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Any asian mums in the Crouch End/North London area?

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jaylu Mon 15-Nov-04 17:25:43

Hi ya, I'm a 31 year old asian mum of a fantastic 3 month old girl. I'm a first time mum and far away from home and family (from the US...don't hold it against me...I didn't vote for Bush!!) I would love to meet any other asian mums, if you're out there...

Slink Wed 24-Nov-04 19:16:08

Hi i live in west London which is just down the a 406, used to work in East Finchley. I am a asain mum (mixed race if that matters)

jaylu Wed 24-Nov-04 21:49:52

Doesn't matter at all, so is my little girl! Where in west London do you live and how old is your baby?

Slink Thu 25-Nov-04 12:08:35

I live in Southall you must of heard of it??? Ealing then?? my dd is 3.5ys a big girl boo hoo

gella Sun 28-Nov-04 16:25:02

hi i live in crouch end and my sister in law is asian with 2 kids(5 and 2) with another on the way.She lives in wembley im sure she would like to meet up.

jaylu Sun 28-Nov-04 20:46:16

Hi ya; sorry it took awhile to respond, i've been having computer problems...def heard of southall ( i love the samosas from ambala!) please tell me it gets easier as the little ones get older (as we speak my husband is trying to get our little monkey to sleep...without success!)

mons Tue 07-Dec-04 10:47:27

hello i my name is monica and i live in crouch end. i am asian and have a 2 year old.

jaylu Thu 09-Dec-04 08:55:26

Hi Monica
I'm out and about quite often in Crouch End..would you want to meet up for a coffee sometime? Gella, Slink, would you be interested?

mons Fri 10-Dec-04 14:30:12

hi jaylu

yes that would be lovely although can't do anything till the week after next as have mother in law staying!

perhaps the morning of the 22nd or otherwise in January?


jaylu Sun 12-Dec-04 19:27:11

Hi Monica
No problem at all...morning of the 22nd sounds great; would 11am work for you? Should we do the Starbucks thing?

gella Wed 15-Dec-04 18:54:55

hiya mons and jaylu

Count me in as well as i also have a 2yr old.

jaylu Fri 17-Dec-04 16:13:15

hi gella, that sounds great!
just so we can all spot each other, i've got black, chin length hair and glasses and will be with the screaming 4 month old .
looking forward to meeting you!

gella Fri 24-Dec-04 12:41:49

Sorry all, I forgot about the meet up.Can we arrange another one?

jaylu Mon 27-Dec-04 21:37:05

I'll be leaving for the US soon and won't be back until March. Hope to meet you both then!

mons Wed 19-Jan-05 21:40:29

on no - i am so sorry after all that we went away and then went on holiday in the new year so please yes lets rearrange!

any suggestions - i know that jaylu is away but i am basically around on wednesdays and thursdays if that helps


mons Mon 28-Feb-05 16:00:14


was wondering if you guys wanted to meet up in crouch end at some point - jaylu are you back from your trip to the US yet?


jaylu Tue 01-Mar-05 13:34:59

hey mons...just got back from the us.
would next friday (11 march)work for you? if not, let me know of a better date...looking forward to it!

mons Thu 03-Mar-05 14:33:22

Welcome back - did you have a good trip? My ds is at nursery on M / Tu and Fri so basically wed and thurs are best for us.

Can you do 16th or 17th March?


jaylu Thu 03-Mar-05 14:40:57

hi ya!
yeah, it was great to see family. it had been 5 months since they've seen our little one, so they noticed a huge difference in her. 16th March is great. would the afternoon work for you? around 3pm in starbucks?

mons Mon 07-Mar-05 22:30:00

WOuld 4pm work for you? My ds sleeps in the afternoon and 3pm may be cutting it a bit fine!

jaylu Tue 08-Mar-05 09:04:28

no problem, 4pm is fine. see you there!

mons Mon 14-Mar-05 09:41:43

Hi Jaylu

I was wondering if we could actually meet in Banners on Wed as they have plenty of highchairs so that i can contain my hyperactive little one at the table!
Hope OK

gella Mon 14-Mar-05 11:03:29

Hi mons and jaylu i'm up for meeting in banners.

jaylu Mon 14-Mar-05 16:27:02

do you think we could do pick more daisies instead? they have highchairs as well and there's a bit more room in there...

mons Tue 15-Mar-05 20:24:58

yes thats absolutely fine its lovely there - see you there at the back maybe?.....should we book a table?

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