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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

New Mum in Finchley

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Skmoo Fri 24-Sep-04 13:10:21

I am a new mum to 3 week old Jake and live in Woodside Park/North Finchley. I dont know any other mums at all or of any Mother & Baby groups in the area. Jake & I would like to make new friends. Can anyone help?

anorak Fri 24-Sep-04 13:30:26

Hi skmoo, I live in West Herts, not a million miles away from you. There are lots of mners in your area, and most of them were out having dinner with me last night . We have regular meet-ups in the day with kids too, where we go to various venues. See the Watford meet-ups threads, there are mums from Harrow and Barnet who come along regularly.

Kayleigh Sat 25-Sep-04 19:26:45

Hi Skmoo, I'm in Barnet not very far from you at all. I have two boys ages 6 and 3. Like anorak says come to the next meet-up and meet some of the other mums. We will probably try and do the next one nearer this way as the last few times it has been watford/st albans way. Do you drive ?

Skmoo Tue 28-Sep-04 15:06:25

Hi Anorak and Kayleigh, thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I do drive and am very happy to get out and about with Jake. I will keep a watchful eye on the Watford meet up threads. Thaks guys. Hopefully hear from you soon.

melsy Tue 28-Sep-04 15:25:27

Hi skmoo , Im in enfield , Im going to organise a day meet up in oct for the barnet/watford/North london posse , probably a friday. Would be nice to meet you and your little boy.

fleurie Tue 28-Sep-04 15:34:38

skmoo i live in south london and knew no mums when my little boy was born the local nct were a good way to get to know other mums as well as going to local playgroups and singing groups all of which round here welcomed small babies

Skmoo Thu 30-Sep-04 09:00:22

Hi Melsy, will definitely try and come to the day meet. Ill keep a close eye on the threads. Jake and I are looking forward to meeting you. x

Skmoo Thu 30-Sep-04 09:01:40

Hi Fleurie. Thanks for the advise, will check out NCT. Take care.

FiMc Mon 04-Oct-04 23:55:09

HI Skmoo
Congratulations on your new baby. I live quite near North Finchley (10 min drive) - and have 11 month old Jessica & expecting another one!! Would be delighted to meet up for coffee or park etc.. - Send me a CAT and we can swap details.

Skmoo Thu 07-Oct-04 10:09:29

Hi FiMC, excuse my ignorance but whats a CAT!! Cant you tell Im new to this

Ixel Sun 10-Oct-04 11:23:10

Hi Skmoo! I'm not too far from you, and can also vouch for FiMc being lovely! click on the 'contact another talker' bit at the top of the page, and send us a message. We'd love to hang out with you and the tiny one

clarem444 Mon 31-Jul-06 18:58:06

hi everyone i live in finchley central im 21 and have a nearly two year old little boy! anyone up for a chat or have msn messsenger?

carly88 Wed 13-Aug-08 07:44:15

Hi, I'm new to this, I live in west finchley and have a 17 month old daughter. I'm 20 and would like to make new friends. any1 have msn could chat on?

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