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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

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sarah07 Thu 20-Sep-07 16:16:17

Hi all,
I Had my little bundle 5 weeks ago. Looking to meet new friends for coffee, chats, shopping ect. I live in Bexley. Anyone nearby?

AZmom Thu 20-Sep-07 21:25:08

I`m not very near,I would like to chat with
you.But America is to far, except emails.I have a few ladies on Mn that I have writen.
So you have a wee one, is this your first?I had 5, but they are not babes anymore.I love tiny little bundles.You didn`t say if your babe was boy or girl The first year is pretty busy, what with teething,just starting
potty training& maybe a word,da, almost a word.Trying to walk around a table, etc.I wish you & your babe the best of luck.Dottie

babyblue2 Thu 20-Sep-07 21:36:48

Welcome, hope you enjoy the 'ahem' banter.... smile

Lio Thu 20-Sep-07 21:38:56

Congrats and welcome smile

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 20-Sep-07 21:39:51


Becky1975 Sun 23-Sep-07 13:41:10

Hi there,

I also had my little one 6 weeks ago! How did it go?? You back to normal now? Tired? I know I am!!! ;-)


mytwopenceworth Sun 23-Sep-07 13:45:03

Hi there! Congratulations. You must be knackered. Don't live anywhere near you, but available for a 'virtual' coffee and chat (yup, I am that sad wink ). 2 threads run that are good for a general chat - 'The Bar' (mostly posted on in evening) and 'The Tearoom' (more used in day)

Welcome and dive on in anywhere of course, I'm not dictating ......... grin

sarah07 Mon 24-Sep-07 15:27:19

Thanks for all your welcomes. My little bundle is a girl called Macey Violet. She is my 1st child as i was told i couldn't have children so she is my little miracle. I am definatly tired. I am feeding her on demand and that is every 2 hours xx

fryalot Mon 24-Sep-07 15:30:16

hi sarah

You have a beautiful name for your little one grin Welcome to mn.

Like mytwopenceworth, I'm nowhere near you physically, but always around virtually - hope you have fun on the boards

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