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Canterbury or Whitstable meet?

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Squiffy Wed 30-Jan-08 14:49:30

Having recently started chatting to some kent mums on other threads I searched in vain for any Canterbury or similar meets, so I thought I may as well start one...

So, FioFio, Freckle, Fllightattendant, Jaz et al.... are you on for a local meet (ideally evening or weekend)? I spend my life with friends in London and would love to meet up with some locals instead...

newyorkdolls Thu 31-Jan-08 10:51:20

I'll come, but I work on tuesday and thursday evenings.

Squiffy Fri 01-Feb-08 10:52:45

Hello, NYD <waves>

This is really odd. I had thought that there weren't any mnetters around my age in this neck of the words but in last week I have found maybe half a dozen, and now you as well! (although I am flattering myself here as I am on the worng side of 40 myself). I have invited the others I found over to this thread, and am hoping we will get a crowd together. Let's see if others join us.

I've put canterbury but am not really fussed. Where do you live?

FioFio Fri 01-Feb-08 10:54:37

Message withdrawn

RGPargy Fri 01-Feb-08 13:47:43

**BURSTS into thread**

ME!!!! I'll come!! I'm in Rochester but should be able to travel.

Squiffy Mon 04-Feb-08 09:47:53

OK, so what works for everyone?

Q1 Day or evening
Q2 Dates between 22/29 Feb that you can't do
Q3 Canterbury, Whitstable, or somewhere else more toward Medway?

My answers:

Q1 Evening (or day if weekend and with DC's)
Q2 Can do all except 27th
Q3 Cant or Whitstable preferred but can travel

Is there just four of us? I will round up whoever I can on the other threads I am on...

ingles2 Mon 04-Feb-08 12:41:05

I'm actually Tenterden, so about 1 hour away from Canterbury. Not a problem at a weekend really.
Where are you Squiffy?

Squiffy Mon 04-Feb-08 13:24:29

I'm just outside Canterbury but again happy to travel, just not sure how many people fancy a meet and where they all live.....

padboz Wed 06-Feb-08 14:01:48

hello hello hello! Can I come?

Squiffy Thu 14-Feb-08 11:19:50

Hi Padboz

Yes of course you are welcome (apologies for delay - have been away on half term holiday).

Can everyone who is keen maybe come back with their preferences, or shall I just pick a date and place?

beagle101 Mon 18-Feb-08 15:41:48

Hello there - can I come too? grin

I am on what I would guess is the right side of 40 but only just and I live in Wingham so really close indeed

in answer to your questions - evening is easier for me - can pretty much do any evening during 22-28 would prefer Canterbury but happy to go to Whitstable

Squiffy Mon 18-Feb-08 17:53:19

Gosh it has all gone quiet on this thread... quick bump for people to confirm if they want to come along...

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Tue 19-Feb-08 18:24:40

Hello hello! I'd like to come,life allowing!

dylsmum1998 Tue 19-Feb-08 23:10:40

hi, i'm from rochester- can i join in please smile

Squiffy Wed 20-Feb-08 09:44:28

Welcome Beagle/Shiny/dlysmum!

What dates are best for people (I think we've got too close to the original suggestion of next week, so happy to push it out a bit if people prefer).

How about the evening of Wed 5th March at cafe rouge in Canterbury? totally random date and venue so feel free to suggest something else if you happy with a pub instead, happy to go somewhere other than Canterbury.... am usually fairly purry with whatever suits everyone else.

padboz Wed 20-Feb-08 13:38:20

hullo - Wednesdays are usually good for me

seeker Wed 20-Feb-08 13:49:56

I'm in the area - but I think I'd be too scared to come...........

padboz Wed 20-Feb-08 14:09:10

dont be daft seeker!

Squiffy Wed 20-Feb-08 15:10:24

So seeker, shall I put you down as a 'yes' for Wed 5th March grin

witchandchips Wed 20-Feb-08 15:18:30

poo can't come on the 5th cos its ds 3rd birthday but love to meet up with any of you. live in whitstable

Squiffy Wed 20-Feb-08 17:03:05

Can you do the 12th? <Yes, I am desperate for a social life>

witchandchips Thu 21-Feb-08 13:21:01

will check with dp (also desperate for social life)

seeker Thu 21-Feb-08 20:29:28

!2th - eeek! yes - (trembles violently) I'm free that night!

padboz Fri 22-Feb-08 09:13:47

Hullo - I can do 12th too! Whats the plan, other than tranquilising seeker?

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Fri 22-Feb-08 12:22:39

What's happening on the 12th? What's the plan? It looks ok on calendar..

FIO.. come back to this thread!

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