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Cornwall meet up??

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hopelessbusiness Wed 08-May-19 12:24:11

I've been prompted to post as I keep reading threads from women who wish they had more friends (I'm in that boat myself!)
I find myself at the age of 49 living in Cornwall with fantastic friends 'up country' but nobody more local and I'd love to change that. Anybody fancy meeting for a coffee? I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd appreciate a bit more social contact!
Here's hoping!

Sharkirasharkira Fri 10-May-19 12:51:10

Where abouts in Cornwall are you? 😊

MoreHairyThanScary Fri 10-May-19 12:59:04

I'm just across the border but good luck !

hopelessbusiness Fri 10-May-19 14:39:50

Sharkira - I'm near St Austell 😀

Sharkirasharkira Fri 10-May-19 15:34:33

Ooh I'm only near bodmin so not too far 😆

hopelessbusiness Wed 15-May-19 19:22:27

Are you in a similar position Sharkira?
I can't be the only one...
(I work in Bodmin btw!)

Sharkirasharkira Thu 16-May-19 10:24:26

Yes, very much so! Have a lot of acquaintances but not many actual friends 😞

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