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Any one near me

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floraloctopus Mon 27-May-19 07:20:07

It's not far from us.

ButterflyBeth Mon 20-May-19 13:21:04

Hi, I'm new to mumsnet today(20.05.19).
I'm a 37 year old mum living in Norwich with my husband and 2 beautiful children (girl aged 26 months and boy aged 8 months). I have no friends or family close by as I moved to Norwich from Ireland so am looking to meet mums in the area who enjoy a good chit chat and mindless celebrity gossip!grin In all seriousness I am kind hearted and loyal and would love to meet someone alike and hopefully make some good life long friends.

PotteringAlong Sun 17-Mar-19 16:51:18

Have you tried posting on your mumsnet local site?

labazsisgoingmad Sun 17-Mar-19 16:45:09

just wondered if any one else in tenbury wells

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