread. I was trying to see if there were mothers in and around my area who wanted to try out something new and fun with their child/ren.

If you read down you will see.

You are not far from where they will be held, if you drive should not be more than 15mins.

Let me know and I will send you both details.

Hope to hear from you

dancer77 Thu 09-Dec-04 07:37:05

Yes I would be interested. My ds is coming up to a year in a few weeks

survivour Mon 17-Jan-05 22:29:12

Any takers on this.................... bump up.

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