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ISLINGTON: shall we make Thursdays a regular thing?

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Zinger Fri 19-Nov-04 13:06:56

It was lovely to see annietwin, minkey and keren yesterday at Highbury Fields. Sorry I was so late, again and that I hardly got to talk to minkey & keren!

Minkey you said you'd try to turn up at Highbury Fields 2 O'Clock Club on Thursdays as a regular thing, which sounds like it could be a good idea for the whole lot of us - is Thu a good day for everyone else?

minkey99 Fri 19-Nov-04 15:52:58

Thursday is good for me. I will probably get there a bit earlier than 3 O'clock so I can feed DD.Hopefully see you all next week!

keren143 Sat 20-Nov-04 10:51:37

Yes, I was thinking the same thing - hopefully DS won't be asleep the whole time next Thursday!

Zinger Sat 20-Nov-04 12:06:40

Keren, your ds was very sweet. It seems aeons since DD would sleep anywhere like that!

I'll try to come earlier too, before it gets too crowded. (The only time I made it there early was the day it was closed )

annietwin Mon 22-Nov-04 11:52:35

I should be able to make it on thursday too. It would be nice to make it a regular thing.

Zinger Mon 22-Nov-04 12:18:09


aelita Mon 22-Nov-04 20:56:46

I'll try to keep Thursdays free,

Simi Mon 22-Nov-04 22:47:13

Can't do this Thursday unfortunately. Would be nice to have a regular meet-up, Thursday is not the best day for me (any other day would be much better) but I will try to make it as often as I can!

keren143 Wed 24-Nov-04 09:47:12

I can't make this Thursday because it is Thanksgiving and I am going to attempt a turkey dinner. I used to really love cooking, but its so hard now if ds is awake, because I can't relax when I feel like I should be giving him more attention, know what i mean?
Anyways, are we set on Thursday, or do you all think we should come up with another possible day and vote? I can do any day really but Tuesday and Thursday are best because I dont have things in the morning.

lh Wed 24-Nov-04 10:48:24

i cannot do this Thursday, but normally I can.

Zinger Tue 07-Dec-04 10:31:24

Probably simplest if we stick with Thursdays unless it's a problem for anyone??

I'm planning to be there this Thu (9 Dec) - hope to see some of you.

Anyone new welcome, as always!

minkey99 Tue 07-Dec-04 20:14:28

Hi Zinger, will try and make it this Thursday but things are getting a bit hectic with christmas quickly approaching. Also in new year have booked swimming lessons for my dd not realising they were on a Thursday so this day may be out for me in future. It would be nice to still meet up though so keep me posted if you ever decide to meet on another day. Have a good christmas*

Zinger Wed 08-Dec-04 19:12:23

Wed is also good for me if we're thinking of shifting it - and Tue is possible.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow

Zinger Wed 08-Dec-04 19:14:55

Sorry Simi, I just spotted that you said Thurs aren't good for you - I thought it was OK for everyone when I said we should stick with it. Maybe we do need to have a little vote? My first choice is Wed, then Fri, then Thu, then Tue. (In fact any day except Mon is fine.)

Simi Thu 09-Dec-04 21:54:27

Any day apart from Thursday is fine, would be nice to make it a regular thing!

aelita Fri 10-Dec-04 13:01:23

I've been absent on a sickie for a couple of weeks. It seems when you catch bugs off your babies they're worse than any illness you ever had before!

Simi Tue 14-Dec-04 15:51:15

I know we discussed it before but didn't really get anywhere...Would you be happy to change the meet-ups to another day (as of January)? I can make any other day but would prefer Tuesday or Wednesday. If I don't see you before have a lovely Christmas and I am hoping to mmet ALL of you in 2005!

Zinger Tue 14-Dec-04 16:24:26

Either's ok with me Simi - Wed probably a bit better

minkey99 Wed 15-Dec-04 10:39:32

Wednesday is good for me too. Hope to see you in the New Year.

Zinger Wed 05-Jan-05 15:19:06

Agh - just remembered about changing to Weds! Anyone around tomorrow (Thu)? Then we can switch to Weds as from next week??? Would love to catch up with you all - and meet anyone new who'd like to come along.

minkey99 Thu 06-Jan-05 19:57:33

Hi there! Happy new year to you all. Can make next Wednesday hopefully as long as myself and DD have managed to get rid of our colds.

kate79 Sun 09-Jan-05 01:45:39

sorry to totally butt in!
i live in Islington and am trying to meet with other mums and babies. i have an 8mnth boy and would love to meet any day over at the feilds or the angel.
i live in EC1 (about to move to n16) and there doesn't seem to be any baby groups near by.
None of my friends have babies and i'm finding it all a bit of a lonley experience.
But i decided for my new years resoultion not to be so shy and get out there and meet some new people, so here i am.!! anyone !!! lol

kate x

tjgx Sun 09-Jan-05 12:55:14

Hi just round the corner from the me x

Posey Sun 09-Jan-05 20:37:22

Kate, I just left you a message on the other thread recommending you find this one. You found it already!

kate79 Mon 10-Jan-05 11:47:44

come on girls !!! anyone!!! lol

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