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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Birmingham area, looking for a chat

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mummyhill Tue 09-Nov-04 09:43:50

Hi I live in the birmingham area, work evenings and spend all day cooped up with dd. Looking for people to chat with.

CHRIZ Tue 09-Nov-04 10:02:09

hi there mummyhill

i a fellow b,ham mum to from south b,ham with a dd nearly 3 yrs

i work days 8-6 in the week but free thru and fri afternoons or sats

what sort of job do you do ?

welcome to mumsnet a great site have met up with a few others off the meet a mum board

tc look foward in getting to know you


MumtoLaura Tue 09-Nov-04 10:26:09

Hi Mummyhill,
Welcome to Mumsnet. I'm from South Birmingham as well, and my DD is nearly 3. I work full time. I went to my first Mumsnet meet up a couple of weeks ago and it was good to meet some new people (including Chriz - Hi).
How old is your DD?

MadameButterfly Tue 09-Nov-04 10:27:35

Welcome to Mumsnet mummyhill,

Whereabouts in B'ham are you?

I am in Aldrdge and can meet up most afternoons.

Feel free to contact me at jan_h_Reid at hotmail dot com if you want to meet.

Ronniebaby Tue 09-Nov-04 10:35:35

Hiya Mumyhill.

Yeh where abouts are you in good ole Brum???

I can do anymore meet ups till after Jan, as I am due to drop, but hey, I'll be about during school hours everyday, so could meet up if you can handle a baby???

I have met & meet up with Madame butterfly and Chriz, also met MumtoLaura recently, and we are all fine, not real nutters, (except me I'm just MAD!!)

There are also several more mothers to meet up with.

Maybe if we do a meet up in January you could always come along

Ronniebaby Tue 09-Nov-04 10:37:35

That should have been I cant do any more meet ups,

oops prego brain

jampot Tue 09-Nov-04 10:38:02

Hi Mummyhill - Im from Brum too.

We have a Xmas meet up planned for 3rd Dec at The Bear in Berkswell - you should try and come along. Lunarsea is organising it and Im sure there's room for 1 more.

WigWamBam Tue 09-Nov-04 10:47:06

Hi Mummyhill, I'm in Sutton Coldfield, haven't done a meet-up yet but hoping to get along to one in the future. I've got a 3.5yo dd, who I also spend most of the day cooped up with. Look forward to chatting with you here on MN.

mummyhill Tue 09-Nov-04 13:47:58

We live in Great Barr, dd will be three in february. I cannot manage a meet till the new year (unless it is local and i can be back home by 4pm) as i work for asda and we are not allowed to book any leave durring the run up to christmas. I look forward to talking to you all and maybe getting together with a group (don't tell dh he is convinced everyone out in cyberspace are dangerous ). I love babies and am hoping to try for another one in the new year .

mummyhill Tue 09-Nov-04 13:50:01

P.S. If i can't get to a meet on the bus then i have to graciousley bow out. (Excuse the spelling one and all it was never my strong point).

jamiesmom Tue 09-Nov-04 13:58:11

Hi mummyhill I live in Erdington & my dd1 & ds1 both go to school in great barr. I have 4 children 2dd's & 2ds's aged 15 down to 1 year 3 weeks who is ill atm. My hotmail address is mel4_ at hotmail dot com if you want to chat.

LunarSea Tue 09-Nov-04 16:26:52

mummyhill - she hasn't posted here yet, but you need to get in touch with whimsy. She's very local to you by the sound of it, so you wouldn't even need a bus to do a meet up!

nutcracker Tue 09-Nov-04 16:57:32

Hi mummyhill, I live in Sutton Coldfield too, i know Great Barr very well though as i lived there for about 18yrs and my dad and brothers still do.

I have 3 kids, 2 Dds aged nearly 7 and nearly 5 and a Ds aged nearly 2.

I don't work at the mo as i can't decide what i want to do

Ronniebaby Tue 09-Nov-04 17:15:48

Mummyhill, - wow I grew up in Great Barr and my family all live there.

You also need to speak to Mez75, she lives down the road from my family in Great Barr. She doesnt drive, so you could always meet up.

My sister works at Asda, is it the Asda on Queslett Road, she works evenings etc, wow what asmall world

Ronniebaby Tue 09-Nov-04 17:17:15

WWB - you'd better get the kettle on when I come over, otherwise there'll be trouble

Only joking. I'll let you know very soon, what time I can come and collect etc

CHRIZ Tue 09-Nov-04 18:21:04

hi there everyone

didnt realise there was so many of us

know mez75 there too

CHRIZ Thu 11-Nov-04 22:25:16

hi there mummyhill and jamiesmum

lets us know in the new year when you wanna meet up somewhere

hoping to met up with mez75 befoer xmas

me and mumtolaura are going to the burton meet up soon

CAT me to chat about it

let us know

tc look foward in getting to know you

mummyhill Fri 12-Nov-04 12:08:58

Thanks folks. Have met whimsy through another source, she is the one who told me about MN. Can easily get to birmingham city centre, sutton coldfiled, erdington, walsall and west brom centre by bus. So if anyone fancies a trip to macdonalds or a wacky before christmas we could go en masse and take over the place. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Ronniebaby Fri 12-Nov-04 13:21:54

Hiya Mummy hill

I will have to wait till after the new year before I think about any more meet up's

Hope you have a good time if you do meet up before xmas

CHRIZ Sat 13-Nov-04 18:40:51

hi there mumyhill

may you know what bus runs to that wakey the fort jester there near erdington

what wakeys are arounf those areas?

Ronniebaby Sun 14-Nov-04 21:42:20

Hiya Chriz, check out this web site, it tells you all the pub around the uk, and if they kiddie friendly \link{http:/ Guide} also if you click on Pub guide you can select wacky and see where they all are.

Have fun

Ronniebaby Sun 14-Nov-04 21:42:47

Oops try link again Pub Guide

JoolsToo Sun 14-Nov-04 21:43:39

Birmingham - looking for Father Christmas!

mummyhill Mon 15-Nov-04 17:33:47

chriz - i can get as far as erdington but don't have clue about a bus up to the fort jester and it's a bit far to walk!!!!!! There is a wacky in mere green - bus to sutton then a 996 out to mere green and a 10 min walk. Or it is allways possible to find a cafe for a coffee.

CHRIZ Tue 16-Nov-04 11:02:22

hi will check out the pub guide least we have a idea where you can get to

tc chat soon


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