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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone live near kidderminster??????

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justsmile Wed 10-Nov-04 16:54:34

I have a 6 week old daughter and am in need of friends with a child of the same age in the area as i dont know anyone. Is there anyone out there????????

sassy Wed 10-Nov-04 19:35:51

Hi justsmile,
I'm in Stourport. I have a dd aged 2y1m and am 33 weeks pg with no2. Feel free to CAT me if you like and we'll arrange a coffee or something!
(Remember well how lonely it can be when you first become a mum!)

Ailsa Thu 11-Nov-04 01:37:50

There's also a few of us in Worcester

kookie Thu 11-Nov-04 10:16:28

I'm in Kidderminster too justsmile! This is my first baby so won't have child till January, but still, feel free to CAT me if you fancy! I was wondering if there were any local people out there!

Ditzy Fri 12-Nov-04 14:31:34

feeling the same as justsmile. have 5 month old son - any ideas of places to go? i have heard thatheath hotel (now ramada jarvis) does good swimming lessons on wednesdays but havent checked it out myself yet.

sassy Sat 13-Nov-04 08:07:31

Ditzy - There are lots of groups to join in with - my GPs surgery has a list of playgroups in our area, the local NCT are very active (I'm not a member but some friends are, including one who runs the Bumps and Babes bit - could give you her number if you are interested). I joined a singing group when dd was about 6 months nad have made some nice friends (for both of us) there. There are 2 soft play places in Kidd - great from about 12 months and good value too.
Justsmile - would you like to get together some time? I started my maternity leave yesterday (Huzzah!) so have lots of free time.

justsmile Thu 18-Nov-04 21:54:16

sossy i haven't replied to anyone bit it's been kind of hectic here so havent had time to get back on the internet. im new to all this so sassy excuse me for appearing thick but what does CAT mean. i would love to meet up with anyone else who is lonely!!!!
Ditzy i am int6erested in swimming but dont want to go until she has had her injections (16wks) just to be on the safe side.
Let me know how we go about arranging a time to meet up without the whole world knowing!!
Till then

sassy Fri 19-Nov-04 07:52:49

Hi just smile,
CAT means contact another talker; if you go to the options at the top of the page you'll see this option; click on it and then fill in the form.
I've actually CAT'd you this week so you may well have an email from me!
Let me know if/when yu'd like to meet.Am on maternity leave now so am reasonably free (as free as a two year old will allow!)

Aliye Fri 19-Nov-04 22:20:41

Hello there, I live in Kidderminster and have a 17 month old and expecting a new baby at the end of Jan. I went back to work pretty quickly after I had my first one so I didn't really have a chance to socialize with any mums.. I would like to make some friends but I guess I will have to wait until I go on maternity leave on the 7th of Jan. Just don't know where to begin!!

samsmob Tue 23-Nov-04 13:48:12

HIya all i dont live in kiddie but i visit there alot as it is where my husband comes from and all his family still live up there.

Aliye Fri 31-Dec-04 21:29:58

Hello, does anyone know about the singing group (mother and baby/child)around Kidderminster and how to get in touch with the organizers? Please let me know of any other good activities for a mum of an 18 month old and a new one on the way... I went back to work pretty fast after the first one and never had a chance to meet too many mothers. I am looking to find activities and make some friends...

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