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Stafford or close ?

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golds Tue 12-Oct-04 09:37:16

Am I the only mumsnetter in Stafford, anyone else out there ?????

joshy Mon 22-Nov-04 21:30:09

I live in Woodseaves stafford - fancy a conversation ?

golds Sun 05-Dec-04 10:29:29

Hiya, I am so sorry, as nobody responded first of all I didn't bother checking again. Yes I would love to chat. I'm over in Baswich and have a dd (7) and ds (4) both now at school with lots of free time on my hands, I work at Woollies in the evening for a laugh and extra pocket money, I'm 33 and original from Rugeley, we moved to Kent, then Milton Keynes and back to Stafford.

What about you ? I know there is another mnetter in Rugeley. Ruth01 are you around ?

RonnieTinselBaby Sun 05-Dec-04 20:28:49

Golds I did reply to one of your earlier posts, I live in Tamworth which is Staffordshire

marinda Sun 05-Dec-04 22:14:18

Hi saw this - I hail from Eccleshall near stafford. Have DS 3.5 and work near Donnington Near Telford. Would be nice to have a staffs meet-up ! Will check this thread regularly. PS Am 38 years young.

golds Tue 07-Dec-04 10:06:49

I know you did Ronnie , just wasn't sure if anyone actually lived in Stafford itself. I would have loved to have come to your meet-up recenly, it look as if you had a great time.

Marinda - just up the road, yes I would love to meet with you all, we'll have to organise something, speak soon

Petesmum Tue 07-Dec-04 10:20:10

And I live in Burton so not too far away...

spilla Mon 13-Dec-04 21:30:52

Hi Petesmum

I also live in Burton - do you work? In need of friends to natter with as soon to give up work to have 2nd baby - first is two. How old's yours?

golds Sat 12-Mar-05 11:09:16

resurrecting this thread, does anyone fancy meeting up ?

leggymamba Sat 04-Jun-05 16:00:47


Is anyone still checking this?

I live in Hixon with dd 2 (in need of entertainment) and new ds. Did anyone ever meet up?

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