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Relocated to Saffron Walden and feeling lonely........

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saffycat Wed 24-Oct-07 11:16:29

I moved here last year and although I love being here, I have found it hard to meet new people in the area - my work takes up three days a week, have been going to a toddler group but find it hard to break into conversations when everyone else seems to know each other. My perception is that it's a bit cliquey or perhaps it's just me a bit shy. Has anyone else found relocating difficult? Does anyone else live near SW? I was so used to having alot of good friends and family around me before moving and feel quite isolated now.

DaisyWhoooo Wed 24-Oct-07 11:18:50

There are quite a lot of us not far from SW - I'm about 20 mins away in South Cambs and when we first moved here 5 years ago I felt very isolated. Keep plugging away at it and I'm sure you'll find some like-minded people soon. I'm always happy to meet up smile (BTW our cat is called Saffy because we got her from Saffron Walden grin)

saffycat Wed 24-Oct-07 11:33:16

Thanks DaisyWhoooo, it's sounds as though you are feeling quite settled here now - that's reassuring to hear. I think I'm feeling particularly disconnected from the rest of the world this week as DH is in USA, I'm not working as its half term and its hit me that I have no-one to meet up with for a cuppa. We have met some lovely neighbours and I've met some people at a philosphy group I go to. But I think I find it hard to move from the 'Hi how are you' stage to do you fancy meeting at the park/coming round for coffee' stage

saffycat Wed 24-Oct-07 11:35:19

The children are being lovely this week, we've been singing, dancing and making collage this morning but I could just do with a bit of adult company iykwim

laurasmiles Sat 16-Aug-08 15:59:29

HI saffycat - I found this message lurking and I know you posted it a long time ago but I wondered how you are getting along?

If its any help I feel the same!

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