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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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LouLou1981 Tue 21-Sep-04 09:06:52

Hi mums... Im a 22 yr old single mum to a gorgeous 8 months old baby girl... I have recently moved to the middlesex area but know very few people, is there anyone out there who wants to meet up? the lack of adult conversation is driving me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! Hope to here from someone soon x Lou x

littlemissbossy Tue 21-Sep-04 09:09:40

Hi Lou and welcome to mumsnet
sorry not from your area, but I'm sure there are other mns from middlesex (BTW, mumsnet might be a bit quiet until people get back from the school run, so just keep bumping this up)

shelly121 Tue 21-Sep-04 09:41:59


CassieD Tue 21-Sep-04 10:27:42

Hello. I live in Sunbury. I work full-time in the oil industry in Leatherhead, and have a 18 month old girl. If we can conjure up enough middlesex locals, I'd be interested to get out with the little ones (that is if anyone else is interested in weekends)

Nice to meet you.

LouLou1981 Fri 24-Sep-04 09:52:42

Hi Shell, Cassie

Def up for a meet but it looks like will only be us three.... lol. Sure we can have a laugh though. How old are you lil one/s Shell? Anyway, get back if your both still interested

shelly121 Fri 24-Sep-04 11:06:50

hiya lou and cassie, im interested, were you from lou? im mummy to dan 5 davie 2 and cory who is 4 wks.
shell xx

Hulababy Fri 24-Sep-04 11:26:24

HI LouLou and welcome to MN

Not from your area I'm afriad, just wanted to say hello!

LouLou1981 Sat 25-Sep-04 18:31:54

I've just moved to Hayes Shelly from Acton, dont really know anyone in the area so looking to meet new friends really...

shelly121 Sun 26-Sep-04 09:32:34

hiya, think left message for you on bounty aswell xxx also in hayes, near sainsburys and mothercare world, were are you?

survivour Sat 02-Oct-04 09:55:06

Hi girls, I've recently moved here to Ashford Middlesex, I don't mind meeting up at the weekend, have 3 boys=10+8+2 years old. Please I need friends here!!!!!!!!!!!!

shelly121 Tue 05-Oct-04 10:14:10

hi there great to meet you im in hayes, so a bit away from you, love to chat though :-)

survivour Tue 26-Oct-04 10:13:04

Bump up????????

appletons Mon 07-Mar-05 09:18:52

I am afraid I don't live in Middlesex , I come from sunny Market Harborough but I am willing to chat if you are happy to do so. I am 25 week's pregnant, expecting my first child in June - getting nervous as the time goes on. How was the pregnancy for you?

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