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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

any mums in preston/chorley lancs?

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lilsmum Sun 24-Oct-04 07:47:59

just wondered if there are any mums in my area........preston / leyland / chorley?


AuntyQuated Sun 24-Oct-04 08:01:27

i'm in bolton, and there are a couple of others also..flip and notlob

mewart Thu 02-Dec-04 13:45:32

hi lilsmum i am from bamber bridge in preston if you would like to chat then please message back i have a six month old baby girl

LisaMichele Sun 12-Dec-04 22:48:16

Hi, I have just found mumsnet and this is my first post I live in Chorley.

mewart Mon 13-Dec-04 20:45:19

if anyone from the area would like to chat then please email be on and maybe we could arrange a meet up or something

Donbean Mon 13-Dec-04 20:50:52

Theres also a couple of us in sunny Blackpool...

lilsmum Mon 13-Dec-04 20:59:06

i live in wonderful leyland (not!!) maybe we could have a meetup sometime? xx

LisaMichele Tue 14-Dec-04 15:10:43

Hi Mewart, I also have a six month old girl and a boy aged 4. I go back to work part-time in January and am not looking forward to it.
Lilsmum, how many children do you have?

mewart Tue 14-Dec-04 20:07:20

i think a meet up sounds good, my little girl loves other children and i dont know many people with kids around the area.

lilsmum Tue 14-Dec-04 20:10:44

just the one dd 10 mth,she also loves other kids/babies!! i am 24 lived in leyland all my life (unfortunately!!) well apart from living in amsterdam for a year. xx

mewart Tue 14-Dec-04 20:22:28

i am 22 and moved to the preston are 2 1/2 years ago to live with my other half, i moved here from carlisle.
I used to work in leyland for arnold clark

lilsmum Tue 14-Dec-04 20:37:52

btw enjoy ur little girls bein 6 mth, because wen they on the move like my dd its a nightmare!! and to think i couldnt wait for her to crawl etc!!! what was i thinking lol

mewart Wed 15-Dec-04 15:53:36

mine is already tring to move she can drag herself along and roll from one side of the room to the other so nothing is safe, i am dreading when she can move properly

mewart Mon 20-Dec-04 20:09:15

where has everyone gone? is anyone interested in some kind of get together after xmas and new year? what has everyone got their little ones for xmas?

Wiganmum Tue 22-Feb-05 13:55:12

Anyone there from Wigan at all? get in touch if you are.

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