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does ANYONE live near middlesbrough????????

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mrsmiawallace Fri 19-Nov-04 22:22:47

would love to have a meet up with some of you, but i seem to be out in the sticks!!

mrsmiawallace Fri 19-Nov-04 23:05:56

well guess im just the unlucky one then eh?
night all

karen01 Thu 25-Nov-04 19:43:47

hi mrsmiawallace, I am originally from Hartlepool and my DH is a Darlington man where abouts are you.

We are currently living in Cyprus due to my DH work.
We are going Hartlepool and darlington over xmas

popsycal Thu 25-Nov-04 19:44:48

there are a few of us up in newcastle....

mrsmiawallace Fri 26-Nov-04 21:15:54

hi you two!
ive got a sil in hartlepool - eden park (their house is falling down so shepherd have to buy it back from them!)
and i used to work for a mobile phone company in newcastle on westmorland road?

velouria Thu 09-Dec-04 18:56:22

Im from middlesbrough but currently in watford if thats any help x

mrschristmaswallace Thu 09-Dec-04 21:24:20

where abouts are you from velouria?

amylou Fri 10-Dec-04 21:28:17

Hi I'm in northallerton so half an hour from you!
Are there any more northerns out there?
Amy lou

mrschristmaswallace Sat 11-Dec-04 21:25:19

hi amylou! how are you doing? havent seen you on here before? how many little uns do you have then?

amylou Sun 12-Dec-04 17:32:10

I've got a nearly 5yr girl - Amy. single parent (after husband decided he would have an affair!)
I used to live in hartlepool many yrs ago too - 1987 when i left.. we used to live on valley road.

mrschristmaswallace Mon 13-Dec-04 20:39:25

nice of him wasnt it!
how you managing then? bet its easier doing things your way with no interference!
have you spent too much on her for christmas?

amylou Tue 14-Dec-04 08:19:59

spent far too much on her! we are going to centre parcs for xmas with parents in law (without husband!) so shes having 2 christmas's really as we will have a xmas when we get home as well!
How many children have you got?

mrschristmaswallace Thu 16-Dec-04 20:55:28

hi amylou! have got one dd nearly 20 months and have had to stop spending on her!
which centerparcs are you going too??it will be great, we went to whinfell forest earlier in year and loved it, so it will be magical this time of year!!!

velouria Thu 16-Dec-04 21:14:32

Im from berwick hills got one dd 15 months, where are you from? Never thought I'd say it but I actually miss middlesbrough lol

mrschristmaswallace Thu 16-Dec-04 21:18:49

live off ormesby back!! where in b.hills?lots of friends live there!!!where are you living now?

juniperdropofbrandy Sun 19-Dec-04 22:42:04

I'm in Darlington and dh is from the boro. In laws live at acklam.

mrschristmaswallace Tue 21-Dec-04 20:45:48

brother lives in trimdon ave..thingks hes posh!!

juniperdropofbrandy Wed 22-Dec-04 16:22:19

Have you seen the lights near to the Coronation pub? There are two houses next to each other and the lights are outstanding!

amylou Tue 28-Dec-04 19:57:45

Hi Mrsmiawallace, just got back from centre parcs last night.. went to whinfell - had a lovely time, amy really enjoyed all the activities and the decorations were lovely! very relaxing!
hope you had a nice xmas too.

roisin Wed 29-Dec-04 14:45:10

Amylou - can I ask what activites your dd did and enjoyed? We're going to Oasis in a couple of weeks' time, and have all the info through, and are finding it all a bit overwhelming! My ds2 is 5.5 and I have a 7 yr old too. Anything you would particularly recommend?

juniperdewdrop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:11:55

hi all, my sons like going to the time out club at oasis and especially liked going on a night. we went offsite to a brill restaurant in penrith whilst they were there.
The hawk walk is great and the other walks from the rangers lodge. There's lots of activities that the kids love in the country club. They do kids tennis etc..

roisin Wed 29-Dec-04 22:17:40

Thanks juniperdewdrop - that's very helpful!

juniperdewdrop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:36:07

yw. Just as we haven't been this winter. Went this June though so shouldn't moan

joybee Wed 29-Dec-04 22:41:01

Hi, I work in Middlesbrough but live in Stockton. I am 3 months preg and have a DS who is 2. Am still quiet new to the area and only really know people through work so would definetly be up to meeting anyone who wants to.

juniperdewdrop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:51:24

Hope you get to meet some of the teesside mums joybee I may try to make it as it isn't far on the train?

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