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Colchester and Surrounding.

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Twinkie1 Mon 24-Sep-07 14:56:01

Hi All

I have recently moved to Kelvedon near Colchester and would like to arrange/come to a meet up -have been a mumsnetter for about 5 years so have met some of the older regulars but none who live near me.

I would be happy to pick anyone up and meet near Colchester or if not you are all welcome at my house!

I work Monday to Wednesday though!


Bessie123 Thu 27-Sep-07 11:38:27

Twinkie - I will be free for a meet up but not for a few months (is that unhelpful?)

When did you move to Kelvedon?

Smellmel Mon 15-Oct-07 20:56:52

Hi I too live in Kelvedon. I have a 5 year old DD and an 18 month DS. When did you move to the village and how are you finding it?

Mung Wed 31-Oct-07 22:39:48 I too late???? I live in Copford. I moved here (all the way from the depths of Chelmsford!) just over a year ago and I am still feeling like the outsider.

Bessie123 Mon 05-Nov-07 15:50:00

hmmm, this thread is not having much success...

Twinkie1 Tue 06-Nov-07 14:00:43

Right shall we revive this one!

I like living in Kelvedon is very nice and peaceful. I wish I new more people than the 3 girls that I know though! People tend to not speak to new people at DDs school for some reason - maybe it's me having 2 heads that is the problem!

Does anyone want to meet up next Friday am quite happy to drive anywhere or you can all converge on my house if you want - I live on the High Street.


Bessie123 Wed 07-Nov-07 11:31:15

Twinkie - I can't make it then, but hope others can. i will keep watching the thread, in case...

Mung Thu 08-Nov-07 13:45:48


I'm here 'watching' intently.

I can't do Friday this week. How about next week (16th)in the morning? I am happy to travel to Kelvedon or you can come here if you need a change of scenery. Can you make next week Bessie123?

purpleflower Thu 08-Nov-07 13:49:27

Hi I used to live in Colchester, am in Sudbury now. We are going to view a house in Colchester this afternoon so may be on my way back there.

Just wanted to say hi even though I will never probably meet any of you (I am far too shy)

Mung Thu 08-Nov-07 14:34:25

Hope you like the house purpleflower. Sudbury is a nice place though. I love the café run by the Frenchman...I can never remember its name.

If you do move back, let us all know and we can meet up (you can't be THAT shy)

Bessie123 Sat 10-Nov-07 19:49:42

Mung - it's difficult for me to make days before christmas now, but I will keep watching the thread.

Mung Tue 13-Nov-07 10:32:52


Twinkie1 Wed 14-Nov-07 18:18:42

Oh here we are again - sorry having nightmare - plasterer coming tomorrow and granite man friday so am stuck!

And forgot DS's B'day Saturday so got to get all the crap for that!

So sorry everyone life just seems to be passing me by!

Next weekend DS is away with DH so will be just little old me!

What about the first Friday in December - anyone free to meet up then?

I promise I will be around unless been hit by a meteor!

purpleflower Thu 15-Nov-07 09:42:51

We saw the house and to be honest it was a dump, needed ripping out and starting again everywhere! We put in an offer but they said it was too low. I'm not going to offer much more because of the state of it but it is the biggest we can get for our budget. It's a 3 bed house with a garden and everything else I've seen is a small 2 bed flat.

I don't know anyone in Sudbury and I've lived here over a year so you could say that I really am that shy blush I do want to change that though, A lot of old school friends are in Colchester and we will have babysitters near so hopefully I will be able to build my confidence a bit. Saying that I did end up in the Hippodrome on sat with my SIL blush

Mung Thu 15-Nov-07 13:33:44

I cant do that Friday Twinkie...we are on holiday. I can't do 14th either as there is a special bearded visitor at our Toddler group that day...looks like it may be post Christmas at this rate!!

Twinkie1 Fri 16-Nov-07 12:41:35

Thats ok maybe we should leave this until after Xmas am thinking of jacking in ojb so may have a lot more free time after xmas!

Mung Fri 16-Nov-07 14:11:39

Thats a big step Twinkie...I am thinking about getting a job...hopefully I'll come to my senses tomorrow grin. Will you finish at Christmas then if you do jack it all in?

Mung Fri 04-Jan-08 21:14:07

Once my tree comes down tomorrow, I consider it to be well and truly 'after Christmas', so will we manage a meet-up ladies?

Dior Fri 04-Jan-08 21:18:45

Message withdrawn

Mung Mon 07-Jan-08 15:12:00

Hi are you interested in a meet up too? The others seem to have disappeared sad

Twinkie1 Tue 08-Jan-08 15:07:11

Right Girls Christmas over so no excuses - how about next Thursday or Friday or the week after that Thursday or Friday - only days I can do I am afraid as work Monday to Wednesday.

Quite happy to come into Colchester but the invite stands - if you would like to come to my house you are more then welcome - is about a 1/15 minute drive out of Colchester in Kelvedon.

Sass you too if you are about - have some bits for DS.


Mung Tue 08-Jan-08 17:47:14

I can do next Thursday (17th) morning or the following Thursday (24th) or Friday (25th) in the morning.

I don't mind what we do either, quite happy to come to Kelvedon.

Twinkie1 Wed 09-Jan-08 12:49:43

Ok shall we say next Thursday at 10am - Anyone else.

Mung Wed 09-Jan-08 13:45:48


Dior Wed 09-Jan-08 16:50:21

Message withdrawn

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