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Anyone around Braintree?

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Itsashley Wed 03-Jul-19 21:11:29


soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Jul-19 15:12:49

Just bumping this thread for you, @Itsashley- hopefully someone will be along soon with some advice.

Itsashley Tue 02-Jul-19 12:27:38

Hi all,
(I'm new to this lol)

I just wondered if anyone is local to me in Braintree?
Lately with my fiance changing jobs I feel pretty lonely (and strange writing this, dont normally do this stuff haha!) and as I do not work there isnt much to do in the day

I have a five, nearly six year old son! Was hoping that there would be people at school I could talk to but besides one lovely woman there is noone..

Anyways, hellosmile

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