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Suffolk Toddler Group

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FinboroughHall Thu 24-Jan-19 14:55:13

We are about 20 minutes from Ipswich - we are right next to Stowmarket just off the A14! If you google map us as Finborough School (the independent) we are based there.

We are actually having a Pre-Prep Launch ( 2-7 year olds) on 31st January which is part of our school but will be opening up for 43 weeks of the year. The launch evening in next Thursday will be a great place to meet other mums in the area and show you what we can offer!

If you are interested you can email us to let us know you would like to come along - no pressure to sign up to anything in the future just to see what we are all about!

K456789 Thu 24-Jan-19 14:34:43

@loveautum Thanks smile I'll check this out.

moose234 Thu 24-Jan-19 14:30:13

@FinboroughHall how far are you from Ipswich? I have a 7 month old, and haven't met many mums so far!

FinboroughHall Thu 24-Jan-19 14:28:42

Hi there,
our toddler group is from 0-3 we do usually have children towards the older side but your little one is more than welcome to come along when you move! Come check us out one week!


loveautum Thu 24-Jan-19 13:47:10

Congratulations for March thanks

loveautum Thu 24-Jan-19 13:45:40

@K456789 Hadleigh is a lovely place, the village hall may have a toddler group or check out the local library as well for mummy meet-ups? I don't think the Finborough toddler group is exclusive to just little ones that are walking or older. 1 or 2 are crawling still.

K456789 Thu 24-Jan-19 13:25:12

I'm moving to Hadleigh in April after my baby is due in March so will check this out (although if only for toddlers it won't be suitable).Does anyone know of any groups in Hadleigh too? Interested in somewhere I can walk to with the pram. Thanks.

loveautum Thu 24-Jan-19 13:08:50

This is a great toddler group, throughly enjoyed our mornings here! Lots of interesting and fun toys, plus loads of space for little ones to run around. Mummies are also treated to coffee or tea as well and all the staff are so helpful and friendly smile
Really recommend to other local mummies in Stowmarket and surrounding villages.

FinboroughHall Mon 14-Jan-19 12:57:21

At Finborough Hall (part of Finborough Independent School) we offer a Toddler Group every Thursday between 9:15am - 11:00am and it is only £2. Please come along to meet new mums, new friends for your children & have some time out of your house. Contact us today for more information 01449 773600 or
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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