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does nobody live in or around sutton !!!!!!!!

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albosmum Wed 24-Nov-04 21:21:26

is their anyone online in sutton. Mum of two DS needing adult conversation

CHRIZ Wed 24-Nov-04 21:25:03

hi there

i,m chrissey from b,ham

thinks theres a few mums over that end of b,ham and surrounding areas i,m from the end next to solihull amazed how big b,ham is

Ronniebaby Wed 24-Nov-04 21:28:08

I live in Tamworth, not far from Sutton, Wigwambam lives in Sutton (Boldmere) and Nutty lives in Sutton (Reddicap)

Ronniebaby Wed 24-Nov-04 21:28:47

I am 36+ weeks pregn, so am at home most of the time now, DS is 4 and is at school M-F, so could get together for a cuppa

albosmum Wed 24-Nov-04 21:36:55

I mean sutton surrey - is their a sutton in birmingham - if their is I wish I lived their because nobody except me lives here

SoupDragon Wed 24-Nov-04 21:38:27

There are a few MNers from Croydon and maybe a couple in Wallington. I went to school in Stton though

Ronniebaby Wed 24-Nov-04 21:41:16

Oops, ok, no worries

cas73 Thu 25-Nov-04 19:46:56

Hi albosmum,
I know there are a few of us in Wimbledon/Southfields. That's quite close, isn't it?

albosmum Thu 25-Nov-04 20:40:18

do the wallington /croydon lot ever meet up

wimbledon /southfields lot ever meet up

cas73 Thu 25-Nov-04 21:12:31

Well, we've (Wimbledon/Southfield) been trying to organise a meet up for ages, but it usually ends up as coffee mornings in pairs!! (I'm not aware of any local meet ups with more than 2 yet....)

katiesmum1 Thu 25-Nov-04 21:29:19

I,m in Epsom Surrey
I have 4 girls aged 9, twins of 5 and an 18 month old. I don't drive but would love to meet up somewhere child friendly!!

Mechelle xx

SoupDragon Thu 25-Nov-04 21:33:05

Croydon/Surrey MNers have had a few meets I think (I'm not a meet up kind of dragon thoguh).

dawnie1 Fri 26-Nov-04 16:24:07

Hallo Albosmum
I live in Sutton, Surrey (just off Cheam Road) - I have a dd of nearly 14 months. How old are your 2? I work 2 or 3 days a week so sometimes meeting up is a bit difficult in the days but I am free most days next week (apart from Mon morn and Wednesday) - if you want to meet up on Tues let me know or, on Thursday mornings is an excellent baby/toddler group in Tate Road, Sutton. All the mums there are very friendly and I know quite a few. Where are you in Sutton ?

fisil Fri 26-Nov-04 16:26:43

Hi I'm in Raynes Park.

Have you seen the SW London meet up thread? We're all going out on the 11th December.

DS is nearly 2, no.2 is on the way.

dawnie1 Fri 26-Nov-04 16:32:51

Raynes Park sounds good to me but where's Mortlake???

dancer77 Mon 29-Nov-04 13:04:07

Hi I live in Sutton Surrey and have a boy aged 11 months. Would love to meet up with anybody local.

albosmum Mon 29-Nov-04 13:36:18

and I did not think anyone lived in sutton wI can meet up most days am or pm and live just off cheam road

dancer77 Thu 02-Dec-04 12:15:39

I'm free mon, wed all day and thursday start work at 3. let me know what suits you. I'm just by the gander pub

emy1 Thu 02-Dec-04 19:22:51


we miss you on redhill or nearish

albosmum Sat 04-Dec-04 11:27:17

does anyone fancy mon pm but before school pick up

emMerryChristmastmg Sat 04-Dec-04 19:16:25

I'm in wallington.

might be able to do monday. not sure if Dh is about though so will let you know tomorrow.

dancer77 Sat 04-Dec-04 22:51:59

May be able to do mon. Have got dentist but not sure what time.Will let you know

dancer77 Sun 05-Dec-04 17:36:25

I can't do monday have dentist at 1.30. Any other day though if anyone is free.

albosmum Sun 05-Dec-04 18:52:05

what about wed pm before school pickup

emMerryChristmastmg Sun 05-Dec-04 20:42:13

Wednesday is okay with me.

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