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Any Islington mums who can tell me about playgroup....

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becks5109 Wed 26-Sep-07 16:18:56

DS is now 8 months old and I want our au pair to start taking him to some playgroups, library sessions etc. Anyone know of any good ones that I can recommend her to take him too - many thanks!

Bundle Wed 26-Sep-07 16:19:27

which part of islington?

becks5109 Wed 26-Sep-07 16:20:17

we on the border of Hackney and Islington near De Beauvoir but she'll be happy to walk as far as Angel so any part of Islington really. Thanks Bundle

Bundle Wed 26-Sep-07 16:22:52

i live near highbury/finsbury park and there's a nice drop in group at highbury fields (called 2 o'clock club) if she could walk up/get the bus, it's only about £1 and there's indoor and outdoor play areas. the library on the other side of the fields is nice - the children's bit does have a group session though I don't know the times etc. I'm sure there are plenty of others more local to you.

Bundle Wed 26-Sep-07 16:25:33

also, have you tried mumsnet local for islington?

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