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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

***Yorkshire Christmas Evening Meet up***

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Yorkiegirl Wed 10-Nov-04 19:03:38

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 10-Nov-04 22:26:22

Message withdrawn

secur Thu 11-Nov-04 13:09:57

Message withdrawn

roisin Thu 11-Nov-04 14:05:38

My dh bought me a new "christmas party" top this week - black, but with sort of Christmassy sparkly bits on Anyone would think HE can't wait to get rid of me for the weekend?!

Yorkiegirl Thu 11-Nov-04 14:43:32

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Thu 11-Nov-04 21:55:07

I am out on Saturday for a posh (all expenses paid ) meal ad am off out shopping tomorrow to get a new dress. I'll make sure it's something I can wear for this too. Get to use my new handbag DH has got me for Christmas too

Gingerbear Thu 11-Nov-04 21:58:59

I might borrow DD's patent leather knickers....Oh god, I can't stop laughing...
Hula, How's the hair?

Hulababy Thu 11-Nov-04 22:02:50

Good. It's now shoulder length and thinned out at the back, with some layers towards the bottom. And I have a longish fringe, which brushes over to the side. Feathered (or shaped???) rounds sides, etc. Looks much tidier, and still easy to look after.

WedgiesMum Fri 12-Nov-04 22:35:53

Hula did you have your hair cut then??? (sorry couldn't resist it, sorry Katz if you are reading this........) BUT did you get your frock for tomorrow???

Will need to arrange with those I have offered lifts to about pick up times etc, have also got spare place in car as Katz isn't coming so hands up for a lift if you want one.

wilki2000 Fri 12-Nov-04 23:07:33

Hi, Just wondering whether its too late to gate-crash? It would be great to come and meet some more mums, if possible, how do I go about paying deposit?

WedgiesMum Fri 12-Nov-04 23:09:24

If it's OK then I will give Wilki a lift (as I have bugged her to sign up for it and feel I ought to now.....)

Yorkiegirl Sat 13-Nov-04 12:32:02

Message withdrawn

wilki2000 Mon 15-Nov-04 21:00:29

Hi Yorkiegirl, I have emailed you and for some reason received a message from your postmaster telling me that there is a delay in delivery, so if you havent recieved it, perhaps you could email me with details straight to Thanks.

Yorkiegirl Thu 18-Nov-04 08:28:35

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 19-Nov-04 18:36:44

Message withdrawn

Foz Wed 24-Nov-04 16:22:36

Just saw this thread, live in Harrogate with DH and little boy wonder (14 months). Can I gate crash? Could you send me the details?

thanks much

Yorkiegirl Wed 24-Nov-04 16:23:29

Message withdrawn

Roisin Wed 24-Nov-04 19:12:11

Ten days and counting
(or is it 9? Depends how you count I suppose!)
I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

Yorkiegirl Wed 24-Nov-04 19:29:03

Message withdrawn

CarrieG Wed 24-Nov-04 19:29:28

Me too!

Can someone post the street name or post code of the venue so I can look it up on streetmap?

Apologies if this is already somewhere on this thread...

Yorkiegirl Wed 24-Nov-04 19:39:08

Message withdrawn

CarrieG Wed 24-Nov-04 19:45:15

Thanks YG!

Gingerbear Sat 27-Nov-04 16:08:16

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 28-Nov-04 00:48:23

Message withdrawn

Roisin Sun 28-Nov-04 08:05:43

Well personally I don't do glam, so would prefer not posh. But I'm not really that bothered, I won't dress up: but am happy to admire you all if that's what you want to do!

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