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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

young mums meet up

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ladym Sun 17-Oct-04 23:34:27

Hello, Is there any young mums who fancy a meet up! i live in north london and dont really no any young mums so it would be great!!! by the way im 22 and have dd shes just turned 2!!!

tammybear Tue 19-Oct-04 14:15:47

hi ladym, i wouldnt mind. im have a car now, and know of a couple that might be interested. im in watford by the way (think you already knew that though) xxx

keren143 Thu 21-Oct-04 23:12:49

I just turned 24 and my ds is 3 months old. I live on Caledonian road. A bit further south than you two, but I would love to meet some mums my age. I just moved here (I am american) and barely know anyone.
I was reading the young mums thread. its nice to hear people with similar issues to mine! Shall we plan something for next week?

izzyrubi Sat 23-Oct-04 22:13:30

Message withdrawn

ladym Sun 24-Oct-04 18:54:46

Hi Ladies, when is everyone free to meet up??? im free most days except tuesday afternoons as i go college tues nights, how old is everyones babies/kids???

tammybear Sun 24-Oct-04 19:44:21

Im free most days, but like you I have college on Tuesday nights, and Tumble Tots with dd on Monday mornings. My dd is 2 in December. I'll be away the next couple of days, so will have a think of places we could go. I have a car so can get to most places xxx

izzyrubi Sun 24-Oct-04 20:08:58

Message withdrawn

tammybear Sun 24-Oct-04 20:23:25

Either friday afternoon or saturday would be better for me if we do do this week

keren143 Sun 24-Oct-04 23:30:29

I would prefer Friday, noonish?

izzyrubi Mon 25-Oct-04 09:33:24

Message withdrawn

keren143 Mon 25-Oct-04 19:09:15

let's figure out who is available then and where they live. That way we can find somewhere in between everyone

izzyrubi Tue 26-Oct-04 10:10:05

Message withdrawn

lunavix Tue 26-Oct-04 14:35:41

I'd love to come, I'm outside london but I don't mind travelling in...

ladym Tue 26-Oct-04 16:34:26

Hi everyone, i would love to meet up with you all, but friday is not good for me :-( as ive got a appointment at doctors with my daughter as she has this pea size lump on her eye and they said its a cyst so i need to go have it checked again, anyway i live in whetstone for those who dont no its near barnet, im quite felixable with getting about as i drive! do any of you fancy going to one of those kids places with soft play /ballponds and stuff???

Dev81 Tue 26-Oct-04 21:17:38

hi i'm 23 live in sw london and have a ds aged 19 months i have no mum friends so would love to meet some anyday is good for me i don't mind travelling just need to get out of this house lol

ladym Thu 28-Oct-04 11:17:49

Hello everyone, when shall we meet up???

tammybear Thu 28-Oct-04 16:02:54

when will be best for everyone if its not during the holidays?

ladym Thu 28-Oct-04 18:29:21

Hi Tammybear any day is good for me except tues afternoons!!!

ladym Thu 28-Oct-04 18:30:30

Hi Tammybear what do you study at college? im doing a manicure/pedicure course!!!

izzyrubi Thu 28-Oct-04 18:33:49

Message withdrawn

tammybear Fri 29-Oct-04 15:34:15

im studying black and white photography. its only on tuesday evenings too ladym. any times good for me really. but wheres best for everyone to meet up, where is everyone? im in watford, but have a car so am flexible

krisked Fri 29-Oct-04 17:01:06

Hi everyone,

Im in dagenham, East London/essex but am fairly flexible and can travel so would love to join you.
Im working full time so a weekend would suit best

izzyrubi Sat 30-Oct-04 16:09:52

Message withdrawn

tammybear Sat 30-Oct-04 16:12:16

Ive been trying to think of places, but tbh, i dont really know of anywhere, or where on the internet to look for places. all i know is that there is something near coventry garden but thats about it

Dev81 Sat 30-Oct-04 19:20:36

Izzyrubi what do you mean CAT me? soorry don't understand some of the net lingo

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