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Heavily pregnant in mid Suffolk?

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moola Mon 22-Nov-04 14:14:08

Anyone else around the Stowmarket, Bury way?

MarmaladeSun Tue 07-Dec-04 12:41:33

Hi Moola. I'm in Hadleigh, nr Ipswich.

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Tue 07-Dec-04 19:59:09

MarmaladeSun - I'm near Hadleigh. A shop there used to sell my cards, before it closed down!!

MarmaladeSun Tue 07-Dec-04 21:22:41

Hi Dior. To be honest I don't know a lot of the shops in town (there aren't that many to start with lol) as we've only been here since Feb. Love the name BTW!

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Wed 08-Dec-04 20:12:01

Thanks! It used to be called 'Gifted Arts and Crafts', and was a gallery too. Closed down last month though. Shame, because it was a lovely shop. I'm surprised that it didn't get much trade, because of Byrites, which must draw a crowd?

What do you think of the area?

MarmaladeSun Wed 08-Dec-04 21:29:19

Hi Dior. Um, I quite like the area to be honest. It's nice to have the best of all worlds really...countryside, towns not far away and the coast so near too. I try not to get too attached to anywhere though as we're forces and liable to get moved any time . Only 4 years to go though and we can settle down for good . Where are you?

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Thu 09-Dec-04 19:55:37

Colchester. It is a real army town. Is your dh based there? (Colchester I mean)

Hadleigh is a beautiful village, although I do find it a bit of a trek from Colchester, through a really windy road. Handy for Sudbury though, which is also lovely. We looked at buying one of the new houses near Byrite last year, but then our monetary situation worsened. I could have been your neighbour

MarmaladeSun Sat 11-Dec-04 13:22:14

Dior...DH is based at Wattisham, about 7ish miles from Hadleigh. I love Colchester, although the traffic has been a bit of a nightmare every time I've been there. I went to the Mind,body,spirit exhibition in Colly a few weeks ago. Our quarter is in one of the new houses near Buyright...not the bottom estate but the top one, within walking distance though!

MarmaladeSun Sat 11-Dec-04 13:23:03

Is your DH forces Dior?

spacedonkey Sat 11-Dec-04 13:23:59

Hadleigh's lovely!

I used to live in Colchester.

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Sun 12-Dec-04 19:40:39

No, my dh is not in the forces. It's weird, because although Colchester is an Army town, I don't see much of the soldiers around. Sometimes you know when they're off on manoeuvres, because you see all their trucks going along a road, but that's it.

Glad you like Colchester. It's not a bad town really, although I do moan about some of the people who live here, and the lack of decent restaurants (pre-ds of course, now I'm happy if I get to go to Pizza Hut!)

bamster Wed 29-Dec-04 21:44:54


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