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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

leeds mums fancy meeting?

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jolofee Sun 06-Jan-08 19:35:03

Hi - I don't get on here very often but fancy meeting up with some new mums. Have spken with some of you before but you the weeks and months seem to pass by and am still keen to meet up with some local mum friends being new to the area. Am Mum to DD aged 5 and DS aged 2. Friday's are generally good for me - anyone up for this Friday?

ChorusLineMistletoeAndWine Sun 06-Jan-08 19:50:22

Hi jolofee - are you in Woodlesford? Seem to remember you are from a while ago. If not may have got you confused with another poster. I live in Woodlesford and have a DS aged 2 - my friend and i got to ClownHouse on a Thursday and welcome to join us?

jolofee Sun 06-Jan-08 20:00:36

Hi yes I am. Would love to come along although I work 9 days out of 10 (bummer!) Am around this Friday or 2 weeks later if you fancy another trip to Clown house or other. Dos your DS go to any of the local playgroups?

ChorusLineMistletoeAndWine Sun 06-Jan-08 20:23:23

Hiya - Oh no I work Monday, Wednesday & Friday! My friend works Tuesday & Friday so get together Thursdays. He goes to Jolly Giraffes day nursery while im at work and thats the days that Owl & Pussycats are on - so he misses out....

Could maybe meet one Saturday morning?

jolofee Sun 06-Jan-08 20:26:07

Saturday could be good. DD goes swmimming but DH could take her there which leaves me only with my 2year old. Is Clown house open on a Saturday AM or would you rather somewhere else for a change, maybe Polka dots?

ChorusLineMistletoeAndWine Sun 06-Jan-08 20:34:09

yes it opens at ten - I know it well as like to get in first before the crowds (aka parties!!). I also live opposite it so not far to gosmile

What i will do is speak Zoe and see what her plans are for this and next Saturday - her DS is 21 months. That way you can meet two local mums! Hope thats ok and will log on tomorrow to let you know

jolofee Sun 06-Jan-08 20:35:14

that sounds great thanks

ChorusLineMistletoeAndWine Tue 08-Jan-08 21:43:19

hi jolofee - not forgotten honest! How about next Sat 19th - say 1015 at the clown house? Polka Dots would have been good but none of us have a car that day!

jolofee Wed 09-Jan-08 17:57:54

Hi - will check with hubby when he is back we have nothing on that day and will confirm. Thanks

ChorusLine Sun 13-Jan-08 20:13:57

Just saying Hi! If you can't meet this Saturday we can always meet another time

jolofee Mon 14-Jan-08 20:09:54

Hi. Looks like I can't make this Saturday but am thnkng of going to Clown House on Sunday am at 10am as my hubby is away so will need to entertain the kids! Let me know if you are around. Otherwise we could maybe sort something else out for a couple of weeks time. Take care
Where do you work? Do you do anything intersting for a job?!

ChorusLine Tue 15-Jan-08 22:17:42

hiya - sorry cant say a def yes to sunday morning as I am going out on Sat night (a hangover and the clownhouse does not mix well!!!).

Def still want to meet up with you and so does my other friend. I work a the Halifax in recruitment but have worked in the Midland pub for a couple of years - do you go in as I know most of the crowd in there. I'm intrigued to know if we know the same people!!!

jolofee Wed 16-Jan-08 19:36:03

No worries lets sort something out another time. We are only just discovering the pubs in the area and haven't been yet.
I hardly know anyone round here, have met a few mums through my daughter going to the school but otherwise am a newby to the area!

ChorusLine Sun 03-Feb-08 21:27:04

hiya hope had a goodweekend - still happy to meet up. If you want to make arrangements off board my email is I tried to use CAT facility to contact you but your account is not set up to recieve smile

ChorusLine Fri 08-Feb-08 23:10:07

bump x

mummymel83 Sun 10-Feb-08 01:14:39

hi i was amazed to find some other mums in woodlesford on here!
any chance i can pop along whenever you get together?
i have a dd 5 and a dd 22months.

jolo does your eldest go to woodlesford school? is she in reception? if so then i might already know you

ChorusLine Sun 10-Feb-08 20:57:26

Definitely - the more the merrier, the plan is trying to get together first thing on a Saturday morning as jolo works full time. My Ds is 26 months so all same age (is that a good thing!!!!)

I pick up my friends daughter on a tue at Woodlesford primary (year 4)so may have seen you! My friend is classroom assistant in receptionsmile

mummymel83 Thu 14-Feb-08 09:50:13

i can do most saturdays. not this week though as it's my eldest's birthday party.
i'm not getting online much at the mo other than checking emails as i'm not feeling too well. (morning sickness) so if you want to email me my address is

i've lived in woodlesford for 6 years now and yet i still hardly know anybody lol

hazygirl Sat 16-Feb-08 17:15:12

chorus i wondered if you were doing the sponspored walk in aid of sids 17th may thanksx

LucyLou74 Tue 19-Feb-08 13:53:32

Hi Jolofee

can I ask what DD means?

jolofee Fri 22-Feb-08 10:21:49

Hi haven't been on for a while. Good to see more woodlesford mums joining the helm! Mummymel I think we were at your party on Saturday and often see you at dancing too Its a small world isn't it! DD soes go to woodlesford reception and is in RGH.
Shall we put a date in for a saturday / sunday meet at clown house. Sundays are actually looking better for me at the moment if that suits others as we have playgroups and swimming on a saturday now. How is anyone fixed for this Sunday (24th) or next Sunday ( 2nd)?
email is

Looking forward to it. Oh, and DD is darling daughter. Speak soon x

auntymandy Fri 22-Feb-08 22:49:09

is this just for woodlesford mums!!

anyone else in leeds?

jolofee Sat 23-Feb-08 16:39:55

By all means the more the merrier, but we will probbly hold the meet up at the Woodlesford soft play called Clown house. So if you don't mind travelling come along. Where are you based?

jolofee Sat 01-Mar-08 14:18:18

We really should set a date for this meet up. How about 10am at clown house on Sunday 16th March?

Let me know if anyone wants to meet up,

Aarrgghh Mon 21-Jul-08 11:58:52

Hi ladies - we never got to meet - wondered if you are still around on MN and if you want to meet x

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