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Anyone in Braintree area?

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moorgatelooks Sun 12-Aug-07 22:52:33

Am new to MN. Have a 12 week old and a 20 month old. Having a very lonely maternity leave!

sarahgg Thu 23-Aug-07 22:02:20

am also new to MN from braintree. Have 2 year old and 6 year old. you must really have your hands full - still you have a job to look forward to in the future! I am stay at home mum for 6 years, Hubby works away during the week so i don't have the luxury of being able to work. 6 years maternity leave VERY lonely and boring. Still musn't complain too much, at least I have my 6 year old for a decent conversation, if it begins with 'why', 'how', 'where' or 'what'! Do you do any classes like tumble tots or jo jingles? May be mind numbing but at least it gets you out! Just hitting the 'terrible twos' so life is pretty stressful at the best of times, favourite game is punching her sister in the face just for being nice! Wish I had mine closer together, at least you get it all over with in one go! We re-decorated when dd1 was three then we started again! Maybe re-decorate when toilet training is complete and wall drawing not so much of a temptation!

moorgatelooks Sun 26-Aug-07 23:07:34

Hi Sara.
Ah yes wall drawing is a current favourite in this house too!
No we don't do those classes (not sure what they are exactly - dancing and that sort of thing?), my toddler has carried on with 3 days a week at nursery since her baby brother was born but they could be a good idea and save me from bankrupting us with boredom shopping!
I suppose the grass is always greener - when working I moan every day about my job and the hideous commute but now I find myself yearning to be squashed on a train with a book! Six years is a long time though, do you think you'll go back to work eventually?
You have my sympathy about the terrible twos - we are experiencing the beginnings now...

sarahgg Mon 27-Aug-07 20:51:56

hi there! Hubby works away during the week but has been back over weekend, but would love to chat tomorrow. got health visitor visiting in morning for 2 year check up, but will be on line later, hope i catch you. By the way, have you git into all these abbreviations on this site yet? To me its like reading shorthand or a text from a 10 year old! takes ages to decipher what some people say.

moorgatelooks Tue 28-Aug-07 21:46:25

Sorry haven't been able to get on earlier, have been rushing around all day and baby boy demands constant attention so no computer for me! How did the 2 year check go? Nice that your HV (did you like the abbrv?) visits you, have you got a sensible one?

sarahgg Wed 29-Aug-07 21:44:18

HI! sorry haven't beem on lately. 2 yr check with HV went well, although she has asked to come back for a 'chat' about my 2 year old daughter (DD2) and her jelousy of by 6 yr old (DD1). Baby attacked her sister while HV was here because she dared to sit on my lap! I thought this was quite normal, but apparently she is showing serious signs of sibling rivalry, which I always thought came from the older one. But my 6 yr old (Grace) is really gentle and will not hit back, so is constantly being attacked. I try to tell her to hit her back but she says she won't. Incidentally she stayed up late and watched supernanny with me tonight, and she thinks we should get her in to sort out her baby sister! I thought my 2nd baby would be just like my first, how wrong I was!
Have you been in Braintree long? It can't be easy being at home with 2 such young kids. I get out alot because my DD1 has her friends from school, and they have younger siblings so it is much easier with baby - a ready made social life.
If you want to get together sometime, that would be great - ever been to crazy kids? Have you noticed I'm getting hang of abbreviations? clicked on 'acronyms list' at top of page almost an expert!

moorgatelooks Wed 29-Aug-07 22:31:50

Well, sounds like your DD2 is quite a character and DD1 sounds like a real sweetie. Fortunately my DD loves her new brother, she never stops kissing him and fetching toys for him...
We moved here from London about 5 years ago now but we both work in London and our families don't live here so we've not really got any ties to the town. I've friends in Coggeshall and Colchester but they all work in London during the week so daytime company is limited! Have you always lived in Braintree?
A meetup sometime sounds good - Is Crazy Kids that place near the DIY store just past Freeport?

sarahgg Wed 29-Aug-07 22:40:25

yes it is near freeport. My DD1 goes back to school tuesday, so any time after that is good. DD2 is ablout to start nursey on Monday for two mornings (mon & fri) and has tumble tots wed mornings. DD2 is going to fairways nursey at stisted where Grace went, where does your DD go?

moorgatelooks Wed 29-Aug-07 22:52:42

She goes to Leapfrog Wed - Fri. It's handy for dropping off before driving to Witham for the train in the mornings. Stisted is probably a lot more scenic though!

sarahgg Wed 29-Aug-07 22:59:28

stisted is fantastic but only take them over two. They go for walks around the village, and days out. Grace loved it. Bit worried how to get grace to school then georgie to nursery by 9 but i'm sure i will find a way. Do you like leapfrog? My niece went there and didn't get on well at all. How long have you got before you go back to work?

moorgatelooks Wed 29-Aug-07 23:14:33

Is great fun mobilising 2 children in the morning isn't it!
My DD has been very happy at Leapfrog, I think it all depends on the staff. So far she has only been in the babyroom and they are very good there, they've really brought her out of her shell. We've yet to experience the staff in the other rooms, how old is your niece?
I think I'll probably go back to work in November but haven't quite decided yet. They've stopped paying me so it's just a matter of how long our savings can subsidise the mortgage!

sarahgg Wed 29-Aug-07 23:22:57

my niece is now 5, she ended up at whippersnappers at felsted. Are you looking forward to going back to work, is DH a big help with kids? i have enough trouble coping with mine let alone having a job! I did think about it a few months ago but then my DH thoughtfully took a job away, so I am stuck. There is even talk of his contract taking him away to germany and canada so till baby is at school there's not much I can do. Loved being at home with DD1 but think 6 years is long enough! Hope to talk again, and we will definately arrange a play date when grace is back at school. Think about tumble tots - I can get you the local number if you want. Its great, they climb and do active stuff and sing songs, best of all it gets you out of the house! speak soon x

moorgatelooks Thu 30-Aug-07 22:20:27

Don't you fancy moving to Canada? I love it there.
Had a look at Tumble Tots, would I be able to take DS along, am thinking I would need to supervise toddler for the activities?

sarahgg Fri 31-Aug-07 14:23:56

yes, you can take baby to tumble tots. There is a travel cot in the corner where you can put babies, or you can move him round the activities. The other babies seem to love it as much as the older ones! Georgia is moving up to next class this term, so she will have to do alot more by herself, but in first class (up to 2) you do need to help them quite a bit.
Yes, I have considered moving to Canada, but the distance terrifies me if I need to get back in a rush. Hubby was there in army, so now he is back working with military as a civilian he could go back. Have you been? rather there than germany - I have no interest at all in going to Germany. My Mum and Dad live part of year in Spain, so am thinking of taking kids for a few months and he can commute, DD1 learns and speaks spanish. Ever lived abroad?

moorgatelooks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:02:27

Sounds like we'll be off to Tumble Tots then! Might have to go outside Braintree though as DD goes to nursery on Weds.
I love Canada, we went quite a few times before the kids came along and a lot of friends and colleagues have emigrated there. I don't envisage us staying in the UK forever, I think things are declining quite rapidly. The only place I lived abroad was Moscow for a year and I definitely don't recommend that!
Nice your parents live in Spain - mine live in Newcastle which is not quite the same!
Your hubby's job sounds like it must be interesting does he travel abroad every week?

sarahgg Fri 31-Aug-07 21:03:09

I thought that tumble tots also have a class on a thursday, but not sure. DH's job not really that exciting, he's an engineer. he hsaid on phone tonight contract going out into 'the field' maybe April. Not sure how long he will go to Canada for, but I would definately go for six months, or possibly a year. Not sure i would go for any longer. He would love to leave UK for good, has always wanted to live in Canada so who knows. I'm not so adventurous although I wish I was. DD1 is getting to the age where if we are going to go it needs to be soon, 'cos she is really settled with her friends etc. We spend a month in summer in spain each year, usually she loves it but this time she was really starting to miss her friends. I think another year and it would be harder for her to adjust so easily. Do you ever miss your child free days? I really miss the times it was just me,dh and dd1. Life was so much simpler with just one, maybe not as much fun though! Does your DH get back late in evening if he works in London? That must be tough if you have been on your own all day. i find 'cos mine is away all week I don't expect any help so just get on with it, plus am so busy running Kids social lives. Sometimes not much time (or energy) for my own. Am lucky though, cos have lots of close friends from daughter's school and often go out for evenings when I can get sitter. Tough dealing with kids and a hangover though!

moorgatelooks Fri 31-Aug-07 22:33:22

TT's will have to be on a Mon or Tues for us, particularly when I return to work but it sounds ideal. I also looked up Jo Jingles it sounds right up my DD's street so will give that a go too. I need to tire these kids out!
DS has been refusing to sleep or settle unless in my arms this week, have only just got him in his cot... Grrr makes for a very long day. Yes I do miss my child free days and then he smiles at me and she hugs me and it's all good.
DH goes to work v. early so he can get back early - he does the nursery pick up when I'm at work cos I get back quite late. He's pretty good as DH's go, does DD's bath and puts her to bed every night. If only he would learn to cook and acquaint himself with the washing machine. Am lucky he's here during the week though, it must be really hard managing on your own. Do you have family locally? I am very jealous of your option to move to Canada but I can see how hard it could be on your DD. Hectic kids social life sounds fun, I can't wait till my little ones get going!

sarahgg Fri 31-Aug-07 22:42:49

When in UK, mum & dad live next door! Sounds ideal but they are fair weather grand parents, and are usually too busy doing their own thing, but it is good to know they are there when things get really tough. Last week dd1 was feeling sick on sofa with a sick bowl, dd2 thought it hilarious to pretend to throw up in bowl, and run round room with it on her head, at that point it was great to phone my mum and get her to take her away! Ironically my mother in law lives in Hampshire, and if i really need help with anything she is the one that comes running! She came and helped me decorate few weeks ago! Are you feeding baby yourself, or bottle feeding? My DD1 was mainly bottle fed, sfetr 8 weeks, she settled really well in own bed but DD2 fed til she was ten months - would only fall asleep on breast it drove me nuts. So glad only have one baby in the house. Do they disturb each other?

moorgatelooks Fri 31-Aug-07 22:55:32

DS is such a greedy little tike that I turned to bottles after 10 weeks. He's been pretty good settling until the last few days, hopefully just a phase. Wow parents next door! My mother was supposed to come down and help out when DS was due but he came early and so I had to go off to the WJC in a taxi in the middle of the night on my own. The midwife thought taxi driver was DH and tried to push him into birthing room!Is great you have a good relationship with your MIL, mine lives in Herts but is not well and doesn't really know what day of the week it is...
Your 2 yr old with sick bowl made me laugh, sounds like something my DD would do.

sarahgg Sat 08-Sep-07 23:11:46

Sorry haven't been on this week, DD1 went back to school (into yr 2) and DD2 started nursery, so bit busy! Both have settled really well, just a case of getting back into routine again. Everything ok with you? Any luck with tumble tots? DD2's class started this week - got a bit of a shock because baby class lets them do what they want when they want, but now in older class she has to listen to instructions and do as she is told, not her favourite thing! I think the extra discipline may help her a bit, although this week with DD1 back at school she has been really good. Love to hear from you soon.

moorgatelooks Tue 11-Sep-07 21:18:32

Np. DD was a little poorly last week so was kept busy with her. Thanks to new govt guidelines, the nursery staff cannot administer Calpol without a prescription so poor little mite had to suffer with 40 degree temp until I could get to her. Grrrr.
Glad your two are settled again at school/nursery. I know it is 2 years away but am starting to fret over Ofsted reports already!Are you happy with DD1's school?
Haven't fixed up Tumble Tots yet but I have sorted out Jo Jingles - I used to hate music and movement when I was at school and now find self taking part in adulthood!

sarahgg Tue 11-Sep-07 21:27:15

Hope DD is OK now, nothing too bad I hope. Have you been to a jo jingles class yet? Stella is great with the kids, bit difficult until you get to know the words! You asked about schools, I got DD1 into my second choice school, but am not that impressed. I think it varies greatly child to child, but the school I chose is not right for her. She is extremely bright, as are two of her class mates, but the school is only really interested in 'average' kids, so have had to really fight to get her the work she needs. Having said that this year she has got a fantastic teacher who has recognised that her reading level isn't appropriate to her ability so is whizzing her through her books to get to the level she should have been at last year. Whole different set of problems when they start school! I really wish I had gone to appeal to get her into my first choice which was Stited primary which comes out really well in ofsted, but I have a friend who's little boy goes there and he isn't getting on well at all. Don't get too hung up on it (yet!) She goes to St Michaels C of E school by the way.

moorgatelooks Tue 11-Sep-07 22:14:05

She's fine ty- just a cold but she is prone to soaring temps. As soon as she croaked "choclit" I knew she was ok!
I have the same concerns as you with schooling - I do think the brighter kids can suffer in the state system. We did briefly consider Gosfield School but then thought sod it, we've paid plenty of tax, there must be good schools with wholesome pupils they can both go to in the area! Plus we'd have to live off baked beans on toast for the rest of our lives.
We went to Jo Jingles on Monday, dd was getting into it just as the session finished! Stella was great but I was transported back to childhood again - I haven't gone round the mulberry bush in 30 years.

sarahgg Tue 11-Sep-07 22:48:09

DD1 Was prone to fevers when she was little, she was hospitalized twice. She also used to get a rash, which caused a few panics. There was never any explanation, except that this was how her body would react to different colds and viruses. Gosfield is a really good school, we even considered going for a partial scholarship for DD1, but thought we wouldn't be able to stretch to two lots of fees, particularly as they got older and fees rose. Have friends who go there and they love it. So glad you enjoyed jo jingles, it feels as if you get a work out too, lifting DD up and down and in and out. With regard to shcools, the families and kids at st michaels are fantastic, I do believe (although we are not religious) C of E or any religious school is a better bet, they are also more independant and freer to make their own decisions rather than being dictated to by LEA. But you have many years of 'say goodbye say goodbye - give us a wave give us a wave' courtesy of jo jingles til you have to worry about next step. Then theres the problem over which ballet school they go to!!!

moorgatelooks Tue 11-Sep-07 23:06:18

Yes Gosfield is a lovely school and we have the same issue - 2 lots of fees would stretch us. Might try dd at their nursery if she doesn't settle in the toddler room at Leapfrog (due to move in Nov) Mind you the Gosfield Community School seems pretty good too. I know it's a long way off but once I get back to work, time just seems to overtake me and anyway I love to have something to worry about! Our neighbours are both teachers (o/s Braintree) but said St Michaels was a good school.
Jo Jingles is a great workout if your child will actually stay put on your lap instead of wandering off to befriend the window cleaners... 'Man, ladder. Hello man' (Repeat x10) I think her fave bit was banging a drum in her brother's face just as he'd dropped off in the corner.
Hadn't even thought about ballet schools! What age does all that start - I never did anything like that which explains my (lack of) poise and grace!

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