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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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nottsmum73 Thu 17-Jan-08 20:32:37

Hello there

Would like to meet Mums in Notts. I live near the city centre and have 5 month old daughter.

Only get chance to go online for a short time in the eve so may not be able to respond straight away:-)

Drop me a line if interested.

Bye for now.xx

sharonv Mon 28-Jan-08 18:51:05

i have a 6 week old little boy, dont really have any "mummy" frirnds in notts. would love to meet up.

miki2 Wed 30-Jan-08 16:30:05

Hi I'm a new mum with a 4 month old girl and living in the north notts. Am so tired of day time telly and would love to get to know other mums!

sharonv Wed 30-Jan-08 18:08:03

Hi miki, where in notts are you?

miki2 Thu 31-Jan-08 13:08:00

I'm in Sherwood. You?

sharonv Thu 31-Jan-08 13:22:07

Carlton, iknow what you mean about the day time tv and ive only had 8 weeks of it. going a bit stir crazy now. but all of my friends are at work during the day - weve been the first to start a family.

miki2 Fri 01-Feb-08 16:18:57

8wks...still tough isn't it? Remember feeling like my girl latched onto my breast 24/7 with lots of nappy changing and crying thrown into...(well not that much different now, come to think of it!)

Do you manage to get out at all?? I do try to go for walk as often as i can but it's not easy at the mo - freezing cold or raining

sharonv Fri 01-Feb-08 17:20:42

Try and leave the house at least once a day but cuz its so cold and hes sooo tiny i worry about taking him out in the pram. Also his feeding is still VERY random so dont like to be out for to long as still not to confident at the whole feeding in public thing!!!

miki2 Sat 02-Feb-08 20:50:52

I was like that too, but now I got so used to doing it (hiding the whole thing using a big scarf normally) I have no problem in starbucks, cafe nero, etc. anywhere with a discreet corner!

sharonv Tue 05-Feb-08 14:46:52

im sure ill get there in the end, just practice i suppose.
i had a section so havent been able to drive which has been frustrating but re insured from thursday, yippee!
feels like everything is finally starting to settle into a routine.
(sort of)

bogie Tue 05-Feb-08 14:49:11

Hello i'm in nottingham and would also like to meet some people i have a 2 year old boy and have just found out we have another on the way

sharonv Tue 05-Feb-08 23:44:03

hi bogie
Where in notts are you?
congratulations on number 2!

bogie Wed 06-Feb-08 09:03:23

I'm in netherfield now i have moved all over in the last few years.
Where are you?

sharonv Wed 06-Feb-08 12:34:10

almost in netherfeild to. moved just under a year ago.

misskaur08 Thu 28-Feb-08 10:08:45


I'm a soon to be Notts Mum and would love to meet you all!
Has anything been arranged yet? If not shall we try to meet up in city center?


nottsmum73 Fri 21-Mar-08 22:47:39

Just reading posts. Lets arrange a Notts meet up . Seems to be quite a few of us! Please reply with dates and ideas for meeting places so we can get the ball rolling.x

fullamilk Fri 21-Mar-08 22:54:29

Hi, count me in.
city centre prob best for most.
I'm back at work p/t so tuesdays or fridays for me if poss.

nottsmum73 Sun 23-Mar-08 18:36:51

Hi fullamilk ( love the name!) City centre and Friday good for me. Will wait for a few days and if no one else posts I will start a new one titled City Centre meet up and see what interest we get.x

fullamilk Mon 24-Mar-08 17:53:21

Sounds good to me. Let me know on this board in case i miss the new one. thanks x

miki2 Tue 01-Apr-08 15:07:13

Hope I haven't missed the meet-up (just came back from japan)? Could I join if not?? Am okay with city centre and friday, too.

fullamilk Wed 02-Apr-08 12:48:30

Hi Miki
Its not happened yet, when is good for you?

miki2 Thu 03-Apr-08 21:11:06

Can do next friday (11th) if anyone's about. Will go back to work p/t from the wk after next but i'm off on wed and fri so any friday's okay at the mo.

fullamilk Fri 25-Apr-08 00:45:12

bumping this going to try and arrange for the 3rd May. Anyone?

jess1396 Fri 25-Apr-08 07:52:10

Hi, im about to have my 1st baby and i Didnt like my Antenatal group..

But wondered as i live in Nottingham Would i be able to join the group and meet up eventually, after the baby wants to make his entrance into the world lol.


fullamilk Fri 25-Apr-08 10:11:10

feel free to meetup before if your availiable.

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