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Singapore girls night out - August!!!!!

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quokka Fri 27-Jul-07 13:06:13

Ok lets make a date and I want suggestions on where we can go. Everyone is welcome so please don't be shy.

Lets try and make it a monthly thing, so we can explore Singapore without the lo's and dh's tagging along . I'm not sure I have actually completed a sentence during our daytime meetups (egypt and slim)!

quokka Sat 28-Jul-07 01:32:32

cmon I can't go by myself I'll look really sad!

slim22 Mon 30-Jul-07 01:46:13

Lost track of these posts.............I'm in.
Will be away 25 august 1st september. Anytime befor that is fine.
Egypt and Quokka C U at delta tomorrow morning?

Egypt Mon 30-Jul-07 02:53:37

hi! didnt see this until now sorry! will have to keep bumping.

i'm up for it. how about clarke quay somewhere?

prob is dh is away loads. might have to brave a babysitter.....would be best when he's here though.

week beg 6 aug - ok all week
13 & 14 aug
from 15 aug - 12 sept he's away for a month!
so thats me stuffed until then

Egypt Mon 30-Jul-07 02:54:20

yes to delta

slim22 Mon 30-Jul-07 09:27:18

all those dates good for me.

quokka Mon 30-Jul-07 12:07:07

I'm good for 13th or 14th just need to check when dh's parents leave but I'm sure I could go out anyway?

Ds1 has just developed a bad cough and I'm wondering if he will splatter your dc tomorrow, so will text you to let you know how he is tomorrow.

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