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sassybabee Thu 28-Oct-04 11:51:42

any mums in cambridgeshire????

cat82 Thu 28-Oct-04 12:20:43

Hello yep, i am in cambridge! Whereabouts are you?

csa Thu 28-Oct-04 12:37:18

i'm in the cherry hinton area, working in the centre of town.

futurity Thu 28-Oct-04 12:39:24

i am in south cambridgeshire!

cat82 Thu 28-Oct-04 19:08:54

csa-i'm in cherry hinton!

Nome Thu 28-Oct-04 19:29:50

I'm in the north city. One ds, 22 months. I think Lavendar1 is local as well.

cat82 Wed 03-Nov-04 14:36:23

Okay just to get his started again...where has everybody gone?! did you not like the sound of us Sassybabee?

Caribbeanqueen Wed 03-Nov-04 14:38:21

I'm also in Cambridge

cat82 Wed 03-Nov-04 16:19:14

So, when shall this magic take place girls?


csa Thu 04-Nov-04 14:19:55

cool cat82. you don't know of any cleaners by any chance, do you? i am desperately looking for one....

Caribbeanqueen Thu 04-Nov-04 14:37:15

Someone else moving to Cambridge started a thread today as well, maybe we can join them somehow so she can see there are some MNers here.

cat82 Thu 04-Nov-04 14:52:31

csa-hmmm no i don't, have you looked in the co op window and the tesco express end of the villiage? They very often have adverts from cleaners in there.

Carribbeanqueen-join her thread you mean? or tell her about our thread?

FenChick Thu 04-Nov-04 18:06:59

Hi ladies,

I just joined the in Cambridge but live in Ely....would love to meet up with you girls on a night out in Cambridge soon....will keep tabs on the hread to see what you are up to

alibubbles Thu 04-Nov-04 20:30:26

Hi fenchick, my parents live not far from you - Haddenham.

I used to live in Oakington and I went to the CCAT, DH lived on Fendon Road, opposite the hospital. I know Cambridge fairly well.

pedilia Sun 21-Nov-04 20:58:09

Hi people, I am in Bar Hill just moved back to Cambridge after ten years in London, desperate for a night out ! alibubbles i lived in oakington, small world hey !

Caribbeanqueen Sun 21-Nov-04 21:37:04

hi pedilia, for some reason meet ups never seem to go ahead in Cambridge, not sure why. Hopefully we will manage one sometime soon!

pedilia Sun 21-Nov-04 21:46:43

I hope so every other area seems to be way ahead, whereabouts are you ??

Nome Sun 21-Nov-04 23:29:12

Well, any suggestions for a date? Is Cambridge central for most people? Food? Drink? Walk in the park? Evening? Daytime? Weekend? With children or without?

Your turn now!

pedilia Mon 22-Nov-04 09:50:38


Cambridge is central for me, how about a meetup with the children or an xmas meal without ? Any thoughts guys ?

FenChick Mon 22-Nov-04 15:46:23

Count me in! I am 'with bump' at the mo. so will be hard to leave behind...however I am game for a meet up....again central Cambridge would be good for me....who will be 'mum' amd organise us all?!

cat82 Mon 22-Nov-04 15:49:01

Central cambs would be good for me as well
Pedilia i lived in Bar hill for a year!

pedilia Mon 22-Nov-04 17:15:52

small world hey !


i don't mind organising if we can decide where and when. If it is to be in Cambridge I can suggest footlight or nandos with kids.

Or henrys without kids ?

Anyone else ?

cat82 Mon 22-Nov-04 17:44:25

Pedilia-I like footlights i didn't realize they were baby friendly! The only place i know is The Slug and Lettuce for baby changing.
Perhaps we could do a meet up with kids and if it goes well arrange an evening without?
Does Bar Hill have the biggest tesco *in the world* or was it just me?

pedilia Mon 22-Nov-04 19:30:39

cat82- yes the tescos is huge, handy though for a 2am dash for gripe water!!

I will have to double check footlights, I have been with DS1 (3yrs) but not little man. Good idea if we do lunch/coffee with the kids first. I will check out a few places. what times,days are best for people ??

Caribbeanqueen Mon 22-Nov-04 20:05:15

Cambridge is good for me too, either with or without kids.

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