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Watford/Barnet/Herts Day meetup - December

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tammybear Sun 07-Nov-04 20:25:51

I thought Id start this, as it's my dd's 2nd birthday on 15th December, and I would have loved to have thrown her a party or something, but unfortunately i dont know enough people to do that. We will still do something family wise, but was wondering if anyone would like to come with me and dd to the Kidsport thingy at Woodside Leisure Park on the Friday (17th). Or if anyone has any better suggestions of where else to go? xxx

ladym Mon 08-Nov-04 17:06:59

Hi Tammybear, i will come on the 17th, what is at the kidsport place? just wondered!!! When my dd was 2 in oct i also wanted to have a party for her but like you i didnt no loads of kids her age, i felt a bit bad but she had a good day, she got loads of presents ,i took her to this kids activity place with her 2 cousins and i got her a cake made in number 2! mmmmmm.

anorak Mon 08-Nov-04 17:40:03

I can come, not sure what time of day though. I don't know if ds finishes early that day as it is last day of term.

tammybear Mon 08-Nov-04 18:21:47

oh i didnt realise it would was the last day of term. would it be better the week before then? i remember most people saying its better for them on fridays

ladym - kidsport is like a big indoor play activity gym type thing. but i dont know of many places so that was the first thing that came into my head, so if anyone has any other ideas let me know

anorak Mon 08-Nov-04 18:35:45

tammybear, if it's the week before I can only stay till 12.30 cos he will definitely be in school after that. If it's the 17th it might be the same story but I'm not sure.

Kayleigh Mon 08-Nov-04 21:28:07

I think I can do either friday but would be there about 12 as ds2 in nursery school till 11:30. Would have to leave at around 2:15 to get ds1.
Will need to check my diary so can et you know for definite tomorrow when I'm at work and slightly more organised !

Kayleigh Tue 09-Nov-04 12:29:06

Have just checked diary and ds1 has to be picked up at 2:30 as last day of term, so I would need to leave by 2:00.

I guess what I'm saying is the only time I could do on that day is 12:00-2:00.

velouria Fri 12-Nov-04 13:50:42

Hi Im new to this site, moved to watford about a year ago, not had much success in making friends/babygroups (eek), wondering if you mind me and my 14 month old tagging along?

Ixel Fri 12-Nov-04 13:56:52

Hello everyone. I've totally ignored your threads up till now as we has another North London one going. . But we're hopefully about to buy a house in Whetstone, therefore moving further into unknown territory! Are any of you really local to there? I'll only have FiMc as my one local friend! I'd love to know more people that I dont have to get on a bus to visit! Kayleigh, I remember meeting you in London by default in the summer, but you're further up aren't you?

tammybear Fri 12-Nov-04 14:17:36

hi velouria, you're more than welcome to come along

Ixel, not too sure where Whetstone is, was never any good at geography

Im hoping to get there at about 11:30, and stay for a few hours as long as dd is in a good mood.

anorak Fri 12-Nov-04 14:34:34

Velouria, anyone can come to a meet-up, don't be shy!

Ixel, Whetstone is 10-15 minutes from me. There are lots of very lovely mners in this area, it will be great to meet you.

ladym Fri 12-Nov-04 21:34:09

Hi Ixel i live in Whetstone, i moved here 7months ago! im always around if you wanna chat :-)

velouria Sat 13-Nov-04 00:16:59

Thanks, erm where is woodside leisure park? Is it possible to get there without a car?

Ixel Sat 13-Nov-04 13:11:42

Hey, I'm feeling slightly less like I'm moving to the middle of nowhere now! Thanks! Went to see 'my' house again today, and am all excited.But I think we'll be so busy decorating that I wont see the outside world for about 10 years anyway!!

tammybear Sat 13-Nov-04 13:19:59

this link should come up with a map of where it is. i think there are buses that go there as i had that trouble of trying to get there before i had my car, but i can always give you a lift if you like velouria

Kayleigh Sat 13-Nov-04 14:49:10

Ixel, that's great news. I am 5 mins away in the car. Very often shop in the M&S and Waitrose in Whetstone, used to walk there and back with the pram when my boys were younger so really not that far. Look forward to seeing you again soon. X

karen99 Sat 13-Nov-04 21:02:48

Hi tammybear. Should be able to make either of those dates. Would be nice to catch up again and see your dd

Hi Ixel, not sure if you remember.. we met at BX a while ago now. Let us know if you guys meet up there again. Welcome to our neighbourhood!

karen99 Sat 13-Nov-04 21:03:20

Hi velouria, would be nice to meet you

Ixel Sun 14-Nov-04 08:39:08

Of course I remember you Karen99!! LD has now gone back to NZ forever, so I doubt she'll be at another meet up! But I seem to be over at Brent X more often these days. And shall probably live in Ikea for a month or so when we get our house...

karen99 Mon 15-Nov-04 14:58:17

Ixel. Didn't realise LD was moving back.. Is she logging into MN from there??

It would be good to see you and your ds again (he must be so big now!) so put a note on here (or another BX thread) if you fancy a coffee.

Ixel Tue 16-Nov-04 08:49:55

Karen99, I would love a coffee! Was in Brent x yesterday actually, but it was spur of the moment. This week is out now, as its ds's birthday and my mum is coming down. Maybe next week? Ds also has terrible tummy and sickness, which I'm hoping is just due to the 3 teeth coming at once, so it also depends on him being a bit better! And, yeah, he does seem huge

velouria Wed 17-Nov-04 16:21:32

Thatd be great tammybear thanks, hi karen99 be great to meet you all too

anorak Wed 17-Nov-04 16:25:45

DS's school breaks up half an hour after his usual start time (he goes part-time) so I guess that means he isn't going to school that day.

So that means I can come anytime that suits the majority

karen99 Thu 18-Nov-04 15:41:32

Hi Ixel, I did a spur of the moment visit to BX today as I had to get a cheque into the bank... boy was it manic... bumped into Melsy on the way out of the carpark! If we do meetup, lets meet early before the mad xmas shoppers get there.. Ds hasn't been feeling the best either. Hope yours feels better soon just in time for his bday! We're busy next Wed. but otherwise will have to venture over there at some point to do more shopping... will startup a BX thread later.

karen99 Wed 24-Nov-04 22:36:12

Have we confirmed which Fri we're meeting?

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