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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

MK/Beds/Luton/Dunstable etc meet up

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SuzySox Fri 26-Nov-04 11:34:36

Anyone up for a meet-up in this area? I've seen a couple of people lately saying they're from round this area - have we finally got enough for a meet up?

How about sometime early in the new year?

SuzySox Fri 26-Nov-04 11:36:25

Weird - my thread didn't appear in the active conversations so bump

karenanne Fri 26-Nov-04 13:46:04

count me in need all the friends i can get lol .im 32 with two kids v recently seperated as some of you nearly 5 and sons nearly a year.after xmas would be great but if anyone fancies going out for a sparkly night out before that i wouldnt say no either in luton dont drive but pretty good travel links round here or can always grab a lift off parents lol

SuzySox Fri 26-Nov-04 16:55:42

Karenanne night out sounds good. nothing to say we have to take kids to meet-ups!

sanchpanch Fri 26-Nov-04 17:45:31

count me in girls, i am up for either!?! happy to travel beds or luton

karenanne Fri 26-Nov-04 19:05:08

lol sounds fun .we meet up then intro kids after.haha looking forward to it.

nikcola Fri 26-Nov-04 19:10:16

count me in im in dinstable xxxxxxxxxxx

nikcola Fri 26-Nov-04 19:10:26


megan13 Sat 27-Nov-04 13:02:40

Hi all count me inn sounds great! im also in luton and don't mind helping out with anyone needing transport.

Chocol8 Sat 27-Nov-04 18:21:09

I'm in Luton and would love to come - providing I can get childcare. Hello again Nikcola! x

karenanne Sat 27-Nov-04 19:50:48

am i right in thinking this is for the night out woohoo,we all sound like we NEED a good night outlol.
better make it soon,i can sadly say have no bookings on my calendar (sob) but would prefer a fri or sat night and then is just a question of where,mk /luton/bedford ,i know transport might be a problem for some but im sure we can work round it.
karen who hopes she doesnt seem to desperate for a good night out

nikcola Sat 27-Nov-04 21:54:08

hi Chocol8 long time no speak xxxxxxxxxxx

TracyK Sat 27-Nov-04 22:51:51

am in beds and am up for going out.

SuzySox Mon 29-Nov-04 09:14:46

Wow more response than I expected - looks like the majority are in Luton/Dunstable.

I drive so shall we opt for a night out in Luton. SP you're MK aren't you? we could always head over together, I don't mind driving if you take responsibility for navigating!

Would you all prefer to wait until after Christmas or see if we can squeeze one in beforehand? I don't mind either way.

Do people want to make suggestions for a venue (or at least a starting venue) with only 2 of us being from MK way it's down to you Luton/Dunstable girls to come up with somewhere...

See you all soon

SuzySox Mon 29-Nov-04 09:15:08

TraceyK where abouts in Beds arae you?

karenanne Mon 29-Nov-04 16:17:01

hi girls-as ive said im easy either way but wold be nice before xmas if we can all manage it lol.havent been out in luton for years lol so cant say what the clubs are like but plenty of pubby/clubs iykwim here.brookes is good but im sure someone else might have a better idea .ooh im getting all excited .

SpringChicken Mon 29-Nov-04 16:31:55

Brookes is good - decent range og music and open til 2 so dont have to worry about making your way somewhere else.

Heights is the best pub in Luton imho.
Clubwise, Chicago's is prob best bet - liquis is very good as it has 2 floors, downstairs is very upto date hip hop/r'n'b but upstairs is all pop/chart stuff.

Ooooh, wish i could come but i am absolutely stone broke!!!!!!!

karenanne Mon 29-Nov-04 17:02:11

oh come on spring chicken it'll do you good.lolbeg steal or borrow but seeings as you have this experience of the pubs and clubs you MUST come lol.

scaris Tue 30-Nov-04 09:21:22

Hi ya
Lutonion here! As has been said before Brookes is good - open till two - Chicagos is lso great for cheesy music!

SuzySox Tue 30-Nov-04 13:08:29

Well I can probably squeeze in a night before christmas. Is a weekend prefered or shall we meet one evening in the week?

karenanne Wed 01-Dec-04 15:59:30

i can go either lol before or after xmas .comeon girls lets make this happen .

SuzyStockings Thu 02-Dec-04 11:50:27

Weekend Wise I can only do the 11th really. Obviously I have many more free nights...

nikcola Thu 02-Dec-04 11:51:49

i cant do till after xmas sorry really broke at the mo, but its my 21st in jan if you fancy coming out then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SuzyStockings Thu 02-Dec-04 12:25:34

Well I can do after christmas too. What Date after Christmas is good for you Nic?


Before and After I don't mind.

nikcola Thu 02-Dec-04 12:26:55

any im not fussed x

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