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North of the border: the all-new bumps and bairns thread

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midnightexpressmwahaha Fri 26-Oct-07 18:37:23

We've now vacated the pregnancy threads - hope everyone can find us here!

geordiemacmummy Fri 26-Oct-07 18:59:14

I'm here!!!

prettybird Fri 26-Oct-07 19:01:41


thelady Fri 26-Oct-07 19:28:52


midnightexpressmwahaha Fri 26-Oct-07 20:52:56

Hi there Prettybird, good to see you grin.

spookthief Fri 26-Oct-07 20:53:41

Hello! Will bookmark this one now.

Loulee Fri 26-Oct-07 22:48:02

grin hi!

weepotion Sat 27-Oct-07 01:02:02

found us!! grin

trixyortreatmalixy Sat 27-Oct-07 11:35:25


weepotion Tue 30-Oct-07 09:59:57

hi folks! a quick post here as i am struggling to get c down for a nap. 45 mins of trying. would you still persevere or lift her? i am inclined to keep her in her cot and keep going in to shush / pat.

anyhow - i mentionne to some of you last week re the help with nurseries / going back to work. the organisation is *working for families* and they have seperate teams. i cant find a website but managed to speak to and make an apointment with the eastern team for next week. hope that helps.

also - are we still on for friday 7th nov to talk over the next feeding strategy??

weepotion Tue 30-Oct-07 10:00:18

should have read - "new feeding strategy"

midnightexpressmwahaha Tue 30-Oct-07 10:02:58

What time is it on the 7th WO? Might be able to make it, but only in the morning.

Also, I've emailed you about summat if you get a chance.

Loulee Tue 30-Oct-07 10:25:33

WO - i'd give up! put her in asling / buggy and go 4 a walk! sorry i missed u the other day

better get on halloween mania in our house - which means the dreaded glue and sequins are out again!

spookthief Tue 30-Oct-07 21:18:24

Hope you got C down for her nap in the end. Am still on for the 7th. Morning would be fine for me.

weepotion Tue 30-Oct-07 21:49:52

midnight - emailed you back smile

PotPourri Wed 31-Oct-07 14:06:51

Hi all. Been away from Mumsnet for a while. Hope to join you for any new meetups you have planned. I'm in Lanark, have 2 DDs (3 and 1.5) and DC3 due in May 08


prettybird Wed 31-Oct-07 15:45:18

There's a Christmas meet-up organised for 15 December in Edinburgh. SO far 15 are confirmed as going

Have a look at the details here

weepotion Wed 31-Oct-07 19:17:22

oops - i said 7th when it was suggested friday 9th to talk over the new infant feeding strategy. which is better??

spookthief Wed 31-Oct-07 21:27:23

I had the Friday in my head... never have a clue about dates. I wouldn't be able to make the 7th as working.

weepotion Wed 31-Oct-07 21:54:24

spook - i really am a numpty. blame sleep deprivation but i think we did say the friday 9th to meet. scrap the 7th and forget i ever typed it!! grin

weepotion Wed 31-Oct-07 22:03:21

and while we are at it - shall we get a date for a prexmas meet up?? not long now and i know it all gets a bit mad for folks in the final run-up.

what about the 6th or 7th December?

spookthief Wed 31-Oct-07 22:10:09

Either is fine by me. Shall we meet at the Winter Gardens this time? I went to Glasgow Green for the first time ever last week (only lived here for 17 years blush) It's lovely!

weepotion Wed 31-Oct-07 22:11:33

oh yep! i love the winter gardens. it shoud lbe really nice around xmas time!
you should go across to the microbewery at west - just up from the peoples palace in templeton carpet factory. v v nice beer and food

spookthief Wed 31-Oct-07 22:24:56

Oh I was envy at those flats that have been built in the carpet factory. They look amazing.

midnightexpressmwahaha Thu 01-Nov-07 08:55:16

Will try to make the 9th for the bf discussion, but depends on childcare.

Will also have to play the meet-up by ear. In theory both days OK for me, but our dry rot work starts on the 3rd so will need to keep an eye on what's going on. But don't plan to have the LOs around the work any more than I can help, so hope I can come along.

The microbrewery is owned by friends of a friend of mine - have never been, so god to hear a good review - will pass it on! smile

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