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Anyone near Warminster???

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pebbles2004pebbles Tue 16-Nov-04 17:44:30

Im new to all this, but a lonely mum looking for a chat! My daughter is 4 months old and doing my head in!!! Feel free to contact me!

acer Tue 16-Nov-04 18:31:23

sorry I am no where near you, just thought I would bump you up!!

MistressMary Tue 16-Nov-04 18:33:40

I'm in melksham if that's any good?

pebbles2004pebbles Tue 16-Nov-04 18:59:21

Where exactly is Melksham?? Give some more info about you too!

MistressMary Tue 16-Nov-04 19:41:48

Hello in Wiltshire, a small town about 25 mins away from you.
I am a stay at home mum of an One year old boy.
Sometimes get lonely and overwhelmed with it all.
Partner is self employed and works long hours.
Are you new to the area then?

pebbles2004pebbles Tue 16-Nov-04 21:01:56

Hi there

Im a stay at home mum too... husband in the army so u can imagine how much time i spend with the little one on my own! Overwhelmed??? I know exactly where you are coming from! Do you drive? I do so we can easily meet up if you fancy a coffee any time.

Good to hear of someone nearby, was thinking im all alone in a strange place!

MistressMary Tue 16-Nov-04 21:26:34

A strange place indeed!
Ah, I can see why you are feeling low, must be difficult.
Well If you fancy a meet up or a chat than feel free, just give me the say so.
Also have bumped up the Swindon meet thread if you should be interested too.
I'm fairly new here on Mumsnet so just finding my feet.
Nice to see a local on here anyhow.

rubyt Sat 20-Nov-04 08:31:53

Hello! Just thought I'd say I live in Chippenham. I have a 17 month old boy. Would love to meet up if you want - have you been to Boomerang in Melksham - play area with big cafe - nice for a couple of hours down time for me and son if you are interested.

MistressMary Sat 20-Nov-04 12:53:58

Hello Yes Boomerang is great, only just started going and my boy loves it there.
Anyone else this local?

jessianolly Wed 22-Dec-04 19:32:58

im in whitley!
partner in the army-drinks far too much!
we have 11 wk old and 21 months, find it so busy and sometimes isolated. i didnt have my first until i was 34but nothing in this world can prepare you for a baby!!!

cornishgirl Mon 14-Feb-05 14:28:24

hi everyone,
I'm relocating to Warminster from Cornwall at Easter and don't know anyone. I have three kids, the first two have left home but I have a seven year old who's going on 38!!!His name is Sam.
I am here over the half term until Friday, looked at schools last Friday and will probably be sending the little one to Minster C of E.
My partner works in the area and I would be interested in making new friends for myself and Sam. At home I have a face painting business which I also incorporate with children's parties, I hope to bring the business with me but at the present I am looking for work during term time until I can arrange child care.
So if anyone from Warminster or the surrounding areas are interested in a chat or a coffee I will be here until Friday and then back again at Easter.

jessicasmummy Mon 14-Feb-05 14:32:13

hi cornishgirl - u wouldnt believe it but im off to colchester in 2 weeks time!!! Mistress Mary is lovely though as is her little boy. they were arranging a meet up so im sure you would be welcome!!!

cornishgirl Mon 14-Feb-05 14:39:33

That's a shame that you are leaving when I am arriving!! Could you pass my info on to Mistress Mary please. I can stay in touch via this website.
When is the meet up and where??

MistressMary Mon 14-Feb-05 14:59:25

Hello cornishgirl,I have bumped the boomerang thread up for you.

cornishgirl Wed 16-Feb-05 08:15:06

hi Mistress Mary
I am new to this, so not sure what bumped the boomerang thread means......!!
Oh! Silly me. I have just read through the previous chat and looks like Boomerang is a great place to go with kids in Melksham. Well I'm off there today so I'll give it a go.

MistressMary Wed 16-Feb-05 19:01:31

How did you get on there?

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