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Any bedfordshire mums or border herts?

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missyhols Tue 26-Jun-07 20:50:02

I'm luton. How about anyone else?

iwillbepgbydec2007 Sun 29-Jul-07 21:03:32

probably a bit late i am in dunstable and expecting my first

lisad123 Sun 29-Jul-07 21:04:25

Im in Stevenage

iwillbepgbydec2007 Sun 29-Jul-07 21:08:06


do you have children?

i am currently in the middle of moving (only other end of the town) i live with my dp.

im 21 u?

lisad123 Sun 29-Jul-07 21:27:07

I have a 4 year old and anothe ron the way. Im 25

iampgatlast Sun 29-Jul-07 21:29:10

just realised i needed a namechange!

when are you due? my edd is 29th january, it took me a year to fall pg hence the old screen name

lisad123 Sun 29-Jul-07 21:30:24

Im due in Oct, another little girl Cant wait but have really struggled this time and have been pretty housebound for last few weeks
How you doing?

missyhols Sun 29-Jul-07 21:38:58

Just saw this thread and thought oh wow someone nr me! Being the complete idiot forgetting i started the bloody thing.

I'm 22 dd is 19months and dd2 is due in 8 weeks.

iampgatlast Sun 29-Jul-07 22:03:39

oh wow another little girl, we are finding out the sex on the 18th and i cant wait dp is adamant that we are having a boy.

what have you been struggling with? being housebound sounds awful poor you!
it hasnt been too bad have had sickness but i think thats tailed off now but ive got awful backache think its sciatica?!

hiya missyhols! lol@forgetting you started the thread blame it on the pregnancy brain!

wow due in 8 weeks time - are you nervous/excited?

where r u from?

iampgatlast Sun 29-Jul-07 22:03:56

sorry durrr! just read your from luton lol

missyhols Sun 29-Jul-07 22:12:32

Lol. I'm actually from potters bar and moved to luton when i got with dh.

I have not had much chance to think about labour day! Lol. My dd keeps me on my toes so i kind of forget that i'm having another baby!

Lisa i feel for you. I had really bad pg 1st time but this time its been better. I've got alot bigger and i'm getting lots of pain in pelvis but no sickness like last time.

iampgatlast Sun 29-Jul-07 22:44:39

i think thats lovely having two dds so close together in age.

im scared about having just the one! i dont do pain very well and literally pass out at the sight of needles - im sure labour willg et me over that!

how long have you been married missy? i have been with dp 5 1/2 yrs but he will never pput a ring on my finger

lisad123 Mon 30-Jul-07 12:48:11

I have SPD at the mo so pretty imobile most days, and its hard woith a 4 year old who doesnt understand the word rest
LOL @ missy for forgetting she started the thread. There are a few of us in Herts, there is a bookgroup that meet in north herts somewhere, although i have never been.
I have been married 6 years next month, its gone so fast.

iampgatlast Mon 30-Jul-07 15:34:16

oh no spd is horrible!! poor you! what does your dd1 think of having a new baby sister soon?

when and where do they have the meet ups? i really want to try and get to know some people in my area who are expecting as my group of friends are all free and single and im feeling slightly out of the loop.

lisad123 Mon 30-Jul-07 17:12:28

Im doing ok really, and my dd is very excited about having a little sister soon. Im not sure where they meet i think it changes everyweek but defo north herts. Im sure if you post on bookclub they will answer you

I found mum and baby group really good for making new friends, some i still see 4 years on

Maybe you can arrange a meet up yourself telling people time and placea and see how it goes


missyhols Tue 31-Jul-07 17:42:07

Impgatlast- been with dh for 3 yrs but only married since november last year! My dd is 19 months and dd2 is due in 7 weeks. I'm bit like you with all my friends being without children. Plus i moved to luton away from family and never really met other mums!

Lisa i'm waiting to see doc as midwife reckons i have mild spd

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