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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone in Cambridge or surrounding who wants to meet up with JodieG1 and then come to the X-mas meet-up with her?

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eleusis Thu 09-Aug-07 13:32:39

I'm sure she's lovely and she doesn't want to walk into a room full of cyber werys when she doesn't know us.

But, of course, everyone is welcome at this fabulous party. So if anyone want sto meet up with Jodie, start posting here.

PS I'm not in Cambridge or I would volunteer myself.

MamaPyjama Thu 09-Aug-07 13:40:52

I would love to, but am waiting for the venue to be decided... am in Cambridge BTW.

JodieG1 Thu 09-Aug-07 15:18:58

Thanks for starting this thread hehe. I still might make it alone but would prefer not to!

JodieG1 Thu 09-Aug-07 15:19:49

Where in Cambridge are you Mama?

JoMa Thu 09-Aug-07 15:20:13

oooh, i had been thinking about going but didn't want to go on my own. i'm in Suffolk

Gizmo Thu 09-Aug-07 15:28:36

Well, it sounds like we could form quite a posse?

On the strict understanding, right, that none of you turn out to be hairy truckers.

neverwithoutmascara Thu 09-Aug-07 15:33:25

I'm a newbie, living in Cambridge, please could I join you ?

Gizmo Thu 09-Aug-07 15:41:13


You're a hairy arsed trucker, are you NWM?

JodieG1 Thu 09-Aug-07 15:41:52

It would be great if there are a few of us

Gizmo Thu 09-Aug-07 15:42:11


That should read 'You're not a hairy arsed trucker, are you, NWM?'

Please don't run away, I'm not as mad as I sound

neverwithoutmascara Thu 09-Aug-07 15:42:24

only at weekends !

Gizmo Thu 09-Aug-07 15:43:45


I shall expect you in your trucker's uniform on Platform 2 then.

neverwithoutmascara Thu 09-Aug-07 15:44:00

not running away, though it was close, been lurking for some time now and never plucked up the courage to post anything....

Gizmo Thu 09-Aug-07 15:49:05

Well to go from lurking to a christmas meet up in one jump is definitely commitment . I haven't actually cleared the date yet, (or added my name to the list) but I've missed one too many of these, so this time I'm determined.

MamaPyjama Thu 09-Aug-07 20:21:22

I'm in Arbury (hairy trucker warning lights go off everywhere).

I'd like to go, but am a bit wary of going down to London to meet a bunch of drunken strangers.

I'm waiting to see how compatible the venue is with getting back to KX/Liverpool St.

flowerybeanbag Thu 09-Aug-07 20:25:11

<peeks head round door>


<ventures on to Cambridge thread>




Haven't thought about going to Xmas do, but might be more likely to think about it if I can go in a group


ChasingSquirrels Thu 09-Aug-07 20:34:04

Hello, didn't think there were many of us here. I'm not coming to the xmas meet, but do live near Cambridge, 5/6 miles north east, near to Burwell. I have a 4.10yo and an 18mo - both boys.

JoMa Thu 09-Aug-07 22:43:44

hi chasingsquirrels


MamaPyjama Fri 17-Aug-07 16:51:47

So, anyone going? Other than me that is...

neverwithoutmascara Sun 19-Aug-07 15:04:32

yep, me, just added my name.

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