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Aussie mums for meet up/ coffee/ picnic? South west London

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australianmum Mon 25-Jun-07 11:22:38

My name is Francine and I've been living here in London for 5 months. It's kind of lonely and although I've made friends through my children, the school they attend is not very welcoming. So this thread sounded very interesting and maybe we would have somethings in common.

I would really love (and my two daughters would too!) to meet up with some other Aussie kids. (9 to 11yrs or there abouts)My kids are feeling a bit homesick so, here I am to see if any Aussie families are willing?
How about a coffee and chat first. I live near Hammersmith but am willing to travel.

Kraffty Mon 25-Jun-07 14:12:18

Hi Francine,

I have an Australian husband, a raft of Aussie friends and a two year old with dual nationality - do I qualify? I'm a New Zealander myself. And I live in Dulwich (which is south east london, but really not that far away).....

Bubblemummy Fri 29-Jun-07 17:53:07

Hi, I've recently moved to London (Streatham) from Perth, and am keen to meet some other mums around here... my DS is a bit young though (he is 8months), so I doubt your kids would want to play with him Francine.

I'm from NZ originally, too. DS is also a NZ citizen, even though he's never been there! How long have you been living in the UK Kraffty?

Kraffty Tue 03-Jul-07 13:48:29

Somewhat frighteningly, almost seven years! We came for a minimum of two years and things just developed from there - house, child, bigger house.....

Bubblemummy - sounds as if you're not that far away. send me an email if you'd be keen to catch up some time - I'm around on the weekends since I work full time, but we have a kiwi nanny who looks after our son in the week and I expect she'd be keen for a catch up as well.

AEHEEJL Mon 09-Jul-07 18:51:24

Hi all, Im an Australian mum (Anna) with an almost 10mth old baby boy (Harry). We've just moved to London (Fulham) from Sydney. I am keen to meet up with other mums and babies for a play date/coffee/park outing. Bubblemummy - you sound like the perfect match

Bubblemummy Wed 11-Jul-07 21:23:51

Hi Anna, how are you finding living in London? I have a friend who just moved to Sydney from London, what made you decide to make the move? We came over for DHs work.

Kraffty, we have come over for a minimum of two years, too. I'm beginning to think it may be a lot longer!

I'll give you both my email so we can organise something... it's

Bye for now

bigmouse Sun 15-Jul-07 13:21:01

I am Australian mum (Alix) living in Hammermith and keen to meet for coffee etc. My dd is 6 weeks - so I am really still new at all this.

AEHEEJL Mon 16-Jul-07 09:29:41

Hi all,

6 weeks. How divine.... I am very close to you (bigmouse) in Hammersmith and am always keen for a coffee or walk in the park. Are you close to Bishop's Park?

bigmouse Wed 18-Jul-07 19:19:10

I am not very close to bishop's park. I will even admit to having to look it up on google maps to find it. I am closer to Shepherd's bush.

A walk in the park sounds lovely though. How about Thursday 26th? I don't know the area, so could you nominate a cafe to start from.

I know some of you are working, sorry, but maybe we could get a few of us together for a walk.

AEHEEJL Thu 19-Jul-07 09:27:13

Hi Alix, I'm new to the area too. I have a car though so am happy to meet you at a park near your place. It is a lot easier for me to come to you given my DS is 10 months old. Thurs the 26th works for me. Either 10.30am or 3pm ish would be good. I used to live on Hammersmith Grove and know Shepherds Bush quite well. Ravenscourt Park may be the best bet? Although I haven't been there before so no sure if it's nice? Email me if you like.

AEHEEJL Tue 24-Jul-07 08:43:53

Hi Mums,

Feel free to join Alix and myself at Brook Green on Thursday at 10.30am for a walk. I have a sandy colour phil & teds pram


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