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newcastle-upon-tyne - other mums please!

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faeriedust Sun 03-Oct-04 22:28:01

based in newcastle with a part-time MA and a full-time baby girl of 10 months. single parent so juggling it all and looking for similar people and their babies/kids for time out!! i am 26, is there anybody around?

lozzawoo Thu 21-Oct-04 00:01:11

Hi Fariedust,

I actually live about 40 minutes away from Newcastle near to middlesbrough stadium & a 22 year old single parent with a baby boy of 18 months. It would be great to hear from you because everybody I talk to has got partners or married

Janey1974 Thu 21-Oct-04 15:32:42

Hi faerie dust, I am starting to teach baby signing in Newcastle (well Gosforth, North Shields and Whitley bay) in January. I am running freebie session on Sat 13th November in North Shields- could you fancy it????

Let me know


beccarollover Thu 21-Oct-04 15:38:17

Janey I posted on your last thread about this - I would be interested in the signing lesson.

Im in Newcastle and have two littlies - nearly 5 and just turned 1.

Janey1974 Thu 21-Oct-04 16:01:20

Do you mind sending me your e mail so I can post you some info. Cheers me'dear!!! Jx

wallawallabingbang Sat 23-Oct-04 22:21:54

rebecca.roll at

Janey1974 Sun 24-Oct-04 22:17:20

I will e mail it now. Jx

MariaHoll Fri 05-Nov-04 17:56:13

Hi to all you mums interested in baby signing. TinyTalk run classes all over the country. The class is 1 hour long, 1/2 hr of signing & singing to familiar nursery rhymes and action songs, then 1/2 hr of play time for the babies & time to socialse with other mums over a cup of tea & a chocolate biscuit. The classes are flexable so you don't have to book and you don't have to pay in advance. And they welcome babies from birth. You can't beat it. They have also just launched a video/DVD which contains 150 signs to compliment their signing pack & CD.
Check it out at
good luck

miranda2 Fri 05-Nov-04 18:25:09

Hi faeriedust,
I'm in Newcastle - Heaton to be precise. Finished fulltime study with small baby last year - now working full time with 3yo and pregnant! I'm 31 and not a single parent, but if that doesn't put you off I'd love to meet up.

Janey1974 Sat 06-Nov-04 14:54:45

Hi, I am doing Sing and Sign (www.singandsign. com)not Tiny Talk. The classes I am doing are in Newcastle (Gosforth) and North Tyneside (Whitley Bay, North Shields, and Royal Quays). I am doing a freebie sesion at the Royal Quays Community Centre, Prince Consort Way, North Shields on Saturday 13th Novemeber at 11-12 if anyone fancies it. It is a drop in so please pop along. Jx

Muminnewcastle Thu 18-Nov-04 15:56:17

Message withdrawn

PeckaRollover Thu 18-Nov-04 16:27:04

Im from newcastle - 23 with a 5 yr old dd and 1 yr old ds. Popsycal, lollipops and Spook are also from newcastle!

Do I sense a Newcastle meet up?

emmamama Mon 29-Nov-04 20:54:29

Hello, at last! Am I too late to join in? I'm a mum to a 4 yr old ds and 10 months old ds, with a partner who works away quite a bit. I finished work to bring up children and finding it hard going. Are there any groups recommended. I'm from Benton/ Forest Hall area.

Daisy36 Sun 19-Dec-04 23:17:57

Hi everyone.

I live in Whitley Bay and have just found out about the sing and sign group. Sounds great! Could I please ask for some information about the group (preferrably the sessions nearest Whitley Bay).

I have an 18 months old daughter and take her to Piccolo (music group). She loves it. I also teach her some signs at home. Sing and sign would be ideal for us!

I would also be interested in meeting other busy mums in the area

Daisy36 Sun 19-Dec-04 23:21:32

Is it just my computer (or my skills ), or is it not possible to send an e-mail to anyone from the group by clicking on their username? What if I wanted to contact someone direct? Is it possible?

juniperdropofbrandy Mon 20-Dec-04 13:29:52

Hi all,
daisy you need to CAT them (contact another talker)the link is at the top of the page. HTH

btw I'm in Darlo so not far away from you lot

Muminnewcastle Fri 21-Jan-05 10:24:08

Message withdrawn

Hellzbellz Mon 24-Jan-05 23:27:13

I would love to meet up. Wed, Thurs or Fri are best for me as 3 year old at nursery an will just have baby

Mu42 Fri 04-Feb-05 11:06:32

Being a new mum (and new to Mumsnet too), it would be nice to meet up too

I live in Heaton too but am not a single mum. It does not matter if you still fancy meeting, I am up for it (although I must confess that the first step may be difficult for me) as the last few weeks have been difficult.

Speak soon.

fredtbad Tue 08-Feb-05 23:15:30

I live just outside Newcastle & would be interested in meeting up if you aren't already established etc. Would someone contact me if I can join you please?
30yo, married, dd 2.9, ds 13mo.

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