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Any staffordshire/west midlands mums out there?

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MrsDomJames Thu 17-Jan-08 15:03:55

I'm Dom, 22, married mum to Alyssa whos 3 & a hf, im a stay at home mummy. We live in rugeley,staffordshire, looking to make some friends please xx

MrsPuddleduck Thu 17-Jan-08 15:22:14

I'll bump this one for you. There seems to be a lack of Staffordshire Mums - or I'm not aware of them. The Mumsnet local seems to be Stoke on Trent which is too far for me (Stafford).

MrsDomJames Thu 17-Jan-08 16:42:41

Yea thats too far from me either x

OracleInaCoracle Thu 17-Jan-08 16:44:28

Hi, Im in Shropshire (wellington) welcome to mn x

MrsDomJames Thu 17-Jan-08 16:57:50

Hiya, thanks, ive been on mn for a while only just ventured off into the other parts of it other than classifieds lol xx

OracleInaCoracle Thu 17-Jan-08 16:59:35

lol i love it here!

MrsDomJames Thu 17-Jan-08 17:07:22

Hopefully ill find some friends, im on msn if any1 wants to add me x

OracleInaCoracle Thu 17-Jan-08 22:27:42

not allowed msn anymore! dh blames it for the laptop breaking

notjustmom Thu 17-Jan-08 22:32:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDomJames Sat 19-Jan-08 20:28:07

Hiya xx

Littlefish Sat 19-Jan-08 20:30:38

Hi there! I was in Rugeley a few weeks ago at a reclaimation yard smile

I live about an hour away from you, so a bit too far really.

Welcome anyway.

MrsDomJames Sat 19-Jan-08 20:33:43

Thank-you, where abouts are you?? Me and dd do some travelling as I have a friend in nottingham and friends and family in birmingham xx

Littlefish Sat 19-Jan-08 20:45:52

Have you tried your local NCT? I didn't know anyone locally when I had children. I started going along to the local NCT bumps and babes group and got to know some really nice people, who all had children of about the same age as me. It was a real life-saver.

Alternatively, if you go onto the Netmums website, they have a good local section.

MrsDomJames Sat 19-Jan-08 20:52:47

I really cant stand baby and toddler groups lol (very bad experiences), dd is 3 & a hf now and goes half days to school aswell, shes made friends at school but unfortunately all the mothers are older than me and wont look twice. Yea I've joined netmums, have been on there this week, thanks xx

MrsPuddleduck Mon 21-Jan-08 17:45:30

Are you saying mums were unfriendly to you because you are young? I find that appauling.

Have you thought of going to a class instead? I have just started Music with Mummy at Colwich. People are definitely less clicky at these places.

I am trying to find another club in Stafford - I will let you know if I find one in case you're interested.

MrsDomJames Mon 21-Jan-08 19:27:59

Yea I found it at most of the groups, i did made some friends with girls my age but they were immature, i had lent them stuff and i never got it back! Used to take dd to sing and sign classes and a group at the library when I live in burntwood. Non of the mothers at the school are very friendly aswell and even one looks me up and down quite a lot and im finding it a bit upsetting xx

mandy8880 Wed 23-Jan-08 17:19:19

hi im in stoke on trent and a mum 2 amy 12,jordan 9,jenson 4, and maddison whos 20 months x

MrsPuddleduck Wed 23-Jan-08 19:01:58

About 50% of the mothers at the school nursery DS1 goes to are up their own arses to pardon the phrase. I wouldn't take it to heart.

I am always scared of young mums as I am worried that I don't have anything in common with them (may sound stupid, I know)

Having said that I befriended a mum who had a baby the same time as DS1 who I think was 20 at the time (still at uni anyway). I remember everyone avoiding her like the plague at baby clinic.

We are still friends four years later so I don't know what I worry about - she does make me feel old sometimes though, she still goes out to Zanzibar in Stafford and I can remember when it was the Colloseum (15 years ago if not more! blush

MrsDomJames Wed 23-Jan-08 19:51:02

I just think most of them are in their own little click like everything really and i think some people just have a stereotype of young mums aswell, thats the big problem with society today lol. Hiya mandy x

TinkerbellesMum Thu 24-Jan-08 19:47:46

I know alllll about cliques!

Having had Tink at 31 weeks I missed out on the antenatal groups and everytime I try to get involved in anything everyone is with their "antenatal friends" and I get excluded. People are worrying about me being isolated and feeling lonely (which I am) but how can I break that when no one will let me into their circle?

MrsDomJames Fri 25-Jan-08 11:56:10

Oh I know exactly what you mean, its just me and dd in the week, see my friends and family on rare occasions when I make the effort to go see them which is when I have spare money. I doubt very much I will make friends with any of the mums at the school but time will tell, but after my bad experiences with mums at mother and toddlers groups etc i do not feel comfortable going to any groups x

Littlefish Fri 25-Jan-08 15:33:19

I know I've mentioned it before, but the NCT bumps and babes groups (or at least the one in my local area) is not at all like the other toddler groups I've been to. For a start, they're usually much smaller - around 6 mums or so.

I met one of my really good friends there - she's 24 and I'm nearly 40.

MrsDomJames Fri 25-Jan-08 16:46:43

My days with baby and toddler groups are over til I have another baby xx

Littlefish Fri 25-Jan-08 19:46:10

Sorry - meant to say that there are usually groups for parents with older children as well.

MrsDomJames Fri 25-Jan-08 21:02:36

I'll ask my hv next time I see her, she took me to the last one and that was nice.x

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