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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Blackpool Mums Meet up

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bonniej Fri 10-Sep-04 22:02:09

I know this is a long shot, but are there any Blackpool mums out there who would like to meet? If there are any nearby please email!!

poppyseed Fri 10-Sep-04 22:32:57

Good to see you did it!! Keep bumping it up, especially as it goes a bit quiet over the weekend here! Good luck.

nikkim Sat 11-Sep-04 00:52:31

I am from Blackpool, infact was just reading meetup messages and thinking why are there no mums near me. Whereabouts are you?

bonniej Sat 11-Sep-04 12:53:00

Just caught up with this and can't believe there's a reply! Thought I was the only one I am in south shore near the Waterloo hotel. Where are you?

nikkim Sat 11-Sep-04 13:01:38

Bispham. although I know south shore as I work on Lytham road.

bonniej Sat 11-Sep-04 16:20:03

We are trying to move to Bispham at the moment. We've got our house on the market and have had two offers but both have fallen through. Do you work full time or do you have some days off. I'm not working at the moment so would be available for a meet up most days. My diary isn't exactly full

nikkim Sat 11-Sep-04 20:21:18

we have only just bought our house been here about two weeks - it is very stressful buying and selling.

I like Bispham, it is quiet but still easy for town and the schools are excellent, especially primary. Whereabouts to you want to move to we are just at the back of the golf course, off Devonshire Road.

I work Monday and Thursday, Tuesday afternoons are my driving lesson days. I tend to have the most free time at the weekends as Tuesdays I have my driving lesson for two hours and Friday's I study.

Wednesday's I go to a really nice playgroup that you could come along to although it is north shore - although it may be handy if you move to Bispham.

bonniej Sun 12-Sep-04 08:38:24

We found a house we really liked on Everest Drive which is not far from the village. I really like Bispham too, it's quieter than Blackpool and I've heard the schools are really good. We found this house when we got our first buyer but that one fell through. We then were hoping for a second buyer quickly which we got. We found out the house was still on the market so were delighted and put another offer in. Unfortunately we lost our buyer that time as well as they couldn't get the mortgage. I feel really sorry for the guy we were buying the house from as I feel like we've let him down twice although it's through no fault of ours. It is terribly stressful and sometimes I just feel like giving up and staying put but we really do want to move. The market seems to have got a lot quieter lately so I'm getting less hopeful that we'll be moved by Christmas. Whereabouts is the playgroup you go to and how old are your children? I've got a ds who's nearly 16 and in his last year at school (he goes to Palatine) and my dd is 15 months. Bit of an age gap but great for a live in babysitter

nikkim Sun 12-Sep-04 23:29:05

I know everest drive it is the other side of the village to us. Talking about Bispham as a village is quite funny as I bet people who don't know imagine it to be some quaint postard scene.

the market is a bit quieter, is the house on everest drive still available. we did well on ours as I haven't seen anything similar to ours for the same price.

We pulled out of a sale and had a few hiccups on the way so I can emapathise. Our biggest hiccup was a solicitor forgetting to bank a cheque for the sale of our old house but only telling us this the afternoon before we were due to move in, so we had to rearrange everything. I wanted to give up at that point and had a very hormonal rant at the solicitor.

The playgroup I go to is in the claremont school area. My dd will be three on thursday.

bonniej Mon 13-Sep-04 11:27:36

I'm too scared to ask if the house is still available until we're in a position to put another offer in. The only problem is I don't know if the vendor will be keen to accept another offer from us . My son used to go to Claremont School when we first moved up here so I know where that is. Do they have to be 2 to go there? I've found a mother & toddler group on Waterloo road that I'm going to start going to until we move and that's on a Monday. I've also got tumble tots on a Tuesday and that's at St Christophers church on Hawes side Lane. I was going to wait until we move to join these things but I don't know when that will be now and I really have had enough of sitting around the house during the day! I am also thinking of starting my driving lessons again. I had 40 and took a test but failed and sort of gave up after that. I'm thinking of maybe taking automatic lessons this time as it would be quicker. How have you got on with yours? Happy Birthday to your dd for Thursday

nikkim Tue 14-Sep-04 00:46:31

the nursery at Claremont is three but you can take kids to the playgroup whenever you want.

My driving lessons are going very slowly, started in march and have two hours a week at £38 a week which is seriously stretching myh finances, but I need to drive. The only problem is I hate it, dread my lessons and clock watch all the way through. Maybe that is my problem should be watching the road not the clock!

Which estate agents have you got your house up with? Maybe you should change, sometimes after they ahve had a property for a while they et a bit lax. We sold my partner's house with troycounty, sold quite quick, offer within two weeks but they didn't seem that organised.

i know St christopher's , it has a new church hall doesn't it. My dd goes to tumble tots in Bispham and she loves it.

Right back to the essay due in tomorrow and another 1000 words to come up with.

bonniej Tue 14-Sep-04 09:10:27

My house is up for sale with Troy County. It's the second agent we've been with, we started with Harry Sutcliffe but I didn't like the way they advertised our property. We got our first offer with them and then our second with Troy County, but are seriously thinking about changing agents again! We are on their mailing list as well as having our property on their books. Today I received a letter from them saying they have details of a house I might be interested in.... it was my house!!! I couldn't believe they could be so stupid as the address on the property details they sent was the same as the address on the letter. I am thinking of trying mckeznies now, hopefully have better luck with them.

nikkim Tue 14-Sep-04 09:41:51

have just typed this message but it disapeared! That does sound like troycounty, we phoned up to see if the sale on our house had been completed and they didn't even know we had accepted an offer! If you are looking to buy in Bispham Martin Newsham and Allits seem to have most of the properties as they have ofices on redbank road,as do mcdonalds actually.

Am having a crap day today, desperatly trying to complete an essay, not that you could tell by my number of postings on MN! But dd is being a nightmare, keeps getting changed so there are clothes everywhere and has kust decided to make her own breakfast so we now have coco pops everywhere as well. Earlier she let the dog out of the front door so I had to take my life in my own hands running across devonshire road to rescue him. To top it all I have a load of baking to do later for dd party and I have a dreadful cold!

bonniej Wed 15-Sep-04 12:54:25

Hi nikkim, hope you're feeling better today. Martin Newsham are really good, that's where we saw the house we wanted on Everest Drive. The only problem is they don't have a website and only advertise in the Gazette fortnightly so we have to actually go up there to see the properties. Just had some feedback from viewers that came to see our place at the weekend and they've said the ceilings were too low! As far as I know our ceilings are normal height. I'm getting really fed up with showing people round even though we haven't really had that many viewers. It's not nice when strangers are looking at the home you've made with a critical eye. I'd rather be out and let the estate agent do the veiwings. Hopefully we'll get the right person round soon. I hope your daughter enjoys her party. 3 is a good age as it will be the first birthday that she will really take notice of. Before that the parties are really more for the adults aren't they? I went to loads of effort for dds first birthday in June, blew up loads of balloons to decorate the house and it turned out she was terrified of them, so ds had to take them all into the garden to pop. She took hardly any notice of any of her new toys either, but did enjoy her birthday cake. Hope you managed to finish your essay yesterday. Anyway I'd better get some housework done before I get too engrossed in Mumsnet and don't bother...again!!

nikkim Mon 27-Sep-04 01:36:14

Sorry I havn't replied been busy revising and organising party for my daughter. Have you had any luck on the house front yet. Have just been reading your thread on tumble tots which made me chuckle as I will have to take my dd to tumble tots tomorrow and am a bit nervous as I havent taken her for over six months as her dad does it.

Which mother and toddler group are you starting?

WE must organise a meetup, let me know what days you are free, as I said before I think Saturday's are probably the best for me as I work Monday and Thursday and Tuesday and Friday dd is at school so I use this time to have driving lessons and study and Wednesday is a bit of a sacred day for us.

Must go as I promised dp I was coming to bed at midnight!

Donbean Tue 05-Oct-04 18:01:19

Any one in the Thornton area? Fancy a chat? There doesnt seem to be very many of us "up this end" does there? Am struggling to find mother & toddler groups or play groups in the area and am getting a bit desperate as my boy is ready to socialise and strut his stuff now! can any one help?

nikkim Tue 05-Oct-04 19:49:01

I am bispham which is only up the road. Will I do?? I may be the only choice you have!

Donbean Tue 05-Oct-04 20:16:07

Yes lovely, i will chat to any one me! Have just found mumsnet and am impressed. In the space of 2 days i have had so many questions answered and dont feel so isolated...and now ive got you to chat with,many thanks. Have only been on the net for about 2 months so im slowly finding my way in the big wide world. Hows the driving lessons going and have you settled into your new house now? where did you move from?

nikkim Tue 05-Oct-04 22:32:54

Driving lessons are going very very slowly, I might pass in time to take the grandkids to school.

We are gradually settling into our new house, moved from around the corner where I was renting, this is my first own home. before that I lived in London. I have exams next week so have been to busy revising to do much in the house, still find time for a skive on here though!
How about you?

Once my exams are over( next tuesday!) I will have some free time if you wanted to meet up. Wonder if there are many other fylde lurkers out there?

Judd Tue 05-Oct-04 22:38:07

<lurk> I was born in Blackpool so couldn't resist a look! Used to live by Stanley Park but moved yonks ago. Many happy memories of Scrooges Wine Bar, The Palace and Collegiate School!

nikkim Tue 05-Oct-04 23:22:47

Whe did you go to collegeiate I went there? i am twenty nine started in the third year and left in 1991

Scrooges - how the memories come flooding back.

Donbean Wed 06-Oct-04 10:29:56

Scrooges wine bar..the punch was fab!
good luck with the driving lessons,you will wonder how you ever managed without a car once you have passed and are driving.
Whats your exam for? sorry a million questions but am interested.

nikkim Wed 06-Oct-04 10:49:28

Doing a psychology degree with the Open University.

I am sure once i pass I will wonder how I coped, although I know how I cope as I spend my life in taxisor scrounging a lift.

As for scrooges strawberry wine was my tipple!

bonniej Wed 06-Oct-04 11:55:36

Shall we arrange to meet then? Not sure where's best for all of us. Any ideas?

nikkim Wed 06-Oct-04 12:10:03

I can meet up was going to say stanley park but then looked out of the window and saw the rain!!

We need to find a time that suits us all. weekend tends to be best for me as I am fully booked during the week at the moment.

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